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How to Configure any gamepad by old Xpadder version on Windows 10 / 7 / 8.1


Some games are very difficult to play on the normal keyboard + mouse combo and we feel that it would have been better if the game supported gamepads, joysticks. Or by someway we could have been able to simulate keyboard key -press or mouse control simply on our gamepads, which would make playing games much easier! especially the online & DOS based games. Yes its possible to do such actions by a small free utility  – Xpadder v 5.3 , Xpadder lets you simulate keyboard key presss, and mouse actions by mapping the keyboard keypress, and mouse actions to Joystick and Gamepad buttons!. Let’s have a brief look into the following tutorial to configure xpadder for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 –

Tutorial to configure Xpadder on Windows 10 /  7 / 8.1 (32-bit as well as 64-bit)

Step 1 – Downloading Xpadder

  • Xpadder used to be free until version 5.3, but now if you try to download it from its official site – xpadder.com, it won’t be for free!. In our tutorial we will be using an older version of Xpadder, which is free to use for playing games with weak or no gamepad support.
  • Click here to download Xpadder free for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 .
  • The above package also contains, sample 3 images which are required for configuring joysticks, and an example mapping profile just incase you’re too lazy to map  keys :)

Step 2 – Installing Xpadder

  • Now, simply install the above linked Xpadder, by clicking next .
  • Make sure your gamepad/joystick is connected to your computer before you open Xpadder.

Newbie alert –

Loading bundled in configuration of Xpadder

If you’re new to Xpadder and mapping , or if you were unable to map your controller, you may try opening the bundled-in controller and mapping file which comes with our installer, you can load it by –

  • First click on the “gamepad” icon labelled “1” in the alongside image of Xpadder window, and select the “Open” option , here in select the folder in which you’ve installed our Xpadder and select the controller file present in it.
  • To load key-mapper again click the second icon labelled “2” as shown in the alongside image and use the “open” option for our pre-defined mapping.
  • Or if you think you’re an Hard-core Gamer, and like challenges, or faced any issues while loading the bundled configuration files , or would like to customise with additional options please proceed to Step 3, for manual configuration!


Step 3 – Configuring Xpadder

Xpadder compatibility troublesoot

  • Now, when you first try to run Xpadder on your windows, it will give you an Unsupported Windows Version detected error on Windows 8.1 /10 , and here’s the solution for the problem –
  • Simply, right-mouse click on the Xpadder icon, and select the “properties” option. (Click this to view the screenshot).
  • Now, go to compatibilty tab, as shown in the alongside xpadder compatibilty troubleshoot image, and in the section named “Compatibility mode” , select the version as “Windows 7″ and click on apply, and OK. You can also additionally checkmark the “run program as an administrator” option if you encounter any issues later.
  • That’s it, Xpadder is now ready to function, in your latest version of Windows.

Step – 4 Xpadder overview and adding Joystick image

  • Below is the screenshot of Xpadder , on running now, click on the settings icon which looks like a wrench , to load the xpadder joystick image file as shown below –

    Xpadder wrench icon (joystick image)

    Now , we need to select the appropriate joystick format *.bmp image file for loading onto Xpadder, we have bundled the ones for PS2, and Xbox 360 in the installer itself, however you can have a google search for *.bmp files of the gamepad controller image you have.

  • Now , clicking, on the wrench would open the image selection window – here we need to specify the image file of controller as shown by the labels 1..2.. & 3.. in the following image –
  • Xpadder – selecting controller image file

    Now, after loading the controller image file, you will be shown the controller image in the Xpadder window.

  • Here , select the option “Sticks”  present in the bottom left corner of xpadder window, and now to configure the analog sticks –  click on the first “Enable” option marked by green color in the below image labelled analog configuration , and push the corresponding analogs(whose name is indicated on the pop-up) to the directions shown in the pop-up “left,up,down,right” , do the same for the other analog too (if present) on the controller.

    analog configuration

Step 5 – Moving the highlight bubbles

  • After you, push the analog on your gamepad, a transparent bubble shapes would appear on the window, drag and drop them to their corresponding controller locations , as shown in this image. (Click here to view bubble drag image)

Step 6 – Configuring the D-Pad and other Joystick buttons

  • Once, you are done with the analog sticks, configuration – Navigate to the “DPad” option in Xpadder, and “Enable” it, now again press the corresponding Keys (whose name is indicated on the pop-up) on the connected controller/gamepad.

Step 7 – Adding the Buttons, and placing them

  • Now , click on the “Buttons” option  in the xpadder, and start pressing the buttons of your gamepad – they’ll start appearing in the gamepad image as you press them, Now place them according to the location of the button which you had pressed on the gamepad.
  • Now, in the below mentioned example (image)  – We pressed the “X” button on our controller and it appeared on the place marked by “1” now, we will move its appeared place shown by the maroon arrow, to its original place on the controller shown by blue arrow.

    We pressed “X” we will move the box “1” to “X” position(blue arrow)

    Now, please repeat these steps for all the buttons present on your gamepad and press “OK”.

