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3 ways to use a single-1 Gmail id as many-multiple ids! Gmail dot trick (.) and + plus tricks!


Heya folks, E-Mail or electronic mail is the most widely used means of communication over the Internet , also its kinda an impression of a person’s online identity. GMail is one such popular e-mail service provided by Google!. But do you know that a single or even one GMail ID can be used as multiple ID’s which we can use to perform multiple sign-ups ! , thus saving the troublesome task of creating multiple e-mail accounts for different accounts on a single site . A single Gmail ID can thus be tweaked to be camouflaged as different or multiple e-mail ID’s . Let’s have a look onto 3 of such best tricks to use a single 1 gmail ID as multiple ones or many ids.

Assumption :  I will be explaining all the tricks in the article using our default GMail ID for the website – techapple.net @ gmail . com. I will be using this single gmail id to get mails from multiple ids without even creating them!

Trick # 1 – Gmail dot (.) trick

  • This is one of the most widely used techniques to use a single E-Mail ID to sign-up for multiple accounts .
  • The Gmail dot trick consists of inserting any number of dots (.) or fullstop/period in your gmail ID username to show them as different IDs .
  • Thus, even if you send an email / or request an email on techapplenet @ gmail . com or t.e.c.h.a.p.p.l.e.n.e.t @ gmail . com it will arrive in the same e-mail ID! . (The original one)
  • The sign-up or other websites though treat them as different e-mail accounts, but in Gmail they are one! , so thus you can use a single gmail account id as multiple ones, I use this trick pretty much on signing up for free trial websites which provide freebies based on e-mail IDs.
  • So, Gmail dot trick in short –


Trick # 2 – GMail plus (+) trick


Trick # 3 – Using @googlemail.com instead of @gmail.com


Example of using the above technique –

We have our Gmail ID registered as [email protected] , you can check how we used each of the above combiation and still received the e-mail on our default ID.

Sending e-mail to [email protected] instead of [email protected]

Reception of mail sent to [email protected] on the GMail ID – [email protected]

Thus, you can use one or even all of the above methods to create multiple email or gmail ids for yourselves on just a single account! . The permutations and combinations possible are infinite! , also If you have queries/suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

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