Sting Operation – Relief Trust India review – It’s a Scam! – Complete review and analysis with proofs!

Recently, i received a called from this so-called NGO – Relief Trust India (Website : www.relieftrustindia.org) to donate some amount for the treatment of a child – Shivam . But, the way the guy was literally pleading me to donate and his insistence to remain on call until i donated the funds, plus the emotional attyachar and tone of his voice – raised doubts in my mind – so I did a quick search on the internet and found that Relief Trust India is a scam and Please Do not donate . Here’s the complete review and analysis with valid proofs  –

Proof 1 – Case Shivam

The volunteer ‘nitish’ asked me to donate some funds for a child named “Shivam” who is being treated at AIIMS , so i checked out his Support a life information or “profile” on their site. I mentioned “profile” because it was designed to look like that . And i noticed two inks on the diagnosis papers . Not to mention that the diagnosis papers were way outdated ! and not only that these guys even edited the Doctor’s papers to increase the “duration” to which they could use the profile as shown in figure –

And even if this wasn’t enough i tried to check out the AIIMS website to verify the patient’s identity – and found this Official AIIMS policy on donation .

Now, to test whether they were really an NGO, I called them again and said i was donating money to the child through Official AIIMS Website.and that literally brought the volunteer into tears! . he was just begging to pay through the Relief India Trust website, also

He requested me to enter his name in the “Volunteer Name” during Payment through Relief India Trust, when I inquired for the reason – he wasn’t able to give me proper answer (Clearly this Volunteer Name was his Commission and hence the pleading) .

Proof 2 – Changing NGO Address and Fake Registration Number

After all this, i decided to dig deep into this organisation and found another article by Vishnu Gopal which showed that this was a Scam . while reading through the article I found out the NGO changed its address and had used a fake registration number on its site – “3696” ,hence i did a search on the Government of India – NGO Portal – http://ngo.india.gov.in/ngo_search1_ngo.php and as I expected –  It didn’t point to Relief India Trust! .Here are both of the images of Relief India Trust – Previous as well as current –

Previous Relief India Trust image with Fake Registration Number

The Current Relief India Trust with changed address

Proof 3 – Using Money power to get Registered (But Nothing can escape Computer)

Not only these guys Scam people but they have become quite powerful themselves to bribe the Government officials, and get their fake NGO Registered with a fake date . Check the below screenshot for the reference – Though the Date of Registration is “18-02-2011” but the Computer generated Unique ID shows “DL/2014/0081349″ .  I don’t think its very difficult to guess what “2014” stands for in “DL/2014/0081349″  It stands for year when the NGO was registered/added to the database. Also, do check out the disparities between the Registration ID(544) and Unique ID(0081349) .

They have also got themselves featured in newspapers like Indian express,TOI etc . But those are the “paid” news ,sponsored by Relief India themselves

Do Note down the NGO’s Chairman Name – Vikrant Vikram Singh!  I will be revealing him and his all gimmicks in my next proof –

Proof No 4 – Vikrant Vikram Singh and his gimmicks

I being a webmaster decided to check the whois for relieftrustindia.org site, and when i checked it to my surprise i found this so-called chairman of the NGO had 17 domains under him , and i came to know about their future plans too – The Chief functionary of the NGO – Mr.Uttam Kumar also features in this scam! .  Let’s have a look on the domains under Vikrant Vikram Singh

The domains highlighted by

  • Maroon colored boxreliefindiatrust.org and reliefindiatrust.com are the ones used for scamming people through fake NGOs
  • Green colored box – Older/previous site of the NGO from where the scam started (You can check out ritrehab.org)
  • The Blue colored box –stands for Accordpro.com – its a Call-centre company ( Now I came to know how the Volunteers were able to make calls for such long durations and with such high frequencies)
  • Pink colored box – denote the future scamming scheme of these guys by gaining sympathies from mother love (really cheap :(  )

Naturally, its impossible for an NGO to venture and invest into so many domains as internet domains obviously don’t come free of cost , neither do calls and sms!

Proof No 5 – Very few/No recent Success stories and Older stories present on site

The Relief India Trust guys have very few recent data or stories available on their site, and most of the “profiles” on their site are either faked or duplicated with some random old real stories pushed between them. Its their way of being on the safer side, and these guys have huge money they even buy some poor parents to hand-over their case data in lieu of posting them as a story . In fact , If you notice and study all the stories properly most of them have used a “Same Standard diagnosis sheet” format and the same are shown to you when you ask them for proofs – Click here to download/view the samples shown (Thanks again to Vishnu Gopal)

I also had asked the volunteer for the proof of “last payment” done by the NGO , he said he will mail me and noted my e-mail address but the e-mail never came.

Proof No 6 – A Doctor himself called  at the AIIMS /Hospital and found that the patient was already “cured”

Here’s what a doctor who was interested to know the history of the patient came to know when he called the hospital –

Proof No 7 – An Ex-Employee of the Fake firm himself reveals the data on the firm’s working –

Sanjeev another commentor of Vishnu Gopal’s blog was himself a worker in that fake organisation , you can read the comment here – to know about the real truth.

Some Excerpt of Sanjeev’s comment –

Every guy/girl is given a “DATA”, an A-4 sized sheet that consists of 30
contacts of “DONORS”.
They have to call on this number and try to convince (i.e. force) them by
whatever means to get money from them in the name of donation.

check this link for a copy of the “DATA”: http://imgur.com/WWf5Qtp

These “DATA”s usually has donors of south Indian cities, so as to invite less trouble.

Everyday, these people get around 6 “Data” sheets. (which makes it roughly around 130-150 calls being made by one person in a day)

After the first 15 days, out of the selected 30, only 5-8 unlucky people are left behind to continue working in this shit-hole.

If a ‘donor’ donates an amount of Rs 1000 or more, the caller gets 10% of that amount on spot as “INCENTIVE”.

I hope – these reasons/evidences are valid enough to catch these “fake NGOs / Scam people” please do not entertain such NGOs . The photos/blog posts/articles everything on their site is “fake” and is like the ‘sets’ of a movie, only for show-off  e.g Motherconcern scam etc .

Lets STOP these Guys who try to touch our deep emotions and heart for some money , and which simply “Sell Trust , Humanity and Human Nature for some cheap money :'(  


  1. gothamguy (@gothamguy1) January 9, 2015

    Thanks for this. But, I already lost Rs.10,000/ to one such “critical case”. You have done a great job by blogging about this scam.

    1. Chaitanya January 9, 2015

      O my deep sympathies with you 🙁 very sad that you succumbed to such scam , and thank you very much for your appreciation 🙂 , hope this article can save people from falling into such cheap traps and scams 🙁

      1. Mady June 30, 2015

        A ton thanks Mr.Chaitanya. Today I got a call from this number (9210319584). Same story critical need money. I am about to pay 10080, I heard some giggles over the phone and I checked about them in google, i have gone through the article and saved my money from the nasty fellows who uses peoples and there feelings. thanks for your research.

        1. Vikrant Singh July 8, 2015

          I got a call from them today. I told him you have called another kameena. Chal phone rath BC. After this I google and am writing this.

    2. RJ September 4, 2015

      HI , Today I have received the call from a mobile number with name Mohini , and saying that she is calling from ‘Relief India Trust’ and asking to donate the money for a baby which she is in critical stage at AIIMs, Delhi . She continoulsy talking and saying that she will be providing 80G certificate(Income Tax relief) for half of the money that people donate and Appreciation letter from AIIMS with in 48 hrs and Trust is genuine . Finally guided me to pay through online in a hurry manner that baby needs money with in half an hour . And Iam almost there to pay .

      Then, I searched in google about this Trust and found enough no of fraud cases on it . I asked her few ques and received no proper answers ,
      1. Your trust is not associated with AIIMS and how come they will provide a Appreciaton letter ?
      2. Why 80 G certificate for only half of the amount of donation ? ( I am not sure all Trusts does the same )

      Importantly , These Incidents killing the helping nature and kind heartedness in the people .
      And everyone become afraid of that donated money will reach pockets of fraud instead of serving the purpose .
      I wont comment strictly this is a fraud trust , But I felt that I can donate when we see orphans/victims ‘in person’.
      Earlier , I have done the same by going to orphanages distributing them what ever I can and paying comfortable amount of money to the caretaker .
      I wish who are ready to help the victims/orphanages will spend their leisure time (half day in weekend in a month or more) can afford to visit the places and donate it to avoid fradulent.

  2. Saravanan January 14, 2015

    Very good information provided. I have got few calls and SMS but it was looking something fishy as they were almost forcing me so after a quick search on google i visited this page.

