How to use Kronymous to access Tor Network on Chrome Browser & Google Chrome OS (Chromebooks)


There is no official Tor bundle released for Google Chrome Operating System or Chromebook, neither does the Tor bundle for Windows, or Mac OS X officially supports Google Chrome Web Browser. Many times we might need to access Tor network either to remain anonymous, or to bypass censorship & access .onion sites. Here’s a simple… [Read More]

How to Access & open YouTube website in Material Design view!


Google has confirmed that its testing the material design on YouTube. This re-designing of YouTube layout took almost 2 years to come and is currently in Beta. However, You can access this Beta version on your PC or Windows Computer and even Mac OS as well by a few tweaks. Here’s a small guide which… [Read More]

How to create a Fake WhatsApp account with Spoof Number on Android / iOS [Using USA Number in any Country!]


Many times, we need to use WhatsApp for sending or receiving messages/media without showing or using our real mobile number or even trick our friends and message without revealing our Identity. Now, by using the following tutorial you will be able to create a fake WhatsApp account with a spoofed U.S.A number in any country,… [Read More]

3 Ways to compress images / Photos without losing quality! | Compress png, jpeg images online without affecting quality


Recently I needed to send some images through gmail (or e-mail them) but i wasn’t able to upload or add them as attachments as they were really bigger in size and hence the uploading failed , also the large number of photos taken over from my iPhone and other digital cameras is simply increasing their… [Read More]

Configure gamepad using old Xpadder version on Windows 7/8.1/10


Some games are very difficult to play on the normal keyboard + mouse combo and we feel┬áthat it would have been better if the game supported gamepads, joysticks. Or by someway we could have been able to simulate keyboard key -press or mouse control simply on our gamepads, which would make playing games much easier!… [Read More]

Top 5 best deals & Coupon Sites in India for online shopping! Get best deals,coupons and exclusive discounts!


The Indian e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace and players such as flipkart , amazon , snapdeal , PayTM etc continue to bring out exclusive deals and offers . But however, due to large number of offers and deals, we really miss some exclusive good-ones as they’re purposefully not made public so… [Read More]