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Tutorial – Install/Setup Genymotion Android Emulator on Linux [Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Fedora/ArchLinux]


In our previous post, we had discussed about the Best 5 Android emulators for Linux . Many asked us for installation instructions for installing Genymotion on Linux, so we have come up with this tutorial to install Genymotion – the present-best Android emulator for Linux. I have tried and tested this tuorial for Ubuntu and LinuxMint but it should work for all Linux distributions

Tutorial for Installation/Setup of Genymotion on Linux –

    1. Genymotion requires VirtualBox to be installed on your Linux System for it to run , To learn/install VirtualBox on your machine, you can read the post about it present here . Procedure to Install VirtualBox on Linux .
    2. Now, for Deploying Android Machines on Genymotion we need an account on genymotion cloud, which can be freely obtained by signing up at this Genymotion Cloud Sign-up URL.
    3. Now , first we have to download Genymotion , After Signing up, please logon to the Genymotion site and Download the Genymotion machine renderer from here , depending upon the Linux distro and build you are using [32 or64 bit].
    4. Now go to the Terminal on your Linux by menu or by typing “Ctrl+Alt+T”.
    5. Now in the Terminal , Navigate to the Directory where the downloaded Genymotion image is present [Let’s consider the image downloaded is present in the Downloads folder] , Now type these commands in the terminal.
    6. cd ~/Downloads/

      chmod +x genymotion-2.1.0_x64.bin

    7. Now, Genymotion will be installed as shown in the figure below
    8. Now , run Genymotion from the VirtualBox or from the Menu. Alternatively, you can run it from the terminal by executing


  1. Now Genymotion pops up, there login with the Genymotion account we registered earlier,and click on Create New Virtual Device or the “Add”  button.
  2. You will see various Android Images listed as follows , select the one you want to emulateand click Next
  3. The Android image , will now be downloaded to the machine and saved for future use, after its downloaded , Just select the Android image which is present on your system and click the “Play”  button.
  4. Your desired Android Image will be implemented , Now you can Play Games, Install Whatsapp etc and do anything with your Own Linux Device right on your PC :).

I hope , the tutorial was clean and clear, however if you face any issues/encounter any problems, Please do comment we would be glad to help :).


  1. Selenia July 15, 2014

    Had a big issue with it on Debian I could not find info about, so I gave up and uninstalled 🙁 I experienced garbled graphics when pulling down the top pane and in landscape mode. Made it impossible to use for me. Other OpenGL apps work fine on said system, so does Virtualbox. Not sure how to troubleshoot as it runs full speed with no errors technically but I would call the graphics issue a huge problem.

    1. Chaitanya July 15, 2014

      There may be a problem in case with the Android image being applied on the system,can you please try using other android device on genymotion other than the one applied earlier. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused 🙁

  2. masterrob2131 July 22, 2014

    Had a Issue on ubuntu. Tried to start it but it says
    Unable to start the Genymotion virtual device.

    VirtualBox can’t run the virtual device.

    It looks like your CPU is imcompatible with the virtualization technologies.

    1. Chaitanya July 22, 2014

      oh, can you share your CPU configuration ? , We can look for alternative solutions for your CPU

      1. Akash Kumar Roy January 11, 2017

        same thing happened with me when i tried to install it. I’m using Ubuntu 16.04
        gimme your email. i will send screenshot of my cpu config.

  3. alex August 11, 2014

    Hi, Thanks a lot for the explanation. I managed easily to install it on my ubuntu 12.04. Now however when open it it does not allow me to install apps since there’s no google play. Is there a way to overcome this?

    1. Chaitanya August 11, 2014

      Welcome! alex , Yes, you can use alternative stores such as 1mobile store or amazon app store to install the applications 🙂 . To install 1mobile store just search 1mobile store apk on google through the inbuilt emulator’s(android) browser .

  4. Plabon September 27, 2014

    VirtualBox can’t run the virtual device.

    It looks like your CPU is imcompatible with the virtualization technologies.

    Intel corei5 processor,,,4gb ram,,, why not working in ubuntu 14.04?