  3. SD January 20, 2015

    Appreciate for ur great research work in finding the scam. I got the call from them recently and was forcing me to donate and the words they use was fishy and continuous calls and sms confirmed it. To make my heart believe that it is a scam, I found ur article in google.. Thanks a lot. Let god save all the donors and money they donate reaches the real needy. Thank u again for ur work.. God blessings is always with u..

  4. sanjay January 21, 2015

    Thank you for all. i got call from them to day and they words are really embarrassing and nearly begging and demanding. so i have doubt and checked in the net really this is scam. don;t donate please

  5. sreejith January 24, 2015

    appreciate your sincerity and hardwork in digging this out, a real humanitarian work …. if one is interested to donate money, one can donate to so many genuine NGOs ..

  6. shenoyc January 28, 2015

    Have been getting calls from them over the last 2 days. The height was when the volunteer started sending me emotional messages like “i join both my hands in front of you”, “Help us save this kid, we’ll pray for you and your family” I almost made up my mind to daonte, but somehow thought of doing a google search and lo I landed here on your page! Thanks a tone for your blog. Such a shame that people try to make money like this 🙁 and in the end even the genuine one’s loose out.

    1. SKS May 7, 2015

      Ditto experience I had.

  7. TK February 4, 2015

    I got a call from no: 9213094243 with exactly the same details you have given above, although I never give money to such calls whatsoever may be the case, but his pleading voice did increase my interest in this NGO thing and I quickly searched for Relief India Trust Fraud and saw your blog. Good job atleast will save hard earned money of other people who might give it to these guys by falling in their trap. Poor guys who really need it and don’t get because of such creatures.

    1. Chaitanya February 4, 2015

      Thank you TK and everyone who commented, hope this article saves many more people from this fraud !

  8. AB February 7, 2015

    I donated 10,000 last month, and this was over the phone. But I did so thinking it would help someone in need. Today again I got a call from another person belonging to the same NGO, and he had all my details like my address, etc. He spoke to me for a second donation amount, and he was literally pleading. This made me lookup google and found this article. It’s really sad to find out it’s a scam. As someone said in the above comments, money may never reach the needy. It’s pathetic. I’ll trust no caller on the phone going forward. It’s better to donate in person going to a hospital where you may find some patient really in need of emergency money.

    1. Chaitanya February 7, 2015

      Really sad to hear about 10,000 loss :(. Yes AB, we shouldn’t pay through calls to anyone, even if they say its our bank …

      1. Kunal Kishor May 5, 2015

        Thanks for your article Chaitanya. I have donated to them around 12300Rs. They called me three times and all three times i donated. I got suspicious when I donated third time. The cost of medicine they have written in their website 12000 for five days and the volunteer was asking 12000 par day. Then I searched into the net and found your blog. Than you very much for exposing them. At least I hope some amount would have reached to those innocent children.

      2. Sudhu August 20, 2015

        You are good man..Even i got call from this Fraud guys..asking/forcing me to pay immediately thru that website..
        I had a doubt and scold them that why are you forcing me???
        this makes me doubtful and searched in google without continue to pay..

        I got this shocking news from you…Thanks buddy…

    2. Vikas May 28, 2015

      Hi this is a nice article. Thank you.

      My Story:
      I got one call in February or something but I brutally declined their pleading as I love to donate personally not by any third party (and then I completely forgot about them). But again this week I got another call from the said organization and I somehow got transfixed or something by seeing that they have verified by GoI. Feeling secure I donated 500 rupees with reservations. I was kind of emotionally forced to do so otherwise a child named Dazy Parveen as if would die instantly (as they said,”I would be the reason for her death”). Feeling moral compunction I bowed to their request. To be honest: The reason I didn’t Google them is that they directed me from the GoI NGO site to their’s, showing in the process being legitimate organization.

      Then the horror came when I Googled them after that torturous half an hour call.
      This is also a type of corruption, who in the Govt gave them that registration without proper police verification.
      To be honest: I am feeling enraged now. I want all the money that they have received from various people to be returned with interest as quick as possible and want to see them behind iron bars.

      God I hate myself for being stupid. 🙁

      1. Harsha July 29, 2015

        Oh God..!! I donated to “Dazy Praveen” today. I got a little suspicious and started googling. To my dismay I find that you have donated to the same patient over two months back. These scamsters..!!

        1. Devansh July 29, 2015

          Received the same call for dazy praveen today.. But from the very starting I knew it’s fraud.. So I told the volunteer to meet me at aiims.. She had no words to speak.. Den after a long pause she said atleast give me your email id..
          I said [email protected]… And she instantly disconnected.. Later found this article..

  9. VInay8484 February 12, 2015

    Thanks a Lot for the info.
    I had a doubt as lady were asking me to do it now.
    Even i received 3 sms after cut the call.

    1. Chaitanya February 12, 2015

      You’re welcome Vinay 🙂 , glad i saved your money from these scamsters.

  10. Chary BS February 12, 2015

    Hi Chaitanya,
    Thanks a ton for the elaborate proofs you have collected and the digging you have done. I am by nature a soft person and therefore got fooled by their pleading, and donated small amounts multiple times. Earlier i too had searched for reviews on this trust andfound conflicting comments – some people on the forums aid they are genuine and should be supported for the good work. However, after seeing your data, i am convinced – i get the same SMS messages and they call every month even though they tell they won’t call again for next six months, they again call saying it is urgent case and the family is very poor. Henceforth i will not donate to such calls….rather go to nearby orphanage or hospital and donate to the really needy..

    1. Chaitanya February 12, 2015

      You’re welcome Chary 🙂 , Yes, they literally harass for donating and i completely agree better go to hospital or orphanage to donate the real needy people 🙂

      1. gk August 6, 2015

        i got a call from them asking many for dazy parveen,i had my doubts since they were insisting i donate and started pestering me,i told them iwill get back later,searched the web saw your blog and got back to them,they didnt answer my calls ,i started messaging them to call back, i was pestering them,my plan was to ask the lady to come face to face on web cam and i was planning to get her id proof-pancard,drivers licence will do,adhar card for address proof,and last six months bank statement,unluckily i never got to ask these things,they never called back

  11. Suresh February 13, 2015

    I got a call from Relief India Trust and the person was on the call forcing me to donate. I asked them that I am in office and hence couldn’t do and asked them to send the details of the child who is to get the money. I never got the mail. After two days (weekend), I got a call and the person asked me to navigate through ngo.india.in and then asked me to donate and was waiting on the phone. I said, I need to study the case and do my assessment before committing any amount. I found lot of inconsistencies and when I asked the same, the volunteer gave it to “Supervisor” and she said that he is also a volunteer. The person didn’t have ready answers to my question. I specifically asked for the registration certificate to be sent to my email id, instead he sent a ppt with blurred image of the 80(G) certificate (of course it can’t be read). I insisted on the certificate again. Following is the conversation happened for which I am still waiting for official reply :).

    From: suresh
    Sent: 11 February 2015 22:29PM
    To: relief ([email protected])


    I asked for the registration copy, however I see that the attachment is 80(G) certificate, it doesn’t answer my set of questions that I’ve asked. I am repeating the same so that I can get the clarification I am seeking before I make the contribution.

    1. In http://ngo.india.gov.in/, the registration number is mentioned as 544. I am unable to find the same in the certificate. Why is it so?
    2. In http://ngo.india.gov.in/, the registration date is mentioned as Feb 18th 2011. In the certificate it shows 16th November 2011. How can the registration happen in Feb when month in the certificate shows as November?
    3. I do not see any registration details in your website http://www.reliefindiatrust.org/.
    4. I do not see any references regarding Mr Uttam Kumar Srivastava or Mr Vikrant Vikram Singh or the umbrella / parent organization PaulFoundation.


    From: suresh
    Sent: 10 February 2015 22:31PM
    To: relief ([email protected])

    Thanks for sending the ppt, however in slide 4, the images were not readable. Can you send the readable copy of the registration certificate? Thanks.


    From: relief ([email protected])
    Sent: 10 February 2015 12:52PM
    To: [email protected] (Removing my mail id 🙂 )

    Dear Donor,
    Please find the attached file as PPT of relief India Trust.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Thanks & Regards,

    C/O Relief Rehabilitation Center
    D-22, Sector- 3 | Noida | UP- 201301
    Tel: – 0120-4258313 | |M- 09810102897|
    Toll free number-18001031777

    http://www.reliefindiatrust.org | [email protected] |

  12. Suresh February 13, 2015

    In the NGO website, there is a clear disclaimer. Don’t just go with what NGO firm says. Do your background checks.


