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How to Access & open YouTube website in Material Design view!


Google has confirmed that its testing the material design on YouTube. This re-designing of YouTube layout took almost 2 years to come and is currently in Beta. However, You can access this Beta version on your PC or Windows Computer and even Mac OS as well by a few tweaks. Here’s a small guide which will enable you to Access & Open YouTube website in Material Design View .

Pre-Requisites –

  • Preferably Google Chrome Browser , although We tried and it worked on Chrome & Mozilla Firefox as well.
  • A Simple Extension for editing the Cookies , We recommend Edit this Cookie extension.

Method to Access YouTube Material Design Website –

  • First of all Download & Install the “Edit This Cookie” extension from Google Chrome Store / Opera Store / Mozilla Add-ons repository from the links below –
    Click here to Download Edit This Cookie extension for Google Chrome
    Click here to Download Edit This Cookie Add-on for Opera.
  • Once you have installed the extension , it will add a cookie icon in the address bar of your browser.
  • Now, either sign-out of all your Google Accounts on your browser, or simply Open a New Incognito Tab.
  • In the incognito window or once signed-out of your account, Navigate to the below YouTube USA URL by clicking the link below.. (The Material design view tweak currently only works on the US URL Below) –
    https://www.youtube.com/?gl=US – Click here to Open the YouTube USA URL
  • Here comes the Main Part.. Once you have opened the YouTube USA Link in incognito window – Click on the “Cookie” button in the right-hand top corner and look for the option labelled “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” as shown in the image below –
    YouTube Material design Cookie

    YouTube Material design Cookie

    Here expand the “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” option and delete the existing text inside the “Value” box, Replace the text with “Qa1hUZu3gtk” without quotes. It should look like shown in the following image –



    That’s it ! Now simply “Click on the Checkmark button” at the bottom and reload the YouTube USA Page!

  • Voila! .. You’ll see the New Material Design of YouTube loaded right in your browser.. as shown in the below image –
    YouTube Material Design

    YouTube Material Design

    You can even use options search as search and view the redesigned Channel Pages .. They look absolutely stunning – For example below is the screenshot of IPL 2016 YouTube channel –

    IPL 2016 Material Design Youtube

    IPL 2016 Material Design Youtube


I Personally, liked the new YouTube design :) , Did you like it ? What are your views ? Do let us know if you face any problems while accessing the new layout.


  1. Sahil May 16, 2016

    Hii brother

    Me and my real brother using adsens acount in same laptop with same wifi network but he has adsens acount with different name and different address

    Is it safe for me or not ??

    Please reply broo

  2. ragini June 23, 2016

    How to Play Youtube Videos on iPhone and iPad

  3. langambayumlembam20 July 21, 2016

    I am so confused how to open youtube in my linux.

  4. Chiro November 18, 2016

    I would say Wow!!! The way you explained about YouTube website to open and access was pretty much impressive. I always like to read your articles and helped out a lot. Please keep writing.
    Thanks for sharing this motivative and informative post.

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  6. mharif008 October 12, 2017

    thanks admin…
    I successfuly download this software from your website
    thank you so much.

  7. Elisha February 8, 2018

    that is the great post i want to know one thing is this work in all country ?


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