    1. Chaitanya September 27, 2014

      @Plabon , Please enable Virtualisation support from the BIOS menu of your device 🙂 , It will work 🙂

    2. Mobasser September 28, 2015

      if there isn’t an option in the bios then there isn’t vt-x feature in your device and so you won’t be able to run genymotion….May i know your spec. so that I can tell if there is vt-x feature supported in your cpu.kindly reeply.
      if genymotion isn’t running there’s other option too…
      can you tell what is the exact model of your core-i5 cpu and what gen is it?

  5. ved October 19, 2014

    Can a icon be created for opening the genymotion or everytime i have to use the terminal to open it?

  6. varun October 19, 2014

    I m able to install genymotion and add virtual devices. But after starting them I am unable to add a google account to my phone. The only options available are corporate and imap.

    1. Mobasser September 28, 2015

      @varun,you need to download g-apps for genymotion and arm-translation for genymotion to get a g-account option.Kindly tell which android version is your genymotion-ex:android 5.1,android 4.4 e.tc.

  7. Mitali December 23, 2014

    Genymotion doesnt take my username and password. everytime it says “wrong username or password” strange ! The same username password works on its website

    1. willduke60986608 January 7, 2015

      Mitali, I have the same issue as you exactly? Did you figure it out?

    2. SiBaGo03 January 15, 2015

      meh too

  8. jermetrix January 23, 2015

    genymotion: error while loading shared libraries: libaudio.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    1. John June 2, 2015

      I had the same error. This fixed it.

      sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev

  9. MOHITH January 27, 2015

    It says unable to load virtualbox install properly before you launch genymotion

  10. Shelly February 22, 2015

    I have downloaded GenyMotion and Virtual Box but when I pick a Virtual Device and run it, an error comes up. “The Virtual Device was unable to obtain an IP Address.” I have no idea how to fix this and I even watched a step by step video and it didn’t help considering the user was using a different Virtual Box then I was. I even downgraded Virtual Box versions because I heard GenyMotion would work better on it. I guess not.

  11. laughworld February 26, 2015

    Not have repository for fedora?

  12. Sam March 15, 2015

    It works fine for a bit then the whole OS (ubuntu 14.04) Freezes and the only solution is to hard reset it xD

  13. wtf April 24, 2015

    Now , run Genymotion from the VirtualBox or from the Menu. Alternatively, you can run it from the terminal by executing
    good luck with that… if anyone ever find out how, let me know please

  14. Pulak Arun May 9, 2015

    installation went well….but error while running…..unable to load shared library….libaudio.so ….same problem faced by another user here jermatrix but the post has remained unanswered…

    1. Chaitanya May 10, 2015

      Hello Pulak Arun,
      Can we know the Linux distribution you’re using?

      1. Anooj Krishnan G May 31, 2015

        I have the same issue. Am using CentOS 7

  15. m3nda May 22, 2015

    omg, why sould i login to a cloud service to run a local machine? It sounds stupid. You can download Android x86 and run by yourself on the Virtualbox.

  16. Kleyton S. Nascimento June 2, 2015

    For those having the issue of libaudio.so missing, this may help. Delete all Qt libraries in the folder and check again.

    $ rm libQt*
    $ ./genymotion&

    1. Henrique Nunes October 4, 2015

      Thanks a lot! Saved my life! I was stuck with this problem!


  17. Sanjar Stone August 27, 2015

    I have this error:
    (process:20642): GConf-WARNING **: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:
    Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.
    Logging activities to file: /root/.Genymobile/genymotion.log

    1. Kenneth December 3, 2015

      I’ve the same issue, did you find a fix??

  18. animeshmurmu October 6, 2015

    “Error while opening log file: /home/piku/.Genymobile/genymotion.log: No such file or directory” while installing genymotion on my 32 bit linux mint 17 according to your following instruction. i downloaded the 32 bit version for linux of genymotion. please help…

  19. arnoldbraun November 29, 2015


  20. arnoldbraun November 29, 2015

    where can i find the dependencies. i just get a lot errors of missing libs

  21. jrevilsoul January 22, 2016

    unable to sign-in with genymotion account that i registered on genymotion site. unknown generic error

  22. Mary January 27, 2016

    It’s working really good for me! 😀 Thank you very much!