    Disclaimer : The NGO Partnership System (NGO-PS) lists a number of VOs/NGOs in India based on self declaration. This does not imply that organizations are endorsed or recommended by Planning Commission / DIT-NIC or by the concerned Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies. Planning Commission / DIT-NIC does not guarantee that the information contained on the website is complete and correct and shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of its use.
    #Consult with Concerned Participating Bodies to whom you have applied

  13. venkat February 18, 2015

    I Also got a call from this people and put them on hold and verified in net. Thank you so much for your information .I got saved my money because of your great research. How to take action on this kind of organizations. this is killing to motto of donating real organizations too.


  14. Aftab Alam February 19, 2015

    I just got the call.
    And first I searched for the company name and I got this as first link.

  15. Ganesh February 20, 2015

    I got two calls from this number 9250011671. A person called me twice and said some child is urgent need of money and when i cut the call sent me 2 SMS to move me emotionally.

  16. lokesh jain February 20, 2015

    Thanks for saving me form this fraud. God bless you.

    1. Chaitanya February 20, 2015

      Thank you lokesh 🙂

  17. sidarth wangneo February 20, 2015

    I received a call from them today. From the tone of their voice it looked like they were a scam. What we can do to stop them? I want to put such people behind bars

    1. Chaitanya February 20, 2015

      Well said hath, just take their number and record the call, and then simply launch an fir against them that’s it! Job done 🙂

  18. asta February 24, 2015

    Thank God. U too got call from this org n luckily checked this blog.

  19. Dhaya Gm February 25, 2015

    Just Got A call sayin that a 4 year old child is suffering from blood cancer, it was obvious when the guy told me the details, now after reading ur blog, its even clear, great work and hope higher officials do take action. thankyou

  20. Sadik February 27, 2015

    Hi All,
    I too got call from Aman and was saying 4 years old girl suffering from cancer and told me to donate money. I was paying almost but my wife got a doubt and stopped me. She said i will check reviews and then we can think of donating….Thank god we got this blog and felt very bad….Aman didnt listen to me when i said i will go to office and pay…I was waiting for him to call me again and when he called me I lost my control and banged him up down….he scared and cut the call suddenly….Guys be carefull about this fraud NGO….

  21. Nabarun March 2, 2015

    “The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool” – Stephen King

    Received a call today mentioning this 4 year old girl with cancer. As the guy was talking i searched for RIT and found this article.
    I wonder how these people get access to phone numbers from across the country !
    My mom got a call a few days back. She lives in Solapur, I live in Kolkata ! :/

  22. Rajesh March 3, 2015

    Ha ha.. From yesterday (02-march-15) they started pointing me also it seems.. and thank god i’ve gone through this review.. They Called me for a cancer baby in RIT. How come they have minds to play with the sympathy of the disables.. I feel ashamed of it. Is money alone in this the world. for getting money they can do some other cheap jobs or even go for begging than getting amount like this. shit of it. I tried to donate few amount to them as i know the sufferings of them. Looking guys like this, we wont even will have the mindset to donate for a real patient who were in need.

  23. binu March 3, 2015

    i got it today again. last call i got was 8 months back.that time my brother told that it is a scam , so i didn’t donate . for that the lady behaved little harsh on me and lots of messages saying that they were expecting the help which i never committed. The guy called me today has data of the previous call also.so i told i didnt believe this organization ,i got bad reviews about. then he asked me to go throu ngo portal and check it . i said i sont have access to internet . i will check it and asked him to call me tomorrow. Now i got lots of points to ask him 🙂

  24. kavita March 4, 2015

    I have donated 3-4 times earlier… almost donated again today. Will not donate again either to this or any other ngo ever again..

  25. Siresh March 4, 2015

    Thanks a lot for taking time to post this article.

  26. binu March 4, 2015


    today i got the call as i expected. so i directly mailed it to the concerned doctor see the reply for your understanding.

    6:24 PM (12 minutes ago)

    to skkabra
    Hi sir,

    i repeatedly getting a call from an organization called Relief India Trust for an operation of a child named Priyanshi .They told that she is in ICU in AIIMS delhi and you are the consulting doctor of the child. Can you clarify me the same is there any child named Priyanshi(4 years) admitted there currently. I am geeting bad reviews about that trust, so if you can provide me any information on the same that will be helpful.


    Dr. Sushil Kabra
    6:27 PM (9 minutes ago)

    to me
    Thanks for email.
    I received inquiry for this patient from at least nine donors till now.
    I checked with my colleague (Dr Rachna Seth) and found that the girl came to our hospital and was asked to get some investigations for confirmation of type of cancer. She was seen last on 10.12.2014. She was never admitted in our unit or Intensive care at AIIMS. therefore I can say without hesitation that NGO has given wrong information about the case. I am not sure whether she is getting some treatment in other hospital. The illness was possibly advanced cancer called neuroblastoma. She is unlikely to get cured with present day treatment available for such patients. The papers being used by NGO are definitely from our unit when she visited first time.
    I would like to inform that neither me or Dr Kana Ram Jat treat cancers as we are respiratory specialist. Dr Rachna Seth is Pediatric Oncologists in our unit.

    I suggest be careful before donating any money for treatment of this child to NGO

    Dr SK Kabra, Professor, Pediatric Pulmonology Division, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 110029
    Ph +91 11 26594610, Fax =91 11 26588941

    1. LS March 16, 2015

      Thank you for the post. I too received a call to donate for this patient called Priyanshi. This blog is really good to prevent people from getting duped.

  27. binu March 4, 2015

    Never Ever donate to these kind of fraud trust. Even i recorded conversation with that guy. he was becoming angry when i asked more details about the patient.

  28. sachin March 5, 2015

    I had received this fake call months back and didnt donate. Received another new call today. What can we do legally to end up this scam and put them all behind bars?

    1. sathish May 25, 2015

      iam regularly getting calls from this nonsense organisation.

  29. Surendra March 7, 2015

    Just now I got a call from this trust asking for money for the same girl Priyanshi. Too much of emotional blackmail. This post saved my money. I see lot of such incidents here.. how come this NGO is running and calling people on the same pretext?

  30. Ram March 13, 2015

    Evening I paid 5600 for Priyanshi. They said it is the cost of an Injection. He used the name of god!!!

    1. Shakil March 14, 2015

      They told me today (13 march 2015) that the cost of injection is 1037 and I donated that.

  31. Susi March 17, 2015

    I got call from 92108164467.. I got doubt by the way he forced me to stay on line. Thank god I didn’t get into their trap

  32. Beenu March 18, 2015

    i also get a call by one of their representative today 9210863046 for donation for same Girl name Priyanshi.they are totally fraud..

  33. Darklight March 20, 2015

    I got the same call today asking donation for Priyanshi, and I see in the comments that people the call for same baby 10-15 days back while on the call the guy told we are collecting money from 2 days and he said the amount left is 85000 rupees.

    Thank God I researched this before donating and stumbled across this blog and another website from which I am convinced that it is a fraud venture. Please save yourself.

    Just as suggested in a previous comment, just lure by saying I will donate later and then block the number.

  34. nikita March 21, 2015

    looks like new way of techie begging…

  35. Manoj March 25, 2015

    Dude great work.. i hope you have invested much time in saving so many peoples hard earned money. You really deserve appreciation from all of us who walked into the above blog.
    Today i got call from 9210768590 and he spoke for 10 minutes non stop in that he appreciated for my last year donation which i made on the same day 25-03-2014, i said that i was in cab i asked him to call back at 6 so he again called me from another number and directly he said go to this tab and the kid name was priyanshi. He guided me very well to the donation tab and asked me to put his name and donat also. Just before his call lands to my mobile i was going through your blog that saved my money.


  36. ex employee of kef March 29, 2015

    Please be careful of Kotak Education Foundation. On the top they look like a genuine NGO but on closer scrutinisation you can notice lot of discrepancies There is lot of money laundering going on inside by staff, management. They are rerouting their money from bank, mutual fund to get tax exemption. Exhorbiant amount of money is blown away by management staff on picnics, get togethers, parties, movies, outings and also top management is forcibly taking school children on overnight camps, picnics etc inorder to get third party commission.
    There is no work ethics and most of the time its just timepass.
    The trustees are basically sweet talking manipulative people who keep repeating the dialogue we are working for a cause but they are least bothered about fraudulent practices by their top management. Most of the staff is sleeping while on duty and when on outside duty they are enjoying in malls and theatres.
    Everything is different on paper as they are fabricated.

  37. I never trust when such NGO’s call for donation. I usually donate only for Natural disasters and always self initiated.

    I was getting persistent calls/sms from Riya +918506036720 so I tried to search for this NGO online. Glad to come across your webpage.

