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Use Google Chrome as Calculator,Metric Converter | Hidden Functions of Google Chrome Browser still widely unknown


I was just casually browsing on the Internet, then instead of typing ‘.’ in an IP address i accidentally tped ‘*’ and to my astonishment,i was much shocked on the Result, Google Chrome quickly generated the Product of the two numbers for me 🙂 . On further trial and error experiments i found out Google Chrome could be used as a really quick Calculator and Metric Converter . which can be used to save and simplify our work , Let’s check it out how –

Procedure to Use Google Chrome as a Calculator 

  • Its really quite simple, simply type in your desired expression using the normal ‘+’ , ‘*’ ,’-‘ etc operators in the address bar and it shall return you the results . I have tested the operators (+,-,/,*,%) you can try more of them and tell me the results.
  • Here’s an example operation( “85*48/8+6-2”) and with the result(“514”) it returned in the below image – 

Similarly Google Chrome Browser can also be used as a Metric Converter too as follows

  • Simply type in your Unit in address bar as shown below – (I typed in “5 feet” in address bar and it showed me the equivalent metres in Output)
  • Also it supports conversions from one Metric to other metric Systems too as shown in the figure I typed (“5 feet in inches”) in address bar and it rightly returned me the Corresponding inches

Thus , Google Chrome contains this awesome functionality of an inbuilt-calculator cum Metric converter which can be pretty much time saving,especially in cases such as analytics saving the time required to navigate from one window to other . Also this trick is also quite good to show-off or impress folks with your geeky knowledge 🙂 .

And before i conclude, here’s one more –

we have explored a widely unknown dimensioon of Google Chrome,if you know more of such dimensions, do let us know by the comments 🙂 . Thank you!

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