  • A completely configured controller would look like this –

    Completely configured gamepad controller

Step 8 – Mapping the Keyboard keys, and mouse actions to Added Analog and buttons.

  • Whoosh! we are done only with half the part yet, after you click on “OK” , you’ll be redirected to the following screen as shown below , here we need to individually click on these “white buttons” and assign the keyboard/mouse actions to them. –

    We have to assign maps to each of these buttons, simply click on any whitebox to start.


  • Clicking on the white button, would open the part of assigning keys – Check the below image carefully for conventions , alternatively you can click on the “wrench icon besides the white-button to select pre-defined mapping, check the below image for manual mapping –

    Manual mapping for white buttons – joystick actions.. (Click on image to view full-size)

    You can assign the mouse-movements to the 4-white buttons of analog , to simulate the mouse movements :).

  • After assigning some functions to the buttons, it would look somewhat like this –

    A demo assignement mapping


  • Voilla! Now, you can check puching your analog , the mouse pointer would also be moving! the way you are pushing it :) ,

Step 9 – Running the game!

  • Now, simply run the game without closing Xpadder! and play it using your gamepad like a boss! :)

If you, face any issues or encounter any problems feel free to comment :) ,

Click here to download Xpadder free for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32 bit & 64-bit.



  1. Andre Brown (@DanteBrxwn) August 26, 2015

    Every time i click the download link, it doesn’t download anything

  2. Kushuh Nagate September 12, 2015

    Download well, but doesn’t work on win10

    1. Raahul Saxenaa September 16, 2015

      Hi Kushuh,

      Right Click on the Xpadder.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Compatibility Mode > Select “Run this Program in Compatibility Mode for..” > Select Window 7 form the Drop Drown list.


      1. Filip September 20, 2015

        ty mate

  3. Menck October 22, 2015

    cool, but i wanted to multitable poker with it but its too slow 🙁

  4. Alex Matthew Balgobin November 11, 2015

    Thanks for the guide. I’d recommend putting the “Newbie Alert” below Step 3 because the picture confused me when I got the Windows 10 compatibility error.

  5. HK March 15, 2016

    The link has been disabled and I was wondering when that would be fixed.

  6. Zuheb Islam March 16, 2016

    when I change the compatability thing xpadder still doesn’t work!!!!

  7. Streak March 22, 2016

    a week later and the dropbox link is still disabled. any news on if it is going to be active again?

    1. Chaitanya March 22, 2016

      Hi Streak we have added the first working link of d-h.st into the post could you please try the same :)?if

  8. Streak March 22, 2016

    worked perfectly! thanks for the quick response!

  9. EDUARDO LOPES DA SILVA April 25, 2016

    Hi even changing to win7 doesn’t work in win10

    1. Reality Check July 14, 2016

      Change it to Vista – read the error message, it doesn’t mention Win 7.

  10. Nobody June 3, 2016

    Tried to give me a virus…

  11. gorz June 14, 2016

    it wont recognize my cotrollers…

  12. Reality Check July 14, 2016

    Chrome blocks the download site and the download itself, definitely do not trust it.

  13. Hiya! I’ve done all you’ve said for a sonic fan game and all that’s working is the sticks and the Start and Back button, not the X, Y, A, B buttons. Have I done something wrong? 😛

    1. Chaitanya September 19, 2016

      Hi Leuan, Well which keys have you mapped (type of controller ?) 🙂

  14. Abdullah October 19, 2016

    I’m using Windows 2007 and want to use PS3 controller to play tanki online, kindly advise
    1- Is controller setting/configuration required, it is already done in the xpadder for PS3 controller ?
    2- Can’t we jump to step 8 to map the controller with keyboard ?
    3- When i push the sticks or press button in controller settings, nothing happens on xpadder (Controller icon background on top left is white) ?
    4- I would like to use stick 1 for pressing two keyboard buttons Z and X, is it possible ?

    Waiting for ur reply.Thx

    1. Chaitanya October 21, 2016

      Hi Abdullah,

      Well we will need to check first whether your PS3 controller is detected or not.
      Could you please check from device manager and tell what’s the name shown there ?

      Its damn possible to use those buttons on controller 🙂

  15. Faz Nafadza January 2, 2017

    I can’t play using my gamepad in windows 10, i have do all that steps but its not working, can you help me to config my gamepad?

  16. nandini April 9, 2018

    hey the picture is not loading in the application.please reply fast.

  17. hash May 12, 2018


    Saw tutorial on uTube and followed your the instructions here. I am trying to get the ps4 controller working on an android emulator to play War Robots. The left stick gets configured for movement but the right stick does nothing and i want the right stick to be able to move the camera ( moving the view ). Buttons are not getting configured as well….but thats another thing alltogether as the main issue at hand is the right stick to control the camera/view.

    Please advise how to configure the right stick to move the camera/view. I will be in debt if this can be done 🙂


  18. Wiseman July 14, 2018

    Can I have more than one configuration for the same controller?
    I thought that’s what the numbers bellow the buttom assignment bnp was for, but I seems not to be working for me.


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