  38. Mustafa April 3, 2015

    Thanks Chaitanya for the info ! I checked all the proofs and indicators you have mentioned and it saved me from getting cheated. Also checked the Government of India Planning Commission website which they suggest to check for their authenticity and the site has this clear disclaimer which clearly says how these cheat guys are misusing government websites:

    “Disclaimer : The NGO Partnership System (NGO-PS) lists a number of VOs/NGOs in India based on self declaration. This does not imply that organizations are endorsed or recommended by Planning Commission / DIT-NIC or by the concerned Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies. Planning Commission / DIT-NIC does not guarantee that the information contained on the website is complete and correct and shall not be liable whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of its use.”

    Ref: http://ngo.india.gov.in/auth/default.php

  39. Alok April 3, 2015

    Thanks man. You Save me few thousands, and they will be of a better use.

  40. Justo Joseph April 4, 2015

    I just want to comment on your Proof 3 : I checked the government site for NGO’s. I randomly selected two NGO’s in each state, i.e I checked in Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi, and West Bengal. And out of these 10 organizations, there was only 1 NGO where the ID shows the same year for Date of Registration. Does that mean all the 9 out of 10 are fake ?
    I’m not an Relief India Guy, but I’ve donated a lot of money till date, so i was curious to check, and this is what I found.

    1. Anil April 4, 2015

      I have been helping Care for life trust but after reading this poat i feel i was getting duped.
      Today i got call from this org and pleading rather pushing me to help. One thing that is common is that patient Anshul Sharma 12yrs from Gwalior is suffering fron Luekimia and needs 2 Lakh for treatment and is being treated by Dr Rachna seth (AIIMS DELHI). When i confronted them that they are scamsters they just disconnected without arguing further.
      I think these guys are misusing prescriptions and making ppl make emotional.
      I dont think this treatment can be done in 2 lakhs. Can anyone confirm.

  41. Rekha Shree R April 5, 2015

    Chaitanya, great job on publishing this article. I regret that I got trapped by them twice. Sometime ago and not big amount. However once I realized their scam, I started avoiding. I keep getting their pleasong calls til date, I request them to disconnect and not to call further. But they dont stop calling. They Stoll call and ask. I just make myself strong and say NO to whatever they ask. They ate playing with emotions indeed.

  42. Lenin Nair April 6, 2015

    I got the call from the same trust, asking for cash for priyanshi. I am gonna tell them that I can donate no more than 25k. I hope that helps the baby.

  43. Dito April 7, 2015

    Rather than commenting here, we should join hands and file case against them.

  44. Ankit April 8, 2015

    Got a call for Baby Riya from a volunteer named Manu Tiwari – thanks to this blog – i was careful enough ! She was on full speed pestering me to make the donation – when I told her, let me call the hospital to check the authenticity – immediately, the phone was cut !

    1. Akshat April 17, 2015

      I got a call for Riya too claiming she is urgently being treated for eye cancer and immediately needs funds. Upon inspection of the documents I found that the documents and doctor’s report show diagnosis as blood cancer.

  45. N April 9, 2015

    Got a call from BabyCares.org for a child called Dhristi , looking up google , found this is a scam . called number -+91-8459450935

  46. Sushil April 9, 2015

    Thanks for the eye opener.

  47. Saved soul April 11, 2015

    Thank you for doing this background search and posting it for others.

    Does anyone know where to launch a police complaint for such crimes?

    Is anyone form the Cyber crime call of Police reading these articles or background search? Why is this not coming to notice of police? Are police personnel also someway involved in this that they are soft on them and not taking any action on them based on so many people testifying about their experience.

    I keep getting repeated calls form them, I tell them let me do a background check before donating. I do doante to some NGOs but where I am sure they are genuine. I sometimes get follow up calls same day asking if I have gone through the details on their web site and made payments. When I say no, then they almost start scolding on phone saying you already promised to donate and not donating. I never promised to donate I only said I will do a background check.

    Till now I have not donated to Relief India Trust but I have been getting pestering calls from them.

  48. Ram April 13, 2015

    I just got a call now and they have also mailed me . I am going to complain to the prime minister’s office with all the comments and data written here and with the mail I have received. These frauds must be behind bars.

  49. Sonam April 13, 2015

    Reached here a little too late. Lost 500 bucks. Same protocol.

  50. Ramesh April 13, 2015

    I just got a call now from 9211129923. A girl was speaking and when I asked for more details she gave to her supervisor. Her supervisor took me to their site and asked me to donate for a girl named “Dazy Parveen”. I was about to pay, luckily my company stopped my payment (saying you are not authorized to visit this personal storage site during office hours). Thanks for the blog. The guy will call me again I believe. Let me take him to task then.

  51. kumar April 13, 2015

    I just got a call from these frauds..Luckily I saw your post and escaped…Thank you very much for the article..

  52. Sharmi April 13, 2015

    Thank u so much guys….I was at to donate ,last minute I made a search and I got this scam details,thank u for saving my money from going into scamsters.

  53. Rama Vinayagam April 13, 2015

    I got such call just now and last week also. They are almost forcing me and felt something is wrong. So I googled and found this website. Its exactly the same experience I got as mentioned in this article. Thanks a lot for saving my money. Great job

  54. Hemant April 14, 2015

    Thanks a lot for such a nice blog which have saved my hard earned money, even i have got calls and SMSs couple of times ….I was about to donate, god has saved us

  55. Dineshkumar April 16, 2015

    Thank you so much for the detailed write up – I got a call today and they were pressing to make the payment immediately – as mentioned in your article, they are literally pleading calling all gods name.. As suspected it’s Scam ! Thanks for your time to write up with clear proof!!

  56. raj April 18, 2015

    First of all Thanks for this Blog / Page ….. Man you really saved so many who could have transfered their money …. I got a call frm same called RYAN (This Guy spoke to me and i have almost got convened and tried to Transfer funds he was telling me in call at least amt of 1080RS can save a child and he wont disturb me again ) I almost made up my mind to donate and opened web page and tried to copy the Account number but have to enter it manually so thought of doing a google search and do it to my safe side I landed here on your page!

    Thanks a tone for your blog.

  57. Gyandeep Sahu April 20, 2015

    Really Thank you.
    I was just getting emotional for him and was having a mind set of some donation.
    just googled to be sure and found your blog.
    oh my God. what on earth!!
    now i made myself clear.
    So thank you again for your job to help us.

  58. Pranav C Lunavat April 20, 2015

    I checked the link http://ngo.india.gov.in/view_ngo_details.php?ngo_id=RIT2010&ngo_black=0&t_state=0&t_dist_new3=0&sector_key=0&ngo_name=relief%20india&uniqueid=
    There is an attachment of certificate. The same certificate was sent to me by them through email.
    The certificate on above website also does not contain the registration number 544

  59. Shubham Semwal April 22, 2015

    Thanks a lot for sharing the info. I was about to get cheated but then i read this blog with proofs. Just got a call about some Girl with paralyzed father but then searched about the owner of site by reffering to domain names. It was then that i saw many links claiming it to be fake.

  60. Soumen April 22, 2015

    Few hours back, got a message that Priyanshi is admitted in ICCU, and require chemotherapy for blood cancer. If there was a option of slapping them on face through message would have been good. What kind person uses a sweet child’s name who actually suffering/suffered, for such disgusting way of earning.

  61. Free Ster April 23, 2015

    To day got a call from +91-9211651226 but i didnt pick as i was busy so i replied via sms & i receive the SMS which states for donation for some child.

    after 5 min i receive email on my official id which make me surprise how they track my details phone no & email id.

    i am attaching the email received for your views

    Dear Saviour,

    Please find below an urgent and critical case of Master Abhishek who is only 11 Years old and is struggling for his life at AIIMS Hospital suffering from a life threatening case of Blood Cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia also called ALL).

    Master Abhishek is 11 Years old. His father’s name is Raja Ram Singh and his Mother’s name is Kamti Devi and their address is Village Meh Post Saduri Karma Dist Aurangabad, Bihar.

    Master Abhishek is suffering with the life threatening case of Blood Cancer. He has been shown at AIIMS Hospital for the past 2 years and is been treated by the doctors there in the Oncology Department.

    His UHID No is 100525803 and IRCH No is 153579.

    The Father of Abhishek, Raja Ram Singh, mentioned that doctors at the hospital treating his son have suggested a treatment and Chemotherapy for his son which will continue for the next 2 years with an approximate cost of Rs 3,00,000 only (Three Lac Only).

    His consultant doctor is Dr. Sameer Bakshi.

    He is in a very sad condition and this Chemo and Radiation therapy is the only remedy for the survival of this child.

    Apart from Abhishek, they have 3 daughters and 1 son in their family.

