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3 Best Indian CashBack Websites to get free Cashback on Flipkart, Amazon.in etc – All Indian e-commerce Online Shopping portals supported

We all love shopping isn’t it ? and are always looking for coupons to save even more on our already discounted online purchases. Yes, its possible to even save more on our purchases through cashbacks! . Cashbacks are the next most awesome things to hit Indian online market , Cashback is repayment of a particular percentage of money spent on online purchases in the form of cash! . Here are some advantages of using Cashback sites to avail Cashbacks  –

  • Unlike Coupons, which cannot be applied on exclusive deals , Cashbacks can be applied on anything you shop online even for exclusive deals!
  • Cashbacks can be used in combination with coupons too! thus you can save double!
  • Cashbacks can later be exchanged for Money too! thus , every penny saved is a penny earned! which you can again use for Shopping :P.

Here are the 3 best free websites or the best Indian Cashback websites on How to get Cashbacks in India or get cashbacks for Flipkart, Amazon.in , Myntra , PayTM, etc

Cashback Tip! – Whenever you want to purchase/buy online , Buy it after logging-in on to one of these cashback sites to get assured CashBack! and save big on your online purchases (You will later be redirected to the shopping site you selected, thus this step is only for the purpose that it gets saved for giving CashBack! )


Website # 1 – CashKaro.com

CashKaro.com Offers

CashKaro is currently one of the leading CashBack providers in India, and it gives CashBack from a wide range of e-commerce portals! . The CashBack percentage too is very big and large as compared to other CashBack providers (I’ve earned almost 10% Cashback excluding the Coupon discounts). Some salient features of CashKaro are –rp_xfrxEkD.jpg

  • All Major Online shopping portals are supported – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal , Jabong , Myntra etc.
  • Purchase tracking as well as the CashBack crediting to the account too is very fast and accurate!
  • CashBack can be redeemed directly to the Bank account or you can even purchase Shopping Gift Vouchers!
  • Very Secure and Easy to use!

Click here to Sign-Up on CashKaro and start saving even more!

Update – If you want to purchase any product/deal which is not exclusive or hot one or not listed on Cashkaro – Use the right hand side bar as shown in this image link to activate cashbacks on any products you purchase.


Website # 2 – LafaLafa

LafaLafa gives you extra discounts in addition to any other offers/discounts you use!

Lafalafa is one of the newest and fastest emerging Cashback providing website in India. It’s probably the easiest to use amongst all the Cashback providing websites I’ve used, and has some salient features like –

  • Enhanced product search across all online shopping merchants, it automatically searches for your product across all online merchants, and provides you the lowest price deal automatically!
  • Bank account / Debit credit card based offers, its the only website which has offers & deals listed according to the Bank accounts. thus, you can always  get the best deal for your existing bank!.
  • Besides, this LafaLafa also provides you great cashbacks on every purchase made through it!
  • Click here to Sign-Up and start saving by using LafaLafa.


Website # 3 – CouponDunia.Com

CouponDunia now even provides cashback!

The famous Coupon site coupondunia.com has now come up with its own Cashback site, which is making the deal even sweeter! . Thus, now not only you can find Coupons for your online purchases but even earn Commissions in your Coupondunia wallet. The Coupondunia wallet then inturn can be used to redeem your savings directly to your Bank account and even Paytm Wallet!

. Infact sometimes, it even outplays and is a good alternative to CashKaro in return CashBack percentage and margin! . e.g Amazon.in , The procedure of getting CashBack too is same as that of CashKaro –

  • Registering on CashBack Site (CouponDunia.com in this case).
  • Logging on to the Cash-Back site, and browsing through the Stores (offers) .
  • In-order to get CashBack you must visit the online shopping sites (Flipkart,Myntra,Jabong) through one of these sites only . (Visit Store through the CashBack site on which you’ve logged in and want to get CashBack in).

Click here to SignUp on CouponDunia and get additional discounts!


