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3 Best Indian CashBack Websites to get free Cashback on Flipkart, Amazon.in etc – All Indian e-commerce Online Shopping portals supported


We all love shopping isn’t it ? and are always looking for coupons to save even more on our already discounted online purchases. Yes, its possible to even save more on our purchases through cashbacks! . Cashbacks are the next most awesome things to hit Indian online market , Cashback is repayment of a particular percentage of money spent on online purchases in the form of cash! . Here are some advantages of using Cashback sites to avail Cashbacks  –

  • Unlike Coupons, which cannot be applied on exclusive deals , Cashbacks can be applied on anything you shop online even for exclusive deals!
  • Cashbacks can be used in combination with coupons too! thus you can save double!
  • Cashbacks can later be exchanged for Money too! thus , every penny saved is a penny earned! which you can again use for Shopping :P.

Here are the 3 best free websites or the best Indian Cashback websites on How to get Cashbacks in India or get cashbacks for Flipkart, Amazon.in , Myntra , PayTM, etc

Cashback Tip! – Whenever you want to purchase/buy online , Buy it after logging-in on to one of these cashback sites to get assured CashBack! and save big on your online purchases (You will later be redirected to the shopping site you selected, thus this step is only for the purpose that it gets saved for giving CashBack! )


Website # 1 – CashKaro.com

CashKaro.com Offers

CashKaro is currently one of the leading CashBack providers in India, and it gives CashBack from a wide range of e-commerce portals! . The CashBack percentage too is very big and large as compared to other CashBack providers (I’ve earned almost 10% Cashback excluding the Coupon discounts). Some salient features of CashKaro are –rp_xfrxEkD.jpg

  • All Major Online shopping portals are supported – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal , Jabong , Myntra etc.
  • Purchase tracking as well as the CashBack crediting to the account too is very fast and accurate!
  • CashBack can be redeemed directly to the Bank account or you can even purchase Shopping Gift Vouchers!
  • Very Secure and Easy to use!

Click here to Sign-Up on CashKaro and start saving even more!

Update – If you want to purchase any product/deal which is not exclusive or hot one or not listed on Cashkaro – Use the right hand side bar as shown in this image link to activate cashbacks on any products you purchase.


Website # 2 – LafaLafa

LafaLafa gives you extra discounts in addition to any other offers/discounts you use!

Lafalafa is one of the newest and fastest emerging Cashback providing website in India. It’s probably the easiest to use amongst all the Cashback providing websites I’ve used, and has some salient features like –

  • Enhanced product search across all online shopping merchants, it automatically searches for your product across all online merchants, and provides you the lowest price deal automatically!
  • Bank account / Debit credit card based offers, its the only website which has offers & deals listed according to the Bank accounts. thus, you can always  get the best deal for your existing bank!.
  • Besides, this LafaLafa also provides you great cashbacks on every purchase made through it!
  • Click here to Sign-Up and start saving by using LafaLafa.


Website # 3 – CouponDunia.Com

CouponDunia now even provides cashback!

The famous Coupon site coupondunia.com has now come up with its own Cashback site, which is making the deal even sweeter! . Thus, now not only you can find Coupons for your online purchases but even earn Commissions in your Coupondunia wallet. The Coupondunia wallet then inturn can be used to redeem your savings directly to your Bank account and even Paytm Wallet!

. Infact sometimes, it even outplays and is a good alternative to CashKaro in return CashBack percentage and margin! . e.g Amazon.in , The procedure of getting CashBack too is same as that of CashKaro –

  • Registering on CashBack Site (CouponDunia.com in this case).
  • Logging on to the Cash-Back site, and browsing through the Stores (offers) .
  • In-order to get CashBack you must visit the online shopping sites (Flipkart,Myntra,Jabong) through one of these sites only . (Visit Store through the CashBack site on which you’ve logged in and want to get CashBack in).

Click here to SignUp on CouponDunia and get additional discounts!


So, these were the best tried and tested CashBack websites for Indian shoppers! . Enjoy extra discounts without or in addition with coupons with these awesome cashback sites! after all, Every rupee saved is like a Rupee earned! Happy Shopping!



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