    Master Abhishek’s father is a Tuition Teacher who works and earns less than Rs 4000 per month and he cannot afford the medical and surgery expenses.

    Invest in good will where your returns are going to be the PRICELESS BLESSINGS & a feeling of greatness of doing something good for the nation you are in.

    Your contribution will definitely make you feel proud as you are saving the life of child, let’s join our hands for this responsible cause, as together we can!

    As helping a child in need is not just charity but it is also our moral and social responsibility.

    To help this child, please support us at: http://agwo.org/emv/

    Your generous contribution can make a child see the world and bring a smile and happiness to his parents.

    Bank Name- ICICI Bank Beneficiary / Name on the account A GIGGLES WELFARE ORGANIZATION Type of account Savings Account Number 003101220395 Branch K-1, Senior Mall, Sector-18, Noida, U.P.Branch Code 0031IFSC Code ICIC0000031 MICR Code 110229005

    Also visit http://www.ngo.india.gov.in and http://www.guidetarindia.org to know more about the organisation as above mentioned are the govt. portals to find info of any NGO in India.

    “God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving.” – Randy Alcorn

  62. Mukesh April 27, 2015

    I was pestered by relief india volunteers on Saturday and then again today for making donation in the name of baby Riya who they said was very critical and that she needed 5 eye injections by 5.30 evening Saturday. Is 5.30 the volunteer’s office leaving time ??, Then I got no call on Sunday — Sunday off ? and then again monday morning 9’o clock calls start. Sounds like a call centre timings more than an NGO/volunteer organisation!

    The volunteer was almost pleading trying to emotionally exploit me. I asked them to refer the documents of the patient child, what I see is that in a document of 24 pages, some pages are scanned multiple times to make 24 pages. There is no document from AIIMS. Last referral seems to be in the month of december from some rotary hospital. Further, on this page, it seems that they have been trying to get donation for baby Riya for quite some time, I see a comment referring Riya 24 days ago as well. When the same volunteer called again today morning, I asked what happened – he was saying injections were needed urgently on Saturday, so it must be done now, he said they couldn’t arrange for the same on Saturday and still looking for donations. Looks like they must have been saying this for over a month now.

    I checked their site, there is no mention of who the trustees are etc. And then, there are some detailed findings on this page are very revealing.

    Please avoid donating to such shady organisations!
    I have been duped once already by these guys, so I was extremely reluctant to donate these guys now. These people have been calling quite frequently time and again and I had told them to stop calling again and again. But these people are thick skinned! Entire modus operandi sounds shady.

  63. Ajit April 28, 2015

    Thanks for sharing this…they are trying to cheat lots of people by presenting such fake cases…thanks again for spreading this awareness!!

  64. Dharmesh April 28, 2015

    I agree with above details. I just got call from 9211909521 from their so called paid call center guy sounding like a UP person’s voice literally pleading and begging to save same girl called 4 year old Riya who he told me is admitted today to hospital. After I said no, he send me 4 sms as if the child will die immediately which made me doubt and came to this article on net. Thanks a lot Chaitanya for sharing the details.

  65. Thanks Chaitanya. Guys, i just checked Vishrant Vikram Singh’s facebook wall. He is living a freaking rich lifestyle wearing suits worth 10k apiece, travelling in luxury yachts. Please don’t give out your hard earned money to such mongers. May be he helps a few cancer patients, but a lumpsum goes into his pockets. There are more direct ways of helping cancer patients.

  66. chai April 29, 2015

    *correction- Vikrant Vikram Singh(chairman of Relief India Trust).

  67. Vivek April 30, 2015


    Vikrant Vikram Singh
    Pawan Kumar
    Uttam Kumar
    Paul Foundation
    CRY India ( Don’t get confused with CRY)

    These people are running many such ngo’s. Dont get fooled. Appeal to delhi Public to get in their offices and check records and balances. If Govt cant do, people will have to do.

  68. amal May 5, 2015

    I got a call form this fake ngo today and had done a little online research and it brought me here. Thanks a lot for these info.

  69. hopeto May 11, 2015

    just got a call from one of them…almost forcing me to donate…let me know how i can help to bring down this scam ngo

  70. Sandip May 12, 2015

    I got a call today from Relief trust. I had donated to them couple of times in the past. Today i told them that they are fraud.

  71. Ankush May 13, 2015

    i just received a call from +91 7065703252 and while talking to the guy, i googled their company name and landed to this page. the guy was asking to donate to save dazy parveen immediately as she is losing blood very fast. As per comments above, people got the same call last month as well, so something is fishy.

    I have asked him to give me a call back in 30mins. Let me enquire more.

    Can we report their pages and sites easily to authorities? They even have a wikipedia page.

    1. Chaitanya May 13, 2015

      Yes Ankush, we can report the website to the local police as well as we can report their Wikipedia page to the Wikipedia authorities. Really need to do something as they are fooling people even more by virtue of their pleading 🙁

  72. rsh1990 May 13, 2015

    I almost got convinced to donate but then thought to cross check the authenticity of this trust.thanks for this blog .
    The volunteer also send me text msg immediately after call.
    Shame on these people,doing frauds in the name of helping someone

  73. ilam May 16, 2015

    Thank you. You have done a great job.

  74. Palash Agrawal May 20, 2015

    Thank God I checked if I can get any help from the internet regarding this trust. Really useful sting operation ! Kudos guys 🙂
    Please carry on the same work..

  75. gangadharred May 20, 2015

    Thank you very much Chaitanya for the post
    I got a call from a person mentioning himself as a Student and he referred to “A giggles welfare organization”. He was asking to help a patient Abhishek who was suffering from blood cancer.He guided me through the website and also pointed to government website of NGOs referring their ngo is registered. When i asked him about how did he get my number he didn’t give a proper answer. I thought of doing some check before i do a donation and came across this page. Most of things seems to be similar.
    I am not very sure I can do a donation on this. Hope this page helps other people as well and every one is completely aware before doing any donation.

    Is there any other way to find out the reality of any NGO as there are few which really does a lot.

    1. Chaitanya May 20, 2015

      You’re welcome Gangadhar, well there’s a simple method for the same a real ngo wouldn’t call random people and beg for donation through their site. Actually they event won’t have their donation buttons so clearly visible, there’s an easy rule to be safe that if you encounter any donation button on home page of any ngo it must be fake, also if you get a call asking to donate then too the same as no ngo would waste their precious money on Calling people on their mobiles and asking to donate.

  76. Aditi Datta May 22, 2015

    In past i have donated to his trust and yes i was asked to name the volunteer. Today I got a call from them and about to transfer but I dont think I will do that.
    Aditi Datta

  77. Viren May 23, 2015

    Thank you ALL.. today I got call from this NGO for Donation before transferring money I just thought checking any scam with this NGO..shock to see this blog .. Thank you all once again

  78. Rahul May 23, 2015

    Thank you for this detail informative biog. Even i got a call about this donation , but the continuous pestering of the lady to donate now and asking how much i am donating got me little suspicious. Then pestering to donate more than 5000 immediately brought me to search for reviews of their organization.
    People tend to get emotional when it comes to kids and life threatening diseases and that’s what these people take advantage of. Because of such people we think twice before donating to even real NGO’s. Such a shame.

  79. Shubh May 23, 2015

    Very good article and i am sure lot of people would be benefited out of this. i have personally donated 1500/- and felt good about it. however, the curious brain also asked me to check the authenticity when they called again. i have read through your article and i am clear on they being Fake. but the question is when this is so obvious, why there is no action against this fake organization. they openly running their rampant and looting the hard earned money. These people will have to pay for their sins. i am sure they would rot to hell by adapting this cheapest way of making money by breaking sentiments all across.

  80. Srikanth May 23, 2015

    Even i got the same call from Relief India Trust, their emotional speech made me to donate.i am about to donate 1040. but their over action made me to think and googled about the trust found ur article and escaped from fake donation.thanks for ur article and i appreciate ur job.

  81. harsha May 25, 2015

    I got a call today from the same group…Same story…AIIMS…5 year old…Cancer etc
    This is the 5th time I got a call from these guys on various cases. but this time I asked him to give me Dr details and the ward in which the child is admitted. I pretended that I am a Dr and asked him more details on the treatment. Thats all no words from the guys on the other side of the phone. His pleading voice soon changed to anger and disconnected the phone. 🙂

  82. ash May 26, 2015

    Same story. I too received a call from the NGo with mobile no 7065703971, some lady called jaya was on the other side of the phone.
    Pleading me to donate to save a cancer patient girl child. When i did a quick search i landed here. Saved from fraud. Thanks Man 🙂

  83. Abhi May 27, 2015

    Same story.