So, these were the best tried and tested CashBack websites for Indian shoppers! . Enjoy extra discounts without or in addition with coupons with these awesome cashback sites! after all, Every rupee saved is like a Rupee earned! Happy Shopping!




  1. FreeClues February 2, 2015

    Can you add my website to your cashback list?
    I have a website that is little bit differ from cashback website.Here any one can get the cashback and he/she can share the cashback to anyone like a network.
    For example you submit a offer on freeclues.com and any other user who purchase your share item then you get cashback or you can give some part to the user who purchase the product that you shared.Everytime an sale is comes you get cashback .

    1. Raj Kumar May 21, 2018

      I have registered in all these websites and with my experience cashkaro is the best one. It gives good amount cashback when compared to other sites.

  2. Sumit Badjatia February 16, 2015

    I agree this list covers major cashback and allows to save money , I have seen another cashback site named http://www.cashbackcart.in which give also cashback and also has cashback milestone for additional money.

  3. Delbin March 6, 2015

    http://indiancashback.com offers more stores and better cashback options. Faster payout with options like recharge, gift voucher and NEFT transfer to redeem earned cashback.

  4. Janvi March 31, 2015

    I think http://www.sitaphal.com/ is also a Highest paying Cashback site in India.

  5. Varun April 12, 2015

    This looks like someone was re-writing available articles. What a shitty article talking only about the names that are going down now. The high-headed names. You are talking about Cashkaro at first and see their ratings going down. Sites like http://www.click2cash.in (which I have started to use after Cashkaro and CashitBack sucked) having easily been omitted. Go do some research and then write articles. Click2Cash.in all the way.

    They are now on even on shopaholic.com

    1. Chaitanya April 12, 2015

      Well Varun, you can check out yourself the alexa rank of the websites we mentioned, as well as the one you mentioned and then let us know 🙂

      1. kapil sehgal August 21, 2015

        hell chaitanya,

        woul you like to join our affiliate program. We can pay you good Affiliate fee for every order. If you are interested please visit our Affiliate home page at http://hiddenrewards.net/refer_a_friend.php

  6. Ankit April 27, 2015

    Use Cashora… Newly Lauched Cashback Site with Maximum Payout


  7. Praveen Kumar M June 10, 2015

    Welcome to our cashback website!

    Open your own free account now and start to earn cashback. Its totally free and simple. Save money on online shopping now! Our site helps you to earn on cash back rewards, simply sign up for free and you will start earning immediately on your purchases. Earn cashback by shopping with your favorite stores. Start earning cash back on your online purchases!


  8. Srinivas Reddy June 26, 2015

    savingsbazaar.in is a newbie into the Cashback domain and offers the highest Cashback which is unmatched by any other Cashback sites. No need to sign up, just click thru and save on your online shopping.

  9. ash July 1, 2015

    couponchaska is most trusted cashback website

  10. Sanchit Gupta July 13, 2015

    Try out http://www.cashbackindia.in guys, Rs 500 Sign-Up bonus

  11. Rahul July 15, 2015

    CashBackKhoj.com is best website to find the highest cash back rates from all sites.

  12. neha August 8, 2015

    http://www.getex.com/ is one of the Top Cashback Website in India.
    Shop smart, get assured cashback for every purchase you make via Getex.com. No hidden charges. No hassle. Real cash.

  13. Srinivas August 8, 2015

    I don’t know what is the definition of highest cashback and how all say they give out the highest cashback. If you really need to see the highest cashback really paid visit savingsbazaar.in

  14. Kajal Kapoor August 13, 2015

    Get deal(s) of all Indian e-commerce websites on http://www.dontmissoffers.com

  15. Sumit August 22, 2015

    here is a new cashback site name http://www.zingoy.com come across giving cashback plus its own exclusive offers must visit.

  16. Zoogol September 9, 2015

    Everyone wants to save something while doing any shopping whether he/she is very rich or poor. When we think or go out for shopping whether through online shopping or in-stores. Most people are interested discount deals or using coupons to get things cheaply.

