Use Google Chrome as Calculator,Metric Converter | Hidden Functions of Google Chrome Browser still widely unknown

I was just casually browsing on the Internet, then instead of typing ‘.’ in an IP address i accidentally tped ‘*’ and to my astonishment,i was much shocked on the Result, Google Chrome quickly generated the Product of the two numbers for me ūüôā On further trial and error experiments i found out Google Chrome could be used as a really quick Calculator and Metric Converter Procedure to Use Google Chrome as a Calculator¬†

Procedure to create Wifi Hotspot on Linux |Creating Wireless Access point on Linux [Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Fedora/OpenSUSE]

Lets have a look on how to create wifi hotspot on linux Hotspotd is a small daemon to create a wifi hotspot on linux, it works by creating a virtual NAT (Network address transation) table between your connected device and the internet using linux iptables. Requirements/Pre-requisites for using hotspotd to create access point Installation of hotspotd РUsing the Hotspot

5 Best Android Emulators for Mac OS X to Run Android Apps [2019] | Run and install Android apps on your Mac OS X , Macbook Air/Pro

Macintosh OS or popularly known as Mac OS used by Apple on its Mac PC’s and Macbook’s is an awesome OS, with its awesome user-interface, and great features, wouldn’t it be more awesome if we are able to run Android on Mac os. Bluestacks AppPlayer Android Emulator for Mac OS

5 Best Android Emulators for Linux | Run Android Apps on Linux Ubuntu,LinuxMint,Fedora,ArchLinux,OpenSUSE,Mageia,CentOS etc

Hey Guys, as you know the Smartphone market is dominated by Android OS – which itself is an operating system designed / based on the linux kernel , but unfortunately the Android Emulators for Linux itself are quite less as compared to windows counterparts ūüôĀ so let’s have a look on the 5 best ¬†Android Emulators for Linux¬†to run android apps and play android games on Linux -Ubuntu,LinuxMint,Fedora,ArchLinux etc Andy Android Emulator by 5