    Kid Name:Abhishek
    Father’s Name:Shri Ram
    Organisation: careforlifecharitabletrust.org
    Disease:Blood Cancer

    When i asked the so called volunteer for the father’s number, he gave me one, but, it turns out that it was not reachable.When i checked the website and asked about AIIMS official notification his tone turned into more emotional and said that the official donation does not gurantee the proper usage of money and he can promise that through bills from AIIMS.

    Don’t fall for this trap. If you want to help please visit the place and then do.

    Thanks for this blog post and all the comments through which i could relate 🙂

  84. Roopal Jain May 28, 2015

    Dear All, Thank you for this.
    Please check Date of Registration and certificate date.
    Something wrong there also, as I think.

  85. Pranesh May 28, 2015

    Hi chaitanya. I too got the call, im checking whether its true or fake, after reading your blog i came to conclusion that its a fake. Why cant we give complaint to officials or authority so that this fake ngos could be called off.

  86. navin May 29, 2015

    today, 29/05/2015, i received a call from 9211558061, claiming to be voluteer from reliefindiatrust. the person had very bad pronounciations. so i inquired some details. he got bored and told me that i cannot help and that i should cut the phone. it was so rude. so i called back from another cell no. and he gave me a tour to their website. finally i called on the office number and complained them about the matter. i read this fine blog afterwards. thanks a ton.
    can we complain to some authorities about scam like this ?

  87. N Rao June 1, 2015

    Hi Everyone,

    yesterday31/05/2015 I have received phone from reliefindiatrust and parent name is DAZY PRAVEEN and they treatment is going start in 1 hour and asking money. the caller name is Amit and he said he is studying in delhi and he was forcing me to donate money other the girl will die. I have check their website and other reviews. the are using DAZY PRAVEEN name from very long time and more over she suffering with leukemia.

    beware of this kind of calls

  88. Prakash Sharma June 1, 2015

    @ N Rao:
    Same case with me and I end up donating 1000. The money is not important, but because of such scams, the needy will not get help on time OR any help at all.

    What can done to get this buggers a lesson?

  89. shivam June 2, 2015

    yesterday i hv revived the call from same trust and caller name was shilpi .

  90. Azim June 3, 2015

    They called me couple of time same “Riya” is suffering from Eye cancer. But they mentioned it as blood cancer in their email sent to me. She was pleading to donate money using very emotional words. She is saying “God is watching, as I promised to pay money and now saying not donating” I said I didnt promise but I will go through your website. Really this has to be dealt with law and put them behind the bars.

  91. Rahul June 3, 2015

    I never imagined such cheats would exist, making money playing with emotions.
    And I never looked or checked any case in detail. I am taken aback for my foolishness of donating on 3 instances. A lesson learnt and thanks Chaitanya for the eye opener

  92. Venkata Sreedhar Nalam June 9, 2015

    thanks a ton for the information…i recently donated money to these guys and got doubt hearing their pleading way…every person who called me pleaded in the same way..similar to trained resources…thats when i got the doubt…thanks a lot for these details….

  93. Gaurav Virdy June 9, 2015

    Thanks for this article. I just got a call and searched on the google and found this article. Everything looked so real until I found this.

    Thanks for taking your time out and getting this robbers on hook.

  94. ARITRA June 10, 2015

    Thanks buddy
    Your blog indeed saved me the repentance of donating money to such fraudulence.
    When I heard the Blood Cancer case of a young child named Dazy Parveen and her need for immediate operation, I offered blood as a help but was denied as the only deficiency was money for the operation. Their claim was that their contacts with the Red Cross Society was to get them blood.
    To this comment they quickly realised their mistake and said that her bone Marrow required replacement and blood would not be required.

    The facts displayed on the website were well memorised and rehearsed by the so called Students of a certain college calling for help and the rate of speech was immensely quick considering someone asking for help.

    The mentioning of the name for donations was the nail in the coffin post which I immediately searched for the organisation and found your blog.

    I’d like to thank you again for this eye opener column.

    1. ram June 11, 2015

      Thanks alot.

      I was about to transfer money you saved my money reaching wrong hands.

  95. Raja June 15, 2015

    today (15/6/2015) evening i got a call from +919211991498, (Tata Indicom CDMA Delhi) a guy spoke with me very critical situation for Dazy Parveen blood Cancer and all her bones are going to collapsed. Immediately within two hours we very rush to do the operation and can you help with us for donate a small amount. I asked him i can support only can give blood like that can’t support financially. he forcefully said want to donate atleast one rupee… I disconnect his call and google to came here. Thanks for sharing these details for avoid to loose money and alert.

  96. Hemant June 17, 2015

    Thanks a lot bro….you saved my 5000 bugs…i was just going to donate as i was getting nonstop pleading messages and i came across this blog…cant believe all these people fabricating kids stories to fool honest people….shame on them….

  97. Raj June 18, 2015

    Good work bro….today i got a call from a volunteer and to check their genuineness i googled about the organisation.Found this article.Its sad that people are marketing the sorrow of others.

  98. Deepak June 19, 2015

    Just got a call from 9211693066..The girl executive supplied the same old story, the little child is in ICU and all, She told me she was volunteering and she is a student of Delhi university. I know about this scam so , I deliberately waited for her whole conversation to end and then I asked her simple question tell me your college name and roll number. She shocked and stopped talking for 1 minute and then she keep on saying..”Sir aapko donation karna hai ke nahi”. I told her I will donate if you are doing such a great work, why you are not giving your details , I just want to confirm I am giving my hard earned money to a good cause and to a good person. She started giving excuses that there are some rules in our company, yes she used “company” word…I laughed so hard that time seriously.

    Eventually after so much of argue with her. She agreed and told me yes she is working full time scamming people and earning 10-12k per month.

    Guys, never ever donate to any of the NGO, they all are scam, their bosses are living such a luxurious life by our hard earned money, They are collecting lakhs of money daily, may be crores who know? every executive have a target to reach, they get incentives the more they collect the more they earn. BEWARE!

    1. Abhi June 29, 2015

      Thanks a lot sir,
      I am staying in Pune, and was astonished to get a call from a person studying at Delhi University,
      for a kid named Dazy Praveen.

      They also wrote me an email, and was surprise to know that Dazy Praveen’s fathers name is Md. Md. Shamshad:)
      I also checked if they have any NGO registration number, also searched the name in gov ngo site, but found nothing.

      I am not always doubtful while making donations, but when the person asked me the amount again and again, then i was doubtful

  99. Sounak June 19, 2015

    Today got the call from 7428210038. When i decided to give Rs. 500, they asked to donate Rs. 1060 for one time injection. They are calling very often today since morning, as if all the treatment depends on my money. I recalled what the guy told first time that Rs. 86000 is required. I smelled something wrong and now googled out this site and another one: https://vishnugopal.com/2013/02/13/relief-india-trust-is-a-scam-ngo-do-not-donate/. This is so much fraudulent!

  100. Ramani June 22, 2015

    Even I got 4-5 calls. First 2 times I was a fool to donate. I am a middle class person with limited salary. Still I gave 500Rs. After completing the online donation, the executive called up and said that it’s not enough! When i said that this is all I can give, he’s asking if I have mentioned his ID in the ref box! The cheek of the person, all he cares about is his own credits for appraisal!

    The second time I got a call was 2 months after the first incident. I was more careful, I told the lady I can only give 500Rs only. She said fine and I finished donating.

    Last week I got a third call…and the lady started off with ‘Sorry ma’am please don’t get angry’. That itself put me off. Then she tried convincing me with a teary voice saying how a poor baby is lying in hospital with tubes all over his body and how she’s counting her days till death and how my contribution can save the poor life. I was not convinced this time, because of the frequency with which these calls were coming to my number. I didn’t want to pick up a fight with her, so I said I will donate but please don’t call me to verify if I have donated. She smsed me the website link. For some reason I googled for Relief India and the ‘Relief India scam’ came up on Google search (Thanks Google!) I read all the articles about how they have emotionally blackmailed people and swindled money. I decided not to fall for the trick this time. 5 minutes back the same lady phoned and actually started shouting at me. I hung up the phone and added her number to my blocked list.

    Relief India – you may be doing a great job but you can’t harrass people like this. If you are genuine, you are not getting contributions because of the way your executives are irritating people. Try to teach them some manners and if you really want contributions, leave middle class people alone and ask those numerous black money hoarders. Next time someone starts off with relief India or please don’t get angry I am cutting the call!

  101. Manish mani June 26, 2015

    07503457872 – Deepa (as identified by truecaller) from relief India Trust… Almost had me convinced after making me talk with her senior scam agent..untill eventually I found this blog.. It has been 2 months since I hv quit my job due to medical reasons mainly.. had few savings out of which I was about to donate 8000 rs. Thanku for helping me save my hard earned money.. It is because of people like these that the humanity exists no more.