    Zoogol is highly innovative and advanced platform where customers can buy and make it free by earning 111% cashback everytime on everything almost everywhere online and even instore. They have over 250 online or 2000 local stores to choose from.

    Many customers love shopping through zoogol.in, for it makes their shopping much more convenient and enjoyable by earning awesome cashback. It’s free to join, check it out! .

  17. aashish lowanshi September 13, 2015

    Its reliable site but they pay very less cashback amount so I searched for another reliable cashback site that I think it is the best Indian cash back site ever. they pay upto 70% in cash back .I think everybody should join it.

  18. Anil Yadav October 7, 2015

    I totally agree with this list but they pay very less cashback amount of any product so i found another cashback, coupons and eshop website that i think http://www.kataak.com it is the best for upper list. I ask to every body should join it and enjoy the shopping.

  19. Mahesh October 8, 2015

    There is one more Cashback website that i have found & is doing great Job.It has better user panel,Fast Cashback and most important better customer support

  20. Srinivas Reddy October 9, 2015

    Don’t be a fool and compare for yourself before you consider using a Cashback Site. If you see Cashback given by http://www.savingsbazaar.in you will know what really is a tempting Cashback offer.

    And yes I don’t understand all coupon and cashback sites display something like “Activate Deal” / “Discount added automatically” – these are the offers run by the retailers and it will be applicable even if I visit the retailer directly – really its a wicked way to lure people..

  21. V G October 10, 2015

    I have been using Cashbackindia.in for cash back and is giving best rates.

  22. Himanshu Srivastava October 25, 2015

    Shopickr is a fast growing deals and coupons website in India for online shopping. We bring you the best hand-picked deals and coupons helping you save money and make better shopping decisions each time you do online shopping in India. We have a comprehensive list of coupons, offers, deals & discounts across most of the e-commerce websites in India. We are also adding new merchants on our website almost daily and the merchant list is growing. At Shopickr our utmost priority is our customers and their experience at our site. That’s the reason we validate and check each and every coupon manually to make sure that correct information is provided and our customers make the best shopping decisions. Be sure to check out Shopickr #BeforeYouShop

  23. smith November 4, 2015

    There are many other cashback players in market but http://www.dealwithus.co.in are best in technology and customer support. they update customer cashback within 10 minutes of their purchase where as other company takes 1-2 days to update their cashback. they also give cashback to the customer account within 45 days whereas other company takes 72-90 days.

  24. Arnav Rao December 5, 2015

    Best cashback website in India is http://www.dealsncashback.com there are many reasons as to why it is the best. Below are few

    1) It pays highest cashback
    2) It gives joining bonus
    3) it pays for each referral for life long
    4) it provides latest working coupons
    5) One can check product deals
    6) It offers price comparison tools
    Last but not least important is their customer support.

  25. Purnima December 7, 2015

    I thing the cashback market site is now in India is bit crowded but there are few website which are making new & are very good, i specially like http://cashkaro.com, lafalafaapp & http://www.paisawapas.com all these 3 are runs by graduate of top India college & are growing very fast

  26. Ravi December 14, 2015

    adding one more site ti the list… paisadeals.com has great deals

  27. Ashish December 14, 2015

    MeriMoney (http://www.MeriMoney.com) is India’s leading coupons, rewards and cashback website, that provides discounts, coupons and offers available across the different online retailers. Either it be electronics, apparels, home furnishings, beauty products, mobile recharge or any other thing, everything is available for a user to get discounts and earn cashback. MeriMoney.com has tie up with over 100 retailers to provide coupons and cashback. Some popular names include Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Groupon, Paytm, Snapdeal and a lot more. MeriMoney is Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

    Our goal is to help our users provide different means to save money, and shop smartly. We provide an extensive range of our retailer’s and the discounts they offer. On top of this, we give extra rewards to our users, who shop their favorite retailers through us. The rewards earned can be redeemed for cashback with different channels.

