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Sting Operation – Relief Trust India review – It’s a Scam! – Complete review and analysis with proofs!


Recently, i received a called from this so-called NGO – Relief Trust India (Website : www.relieftrustindia.org) to donate some amount for the treatment of a child – Shivam . But, the way the guy was literally pleading me to donate and his insistence to remain on call until i donated the funds, plus the emotional attyachar and tone of his voice – raised doubts in my mind – so I did a quick search on the internet and found that Relief Trust India is a scam and Please Do not donate . Here’s the complete review and analysis with valid proofs  –

Proof 1 – Case Shivam

The volunteer ‘nitish’ asked me to donate some funds for a child named “Shivam” who is being treated at AIIMS , so i checked out his Support a life information or “profile” on their site. I mentioned “profile” because it was designed to look like that . And i noticed two inks on the diagnosis papers . Not to mention that the diagnosis papers were way outdated ! and not only that these guys even edited the Doctor’s papers to increase the “duration” to which they could use the profile as shown in figure –

And even if this wasn’t enough i tried to check out the AIIMS website to verify the patient’s identity – and found this Official AIIMS policy on donation .

Now, to test whether they were really an NGO, I called them again and said i was donating money to the child through Official AIIMS Website.and that literally brought the volunteer into tears! . he was just begging to pay through the Relief India Trust website, also

He requested me to enter his name in the “Volunteer Name” during Payment through Relief India Trust, when I inquired for the reason – he wasn’t able to give me proper answer (Clearly this Volunteer Name was his Commission and hence the pleading) .

Proof 2 – Changing NGO Address and Fake Registration Number

After all this, i decided to dig deep into this organisation and found another article by Vishnu Gopal which showed that this was a Scam . while reading through the article I found out the NGO changed its address and had used a fake registration number on its site – “3696” ,hence i did a search on the Government of India – NGO Portal – http://ngo.india.gov.in/ngo_search1_ngo.php and as I expected –  It didn’t point to Relief India Trust! .Here are both of the images of Relief India Trust – Previous as well as current –

Previous Relief India Trust image with Fake Registration Number

The Current Relief India Trust with changed address

Proof 3 – Using Money power to get Registered (But Nothing can escape Computer)

Not only these guys Scam people but they have become quite powerful themselves to bribe the Government officials, and get their fake NGO Registered with a fake date . Check the below screenshot for the reference – Though the Date of Registration is “18-02-2011” but the Computer generated Unique ID shows “DL/2014/0081349″ .  I don’t think its very difficult to guess what “2014” stands for in “DL/2014/0081349″  It stands for year when the NGO was registered/added to the database. Also, do check out the disparities between the Registration ID(544) and Unique ID(0081349) .

They have also got themselves featured in newspapers like Indian express,TOI etc . But those are the “paid” news ,sponsored by Relief India themselves

Do Note down the NGO’s Chairman Name – Vikrant Vikram Singh!  I will be revealing him and his all gimmicks in my next proof –

Proof No 4 – Vikrant Vikram Singh and his gimmicks

I being a webmaster decided to check the whois for relieftrustindia.org site, and when i checked it to my surprise i found this so-called chairman of the NGO had 17 domains under him , and i came to know about their future plans too – The Chief functionary of the NGO – Mr.Uttam Kumar also features in this scam! .  Let’s have a look on the domains under Vikrant Vikram Singh

The domains highlighted by

  • Maroon colored boxreliefindiatrust.org and reliefindiatrust.com are the ones used for scamming people through fake NGOs
  • Green colored box – Older/previous site of the NGO from where the scam started (You can check out ritrehab.org)
  • The Blue colored box –stands for Accordpro.com – its a Call-centre company ( Now I came to know how the Volunteers were able to make calls for such long durations and with such high frequencies)
  • Pink colored box – denote the future scamming scheme of these guys by gaining sympathies from mother love (really cheap 🙁  )

Naturally, its impossible for an NGO to venture and invest into so many domains as internet domains obviously don’t come free of cost , neither do calls and sms!

Proof No 5 – Very few/No recent Success stories and Older stories present on site

The Relief India Trust guys have very few recent data or stories available on their site, and most of the “profiles” on their site are either faked or duplicated with some random old real stories pushed between them. Its their way of being on the safer side, and these guys have huge money they even buy some poor parents to hand-over their case data in lieu of posting them as a story . In fact , If you notice and study all the stories properly most of them have used a “Same Standard diagnosis sheet” format and the same are shown to you when you ask them for proofs – Click here to download/view the samples shown (Thanks again to Vishnu Gopal)

I also had asked the volunteer for the proof of “last payment” done by the NGO , he said he will mail me and noted my e-mail address but the e-mail never came.

Proof No 6 – A Doctor himself called  at the AIIMS /Hospital and found that the patient was already “cured”

Here’s what a doctor who was interested to know the history of the patient came to know when he called the hospital –

Proof No 7 – An Ex-Employee of the Fake firm himself reveals the data on the firm’s working –

Sanjeev another commentor of Vishnu Gopal’s blog was himself a worker in that fake organisation , you can read the comment here – to know about the real truth.

Some Excerpt of Sanjeev’s comment –

Every guy/girl is given a “DATA”, an A-4 sized sheet that consists of 30
contacts of “DONORS”.
They have to call on this number and try to convince (i.e. force) them by
whatever means to get money from them in the name of donation.

check this link for a copy of the “DATA”: http://imgur.com/WWf5Qtp

These “DATA”s usually has donors of south Indian cities, so as to invite less trouble.

Everyday, these people get around 6 “Data” sheets. (which makes it roughly around 130-150 calls being made by one person in a day)

After the first 15 days, out of the selected 30, only 5-8 unlucky people are left behind to continue working in this shit-hole.

If a ‘donor’ donates an amount of Rs 1000 or more, the caller gets 10% of that amount on spot as “INCENTIVE”.

I hope – these reasons/evidences are valid enough to catch these “fake NGOs / Scam people” please do not entertain such NGOs . The photos/blog posts/articles everything on their site is “fake” and is like the ‘sets’ of a movie, only for show-off  e.g Motherconcern scam etc .

Lets STOP these Guys who try to touch our deep emotions and heart for some money , and which simply “Sell Trust , Humanity and Human Nature for some cheap money :'(  

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