  102. Jay June 27, 2015

    Got a call just now, Tried Truecaller , True caller said it is “Asking for Funds”, so made a call back the guy was pushing me to donate while I was searching for “Relief India Trust Scam”, and found myself here

    Thanks, I was quite already sure that it was a scam.

  103. Avinash July 1, 2015

    Thanks bro,u concerned about others and made this useful blog.

  104. Davis cl July 1, 2015

    I got a call today asking for donation 4 th month in a row. I fell into the trap all 3 times but the condition last month was that I should never receive a call again. Paid total 35000. The text message I got when I denied today is below

    Sir m knocking ur door with lots of hope plz sir…..plz u knw na sir u r not doner for poor people,u r GOD for these people..plz Davis sir….m join my both hands front of u.

    1. Davis July 1, 2015

      How do we stop this ? Report this ?

  105. Nithin Kumar D July 4, 2015

    Thanks for your great research. I’ve also saved a lot and scolded them for calling me. I think we need to file a complaint against [email protected]

  106. sandy July 11, 2015

    got first call from 921118361.146 and another from 87507435.The fellows name was Rishabh Dhavan. this followed with many msgs. again same old story of miss dazy praveen. i checked up this site during these two call and when i cornered him regarding how he got my mobile number and few other queries … he chickened out !!! The NGO is a fake as adequately explained by few posts in this blog….

  107. Divya July 13, 2015

    Hi,, I got a call from this number 7210547175.Infact the phone is still ringing as I type this. He went on and on about the same baby ..miss dazy parveen.. poor kid wonder how this kid got thess pics! … When I asked him where he got my number from.. he said.. they had done a data analysis and taken the numbers from HelpAge India. Since I am registered with HelpAge India , which is a trustworty org , I was taken in and infact I almost thought.. might as well pay. Thank God! ome intution made think of googling this before paying and here we go! Thanks a heal sir for this blog! I am just worried that this article came in Jan .. its July now and the scam is still running as fine as ever.. When will we be able to stop this????

  108. Suneel July 14, 2015

    Thanks for the info

  109. Souvik Majumdar July 17, 2015

    I got a call today. They have sent the following SMS from mobile number: 9540875574

    How can we get them unlisted from the government website which lists them as a Partner NGO

    ​For online check details &donation Plz visit http://WWW.RELIEFINDIATRUST.ORG click on Support a life nd click photo of 8year daisy praveen after check d details for donation pls click on donate now plz come frwd nd save her life she is in ur hand.we have shortage only 25000Rs if posible do the whole amt to ur side otherwise atlest pls pls try to do 8670 Rs otherwise its totaly upto u pls reply me as soon as we have left only 1 hour regards volunteer name: pallavi pal after done send me tranx id and thank u so much that u r taking iniciative to help the child dear sir u r ray of hope for the bby plz i m joining my both of hand in front of u do ur best effort ..maybe her family cnt be able to help the child bt whenever they went to the temple they pray for ur family..without ur kind help she cn be survive plz..and god is also watching everything he also blessed u regard pallavi

  110. Srinath July 22, 2015

    Thank you very much for the info. I was being tormented since a week from these guys. Now i am well informed to handle them.

  111. Siddharth July 22, 2015

    This blog was really very helpful! You are an absolute genius to have dug out so much information on this organization that defrauds people in the name of charity.
    I have lost quite a bit of money to these scammers. But what I am really upset about is that I will never be able to trust NGOs again. And I know that there are many others who want to help but do not trust NGOs. As a result, people who really need the help are never able to get it.

  112. Ram July 23, 2015

    Received call today 23/07/2-15 for a girl Nisha. The volunteer is Prakash from number 9211700882. He was able to tell me exactly the amount I donated last time and that he was not going to ask me such hugh amount. He finally got me to donate for an injection to reduce fever. Started bagain with about 8000, but then settled for less. Was too late to get to this website else I would have used the money to a real child. Feel bad that my money is wasted – twice, but everyone taking part in this scam will get it someday. A little hopeful somewhere that it will really be used for the girl. But, will not donate next time. Feel bad that someone really in need has been denied a chance due to these folks. Totally lost about 21K. Someday they will pay for it if not true…

  113. Brahma July 24, 2015

    I have been getting calls from RIT for last 4/5 days. I know there are many fraud NGO’s out there. So I always check everything. So I gave them my email ID and asked them to send details. As mentioned above, they were like “Can you come online. I’ll walk through”. I told them, I don’t have time, email me and I’ll check the details. They didn’t send me email. I asked them to SMS me the NGO details. Today they finally emailed me and SMSed me. Once they sent, they were like pls come online. Just to see what they say, I said ok walk me through. She was like go here, go there, put these details and donate. And she was asking how much amount. And sent me SMS afterwards also with long emotional GOD’s name saying one injection price for Chemotherapy some 5600/-. I said, I can’t just blindly do something, let me look through your details on internet. She was like its very critical. They have been telling me in next 2 hours for last 4/5 days. Finally after call disconnected, I checked their details and landed here. Thanks for this blog. As usual, they are emotionally blackmailing people. All same trend what folks mentioned in comments, how it is critical, and 2 children already died….and funny part is like she was asking how much exactly I’ll transfer if I do etc….They called me just now. I told them, “looks like you are a fraud. You are in AIIMS right as you just had Chemotherapy? I would like to come visit Dazy Parveen”. They gave me below address rather than having me come to AIIMS 🙂 D22, Sector 3, Noida. I told her (Mohini – the emotional atyachari), I emailed the doctor and I’ll wait for response to take it further. She said OK and cut the call. I hope they call me again. This time will try to collect more details on the caller.

  114. Isahant S July 27, 2015


    I must say you r responsible man. you save my few bucks.
    Becoz of these type of NGO ppl who really want to do some good, take back step.
    thank again brorhter.

  115. Amit S July 27, 2015

    Thanks for providing such a nice information about such people. This is really bull-shit. All such guys should be behind the bars for life time. I used to get so many such calls but I always have a doubt on those, so didn’t transfer even a single penny. Thanks again Bro !!!

  116. VIVEK AGRAWAL July 30, 2015

    today i got a call from this organization. first time a girl +91 9210971939
    and second time +91 9540875574

  117. FriendofIndia July 30, 2015

    Yes, it is 100 percent fake and scam. I too received a call today(july30 2015). They are fighting with me in a phone to get money and they followed same procedures as stated above and same story. Guys please don’t get cheated.

  118. KL July 31, 2015

    thanks Chaitanya for the article and saving persons like us who donate regularly not knowing where the money is going. An eye opener. I too have donated for Relief India Trust many times but you have opened our eyes for such scamsters.


  119. kishor July 31, 2015

    Yes its fake . Even I have got a call from a voulenteer named vinita. So I just googled for some more information about this trust.
    Guys please check this out, the chairman Vikrant vikram singh of this trust is director of yet another private limited companies. https://www.zaubacorp.com/director/VIKRANT-VIKRAM-SINGH/02985674

    May be this is a big scam to make black money white via donations.

  120. manjulkhadolia August 5, 2015

    My goodness… I have been donating since last 12 months… I did some research when I started and could not find anything fishy in the time I spent then.

    As I started getting regular calls; once and sometimes twice every month; I became more n more skeptical and now I find this. Thanks to all Vishnu and all others who have shared their experience…

    Can we not complaint to the police for this.

    — Manjul

  121. manjulkhadolia August 5, 2015

    And Thanks to Chaitanya for such detailed research and putting that across point-by-point.

  122. krishna August 6, 2015

    i too got a call from 7042085736 regarding some kid named dazy prveen .
    they asked me to deposit money in
    Acc /name- “Relief trust”
    Branch: sec-16 Noida,
    IFSC Code-PUNB0671300,
    address D-22, Sector 3

  123. Kaushal August 6, 2015

    I am getting calls every minute from 9716346749.. can anyone confirm this no. ?

  124. Pav August 8, 2015

    I got calls and multiple messages from 9266601475
    Thanks to Chaitanya for saving me and many more from putting donation at the wrong place.

  125. Rajendra August 8, 2015

    Today, I also got a call from relief India with number 9211945946. The lady told me to donate immediately as the child name Dazy Parveen’s operation is today at 02:00 pm in AIIMS .
    Then I told her to call at 12:00 pm and I was just thinking to donate meanwhile I search on google and found that it is fake. This kind of fraud must be punished. Shameless bastards.
    Humanity is dying.

    Thanks Chaitanya.