    How it Works
    Online retailers (e-tailers) provide some commission to MeriMoney when users shop through us. Its a kind of referral commission we get, when we help companies sell their products. Instead of keeping all the commission we earn, we share a big chunk of that with our loyal users, who have used our website, in the form of cashback.

    The cashback/rewards earned, can be redeemed for different gift cards/vouchers or other redeem options available time-to-time.

    Why MeriMoney
    Great rewards – We provide great rewards when a User shop through us. User only need to join us (Which is FREE), and then shop their favorite online stores by clicking on special link on our sites. This will make them earn cashback which can be used to redeem for Gift cards/vouchers.

    Joining Bonus – When an User joins MeriMoney, we provide Rs. 50.00 as a Thank You! token. User can keep this in his wallet, and use it to redeem for cash when he reaches minimum redeemable amount.

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    Join Free – We believe in saving money, rather than spending. So, we offer this program free of cost to our customers. User won’t be charged any fee for joining us, and even shopping through us.

  28. andreanewman December 19, 2015

    Cash Craft Script allows visitors to earn cash back rewards and save money on their everyday shopping. That is why cashback websites are a great way to make money.

  29. sonu January 12, 2016

    Gopaisa is fraud website.my cashback is pending since 22 october

  30. Sidharth Sharma January 29, 2016

    guys if you are really wanna earn cashback go for http://www.bonmonte.com its not only giving cashback for top e-commerce webesite but you will also earn cashback when your friend (added under you)will shop. isn’t it cool.

  31. anshu February 19, 2016

    Hi i found http://www.whitecashback.in/ best cashback site in India, on this valentines i bought a gift for my special one on which i got highest cashback offer, So guys for maximum saving on shopping just visit whitecashback.in

  32. sonu February 24, 2016

    Gopaisa is fraud website 11 rupees sale was total crap.didnt even tracked transaction of that date and item has been delivered.i had send two mails regarding tracking of transaction but no reply from their side till date.friends do not participate in such flash sale,otherwise u will be left cheated like me

  33. Ankush Saxena February 26, 2016

    Add a Support Ticket Here – https://www.gopaisa.com/account/activity

    There Are Only 1% Chances Of Sale Not Getting Tracked ! You are Redirected from GoPaisa Mobile App to Retailer Site ( App in case Of Snapdeal) then 100% it Will Be Tracked.

    Now You can Add Missing for Your Sale After Logging in Your GoPaisa Account

  34. vatsak April 23, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the article. These all are awesome best cashback site in India, on this valentines i bought a gift for my special one on which i got highest cashback offer i have also gone through a new cash back site which also provide cashback deal in Indiaa

  35. Sarthak Bhatt June 20, 2016

    I personally love shopping through Lafalafa ( http://www.lafalafa.com ) as it gives cashback on all top products in more than 500+ stores online. Its quite easy to use and it gives instant cashback which is not given by other sites.

  36. Manoj September 2, 2016

    We just started https://www.Cashy.in. We have real time tracking for cashback and there is not minimum withdraw limit for cashback. Also we offer various modes of withdraw (Mobile Recharge, DTH recharge, Data card Recharge, Gift vouchers & Transfer to bank).

  37. Sid October 16, 2016

    Well, I really think cashkaro is one of the best cashback website in India. I have heard alot of them !!

  38. junglefactscom October 29, 2016

    Best Cashback Site ever. http://www.best2grab.com . . i am using this site and i never thought that its giving cashback very soon.. very surprised. i recommend.you that must `try this website.

  39. Cashy November 11, 2016

    Cashy.in is the only Cashback websites that offers 100% validation on the recorded cashbacks. They also have a great referral system where you can refer your friend and you can earn Rs 50 on every successful referral.

  40. Prasad Babu Galla November 28, 2016

    CashbackSmile.com (formerly CouponSarkar.com) is India’s first Cashback and Coupons website which gives you Rs.30 Free recharge on every order. Their partners include top online stores like Myntra, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Jabong and 500 more. All you need to do is just visit the retailers through CashbackSmile.com and shop like you normally do. You can easily save over 1000s every year.

