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Opera Mini PC Handler | Opera Mini for PC without any Any Android Emulator with Downloading Support

Opera Mini is the most widely used browser for mobile devices ,and boasts of some unique features.Using Opera Mini on PC can be more than handy or useful for PC users too such as

  • It uses Opera servers to cache and display the web pages, thus, the servers act as a proxy and helps to unblock sites such as facebook etc, if they are blocked on the Network.
  • The server caching also enables Data Compression which uses Data usage by almost 80% thus reducing the Data Usage as well as increasing the browsing speed manifolds :)
  • Handler menu can be used to change/modify various network headers and parameters.
  • JavaScript,Ajax-script etc are run/executed on the server side and thus this helps in speedy browsing on lower configuration PCs without the fear of System hang.

Method to Run/Install Opera Mini Handler on PC

Method #1 . Using JRE + Opera Mini for PC by Alan Bazan

Requirements : Java Run-time Environment or JRE must be installed on your System, if not installed,you can download and Install the JRE which can be downloaded from this URL .

Procedure : After you have downloaded and installed the JRE , Download the Opera Mini for PC Setup from the download links, and install it . After installing just Double click the Opera Mini icon and enjoy your favorite browser on your PC. [ You may need to save the settings upon your first Run as shown in the figure below]

Now, here you can simply hit save and click continue or change the Pinger settings/Handler Settings and continue to using your Opera Mini :).

Note :ย Press “Ctrl+O” anytime while using to navigate to the Settings.The Same Settings are used to configure Proxy settings by using (Ctrl + O).

The JRE based Opera Mini PC Browser can be downloaded from here —

Click here to Download Opera Mini 8.1 Handler PC – TechApple.Net
Click here to Download Opera Mini 7 PC – TechApple.Net

Mirror Links :

Click here to Download Opera Mini 8.1 Handler PC – TechApple.Net
Click here to Download Opera Mini 7 PC – TechApple.Net

Method #2. Using Opera Mini directly in Google Chrome/Firefox/Web Browser

Yes, you can use Opera Mini in your browser too, that too without Installing , by following these Simple steps —

Requirements : Install JRE ย or Java Runtime Environment on your system . If JRE is already installed please Skip this.

Now Navigate to the URL :ย on your Browser and Opera Mini will start Loading right on your browser! No need of installing it :P . Sometimes, the JRE may show security error in such cases please Go to Configure Java in your System , and Reduce the Security to Medium as shown in the Figure below(You can also see the Opera Mini running in the Background :) ) –

Thus, these are some of the Most easy methods to Run / Install Opera Mini on PC , if Any doubts/queries/suggestions feel free to comment :)


  1. dukesta November 1, 2014

    Hi… I have been using opera mini handler 7.1 and the only things i got change was the proxy type and the proxy server and it worked… But when i tried to migrate to opera handler 8 witth those samme settings, it does not work. What am i missing, or not doing right? Please help

    1. Chaitanya November 2, 2014

      Actually you’re doing everything correctly except for the fact that the handler version of opera mini 8 is tad buggy ๐Ÿ™

      1. Ray November 24, 2014

        its working perfect while browsing. ON downloading i cannot change the directories i.e its only showing c:/ e:/ other… (on others option no folder is displayed which was in in c:/ & e:/) drives and selecting them the file downloads (data consumes) but i cant find the downloaded file either in C:/ or E:/.. please help me…thanks in advance sir..

        1. Chaitanya November 24, 2014

          It gets downloaded in the Opera Mini folder itself ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. ballad October 22, 2016

      it seems good to download so thats why i like it

  2. Vishal February 17, 2015

    in opera 8 no images are shown …. Is there any solution???

    1. Belajar Pajak February 17, 2015

      same problem here

      1. Chaitanya February 17, 2015

        Hello Vishal and Belajar , can you go to opera mini – > settings and change image quality to “high” ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Vishal February 18, 2015

          Bro no change… You check this app on your PC… Then you will be more clarified about my problem that what i want to convey

    2. mohit February 13, 2020

      bro , it not showing the setting pics. Plese help me!!!

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