    1. Thangaprakash August 8, 2015

      Same story here… Thank god before clicking donate button bell rang in my mind… And I’m here and saved….

  126. Hafiz August 10, 2015

    same thing happened with me also, two days back they called me and said “I am calling from childsmiletrust (placed in Delhi) and we have urgent requirement of Rs.40,000 to start the treatment of a 3 years old child who is suffering from cancer and etc..” then I discussed with my elder brother about this matter, he told me don’t response such caller they are just trapping you.
    And today i read your article which have saved me to donating my money to such shameless people.. Thanks a lot

  127. vinda August 13, 2015

    I just call from some guy(9211299449) from relieftrustindia and was asking me to provide some funds stating its urgent and needs to be closed by 12:30. I told him send me your details on my email id and give me call by 11:50. I got email and the moment I visited the site I could see many discrepancies in the case Baby Dazy Parveen. like some information they have covered with white paper, they told age as 8 years but on certificate it was 6 in both 2012 and 2014 years, even UHID number varies (no idea what is this). The moment I told I am not trusting your organization he started with check registration and all other things. For convincing me he hand over call to another guy and he started asking me what are the discrepancies you see tell us though I have told him all mentioned but not in detail but think many people will literally trust them. Hope this article must seen at top rank while searching for reliefindiatrust to help others.

  128. Vijay August 13, 2015

    Recently I got call from this ngo,. They asked donation for a baby called Nisha.. I said, I can donate 500/-. They requested for 1000/-.
    I thought this money could help a baby.. So I transferred… But after reading this page.. I regret.. Not for money.. But if they really gave fake information for donations then it’s really bad..
    Even their trust information is in government sites.. I don’t understand how government approved it..
    More over I got call from mobile not any landline..
    They are not at ready to take” NO” for donations..
    At list next time I can tell No.
    Money doesn’t mater but trust matters..
    Such things should not be encouraged..


  129. sruthi August 19, 2015

    Got a call from this NGO today. Saying that baby Riya has blood cancer first and then he said eye cancer. And same story and asking to transfer. I was about to transfer the amount and then did a google search about their NGO and landed here.

    Thankyou chaitanya for this information

  130. Amey August 19, 2015

    I got a call from this NGO asking me to donate money for a girl Dazy Parveen. These guys were pleading me to donate it and said they will be online till the time I transfer the money. I googled for the reviews of this site and found your blog. I can see that many people have received the call asking donation for same case. Thanks Chaitanya, I read your blog and decided not to transfer money.

  131. s k varier August 20, 2015

    Chaitanya thankyou friend was feeling guilty for being late in remitting the fund then i enquired with my friend NGO at Mumbai Tyagrajan he just said be careful before sending and i landed on your site thankyou.

  132. Dilip August 20, 2015

    I too received a call. I straightaway asked what did they want me to do for the child and they said I should transfer the money. I said I would like to visit the hospital and give the money there. The caller got scared and asked me just to transfer. He kept referring me to his website to prove himself. I hung up on him. I googled and found articles from Indian express and Ibnlive. I was starting to feel bad but now I see this article and realise that I was right. Thanks a lot.

  133. Raqeeb August 22, 2015

    I tend to agree with you, I got a call (well a list of calls) too 🙂

    Check out the link on Quora:

  134. prashant kumar August 23, 2015

    They are sending non stop messages. To me they are sending threatening messages like ” If you do not want to help then why did you earlier said to give. You cant give even 5 minutes for the life of a little child.Because of you the child may lose his life. ” I do not know whom to trust???
    What if there is a child like that???? Please can someone help me explaining . When i visit trust website and the messages sent by them I feel like I should donate, but when I see this article and search google and see the quora article.. I feel not to donate. Really confused.
    When I asked from where did you get my number then they said that they got it from TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL where I donated the blood few months back. But why will TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL give the phone numbers to them????

    1. Chaitanya August 23, 2015

      Hello Prashant, they are scamsters instead visit a local government hospital and there you can directly help them 🙂

  135. Rudresh August 24, 2015

    Today i got call from baby name riya, she is sufferning from Blood cancer, but i have plan to pay for NGO orgination, seeing this reivew, then i relized this is Fake, Thanks for saving my money to all,
    if comes any faurd call please check the review once in website, next go for further proceeds,
    be carefull about Faurd calls.


  136. Madhu August 24, 2015

    I got call and message. Just thought of going through the review. Its really shocking. Have any case been booked against this scam ? They are making money in the patient. Shameless….

  137. Kannan August 25, 2015

    I got a call from 9211538503 today stating the same..

  138. Pradeep August 26, 2015

    I just got a call 20 minute ago. Asked him to SMS me the name and bank account and promptly got the SMS. I decided to google seacrh with this name Relief Trust. And ghosh,… Iam here. Thank you.

  139. Shyam Sunder Prajapat August 29, 2015

    Thanks for this. But, I already lost Rs.1000/ to one such “critical case”. I got a call 2 hours and gave money before reading your investigation. In future, i never give money to any NGO.

  140. sanjay September 5, 2015

    i donated many lacs to these bastards, i could not find a better word, sorry.

  141. Rohit September 15, 2015

    I am getting calls from Relief India Trust. Initially they called me a month back, I asked the volunteer to send me a mail with all the details. I got a call again on same day, & i asked them to first send a mial to me & then call.. After that I didn’t received any mail or call till today (15 Sep 2015)

    They called me today morning & told me about some ‘Baby Dazy’ case of serious blood cancer or something & told me that they have already asked help from me. I told then the same thing, first send me a email with details & then call me .. in-stead they sent me an SMS with the details of their website. They were calling me continuously, I already told them that I am a student & how can you expect any monetary help from me, but they insisted in such a way that if I do not donate IMMEDIATELY then a poor girl will die. It was very fishy & when i switched on my Truecaller app I got to know that the mobile numbers from which I was getting calls were blocked by several other users. So i blocked their numbers, but then they stared calling by different mobile numbers. When I didn’t received their calls, they sent me message the, “Sir you have promised us that you will help us, but now you are not receiving our calls” …

    This really irritated me, & forced me to keep aside all my work & search on internet about this.. Guess what I was right !!! Wasted so much of my study time !

  142. I got call today for the same. Though I have had experience like this before (some NGO called Child Smile Trust), I had doubt about it. So googled and came to here.

    Thankfully my doubt was right. Just one thing to ask to Chaitanya. Is it possible to actually register in 2014 and still get registration date of 2011? I mean website validation should not allow this.
    What do you think?

    1. Chaitanya September 21, 2015

      Hi Kuldeep, actually the laws in 2011 didn’t require a website so that’s why they paid or bribed the official to get an older date for their organization.

  143. Asthar K December 24, 2015

    This is about a scam running based on charity.
    There re few fake NGOs involved in collecting money on behalf of poor patients amitted at Aiims .
    Relief India Trust, http://www.reliefindiatrust.org
    Mission Heal, http://www.missionheal.org
    A Giggles Welfare organization. http://www.agwo.org/
    All these three NGOs are scams and fraudsters . their plan of operation is they will contact u over phone and introduce to us as one of the student volunteers and then will describe the plight of a poor child admitted at Aiims. And wil ask to donate money to the NGOs account. But they are fake. I have confirmed it with AIIMS Medical social welfare unit. Only the medical social welfare unit of AIIMS can receive donations on behalf of poor children admitted at AIIMS. They have asked not donate to any of these NGOs because they have not endorsed these NGOs to collect money for patients admitted at AIIMS. Also asked to report such calls and emails with phone numbers and email to
    Their email [email protected]. I have reported my issue and they have collected details. You also pls report urs with phone number and email IDs.
    Same is the case with poor children admitted at Kalawati saran children’s hospital. These fake NGOs have no role in the poor patient’s fund collection there too

  144. Prasant January 8, 2016

    Thanks Chaitanya and Vishnu GOpal ..
    I was about to donate for child named Anshika. Almost paying through online. ..But on 2nd thought i logged out. But soon after i got a phone call , pleading me to again lon in and pay. And the pattern of pleading is same…as noted herein above..
    Thank you again Chaitanya for your wonderful efforts in exposing these scamsters , who are destroying faith in humanity..

    1. Chaitanya January 9, 2016

      Hi Prashant, really glad and happy that my efforts saved your money, hopefully those whose are in need really get our help and not these scamsters 🙁

  145. Rubin October 28, 2016

    Agreed, Have paid on a few occasions and their modus operandi and pleading for money seems so similar. But the bigger issue is how these are allowed to go unchecked by media and the govt. for so long. The complaints are all over. It’s funny. The concern by their volunteers and their website are very convincing. Sometimes you feel guilty of not helping. AIIMS and others should step in.


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