  41. jamessstier December 8, 2016

    There is one more to website in the list which is offering cashback on purchasing as well as on App installation on Android platform.

  42. Srikanth December 10, 2016

    I finally found best coupons and cashback website which is approving pending cashback soon when compared to other cashback websites with excellent support. We can withdraw available cashback via recharge, bank account and eWallets. I like it very much and will continue using this website. CashVaapas having andriod app in playstore and soon they are going to launch app for remaining mobile platforms also.
    Try cashvaapas here @ http://www.cashvaapas.com

    1. karthy October 26, 2017

      yes it is wonderful website. i got lot of cashback from http://www.cashvaapas.com/

  43. amrik verma December 19, 2016

    this newly launched cashback site http://www.smartprice2k.in is giving 80% of their earnings to shoppers best in india for cashback

  44. Dhiraj Gupta February 5, 2017

    CashBajar.com is first cashback site which allow the member to earn upto 20% cashback of every member who join after them here member can earn upto Rs.2000/month http://cashbajar.com/

  45. maxcashback March 7, 2017

    I found the site http://badacashback.in to compare cashback rebates for different vendors. Check out.

  46. sanjana.s March 22, 2017

    Hi friends,

    I found the site bumperbonanza.com is one of highest paying Indian Cashback and coupons website

  47. badacashback March 23, 2017

    I don’t see list of merchants on the site. I searched for some merchant names but they were not found. Any idea to see the list of merchants supported.

  48. sajana April 1, 2017

    Hai guys,

    This is really amazing.This site helps me to find the best deals,discount coupons and offers with extra cashback.Thank you…

  49. Rishi Jain April 16, 2017

    Use http://www.clicknsave.in and get highest cashback with instant tracking on most of the stores.

    1. himanshu singh April 18, 2017

      hello rishi, i also want to start a cashback website. Can you plz tell me which affiliate network you are using for retailers which are not providing direct affiliate ?

      1. Rishi Jain April 21, 2017

        Hi Himanshu
        There are lots of affiliate networks in the market like vcommission , icubeswire, payoom . But before starting the cashback website think about the traffic , If you can bring the traffic to the cashback website for retailers offer then it is good to start cashback website otherwise don’t think it as a regular income source.
        You have to put extra effort for the promotion of retailers offer which is not that easy.
        I suggest you to use Clicknsave.in . I am giving the highest cashback in the market Like Get Rs 330 cashback on 400 or above transaction on Koovs.com and many more…

  50. Rishi Jain April 21, 2017

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  51. Rishi April 22, 2017

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  53. Ashi Sharma June 24, 2017

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  54. Gaurav Gupta November 23, 2017

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  55. Lakshay Singh December 8, 2017

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  56. TradeMantraa December 21, 2017

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  57. reena February 16, 2018

    Agree with most of comments above. There is influx of many cash back website but given the market size. Recently launch Yocashback.com entered in Indian market along with UAE and Australian market. Yocashback is giving away $5 as signup bonus.

    1. reena February 16, 2018

      https://www.yocashback.com is here to stay unlike many other links which are not accessible.

  58. Ravneet Brar March 7, 2018

    https://www.yovinam.com is one of the best coupons and cashback website in India. Coupons are 100% valid and cashback is real. Very good website

  59. nonu March 21, 2018

    you have provided such a great list but there are many other quality blogs that also doing good in the market.

  60. i have seen similar website for flipkart cashback offers but it’s giving already cashback on credit and debit cards

  61. jitendersingh88 June 22, 2018

    Great info this website for good

    Deals and Coupons


  62. Vivek September 18, 2019

    good info

  63. Vivek September 18, 2019

    https://askmeoffers.com is the best coupons and cashback website in India.

  64. kumar December 1, 2019

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  65. prasadtracedeals February 4, 2020

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