    1. Chaitanya January 27, 2016

      Hi Mary, Glad that it worked for you. You’re welcome , thanks for your encouraging comment 🙂

  23. Pale February 5, 2016

    Installed VirtualBox 5 and Genymotion 2.6, but when run genymotion it aborted. The log said:

    Feb 5 03:08:11 [Genymotion] [Fatal] This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”.

    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, kms, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

    1. Chaitanya February 5, 2016

      Hi Pale, we didn’t encounter any issues.. Could you please try reinstalling the app..? And if error persists we can contact Genymotion team

  24. asdf February 11, 2016

    how to install any app on this emulator? im getting:

    “This browser is no longer supported,

    Please use the Google play store app to access Google play.”
    and then:
    “The webpage at market://details?goToHome=1 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address”

    1. Chaitanya February 11, 2016

      Hi asdf, well could you please tell us the device which you’re emulating so that we will be able to assist you better 🙂

  25. Mijau February 15, 2016

    It is installed but I cannot launch it. Please help. This is the code:

    Installing to folder [/home/me/Pobrane/genymotion]. Are you sure [y/n] ? y

    – Trying to find VirtualBox toolset ……………….. OK (Valid version of VirtualBox found: 4.3.36r105129)
    – Extracting files ………………………………. OK (Extract into: [/home/me/Pobrane/genymotion])
    – Installing launcher icon ……………………….. OK

    Installation done successfully.

    You can now use these tools from [/home/me/Pobrane/genymotion]:
    – genymotion
    – genymotion-shell
    – gmtool

    /home/me/Pobrane/genymotion/genymotion: error while loading shared libraries: libdouble-conversion.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    [email protected] ~/Pobrane $

  26. aswin February 23, 2016

    me too having the same problem . ie libdouble-conversiion.so.1

  27. Spike March 4, 2016

    I have the same xcb error as Pale. Reinstalling has not helped…

    This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”.

    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, kms, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

  28. Richard Mohammed March 26, 2016

    Also having the same problem…

    — Mar 25 18:30:03 [Genymotion] [Fatal] This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb”.

    Available platform plugins are: eglfs, kms, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, xcb.

    Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. —

    Running Linux Mint 17.3

  29. rerg May 17, 2016

    Cool worked amazing

  30. Mayuresh Pitale June 25, 2016

    Thank You Great Tutorial

  31. anil kumar July 5, 2016

    I am unable to install genymotion in Linux Mint 17

    the terminal command output is given below. Kindly advise further

    [email protected] ~/Downloads/genymotion $ /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion
    /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.8′ not found (required by /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/libQt5Core.so.5)
    /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20′ not found (required by /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/libQt5WebKit.so.5)
    /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.8′ not found (required by /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/libicui18n.so.52)
    /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `CXXABI_1.3.8′ not found (required by /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/libicuuc.so.52)
    /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/genymotion: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.20′ not found (required by /home/anil/Downloads/genymotion/libQt5Qml.so.5)

    1. Pankaj Jindal July 19, 2016

      The following fixed it for me:
      sudo apt-get install libstdc++6
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get upgrade
      sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

      1. lhesth January 25, 2017

        any instruction for Centos7? got the same isuse above.

  32. Piyush Singhal July 13, 2016

    Thanx a lot Tech apple just because of this post i am able to install genymotion in ubuntu 16.

  33. LightCalvary July 15, 2016

    Format exex error

  34. marsonaute August 31, 2016

    Hi, thanks Tech apple for this post.

    I have installed correctly Genymotion but when I want to launch the application it says :

    [email protected]:~/Téléchargements$ /home/benjamin/Téléchargements/genymotion/genymotion
    bash: /home/benjamin/Téléchargements/genymotion/genymotion : impossible d’exécuter le fichier binaire : Erreur de format pour exec()

    -> Impossible to execute binary file, Format error for exec()

    My config : Intel core 2 Duo, 4 Go RAM, 32bits, Linux Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Unity

    version of Genymotion installed : genymotion-2.7.2-linux_x64.bin

    Is there a problem with 32 bits ? (the only download proposed was 64 bits on the web site)



  35. Ruban T Jose March 15, 2017

    My OS is ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 32 bit. Genymotion is not running on my computer. Also, the genymotion website tells that its current versions would be unavailable for linux 32 bit users, and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me to get an older version or downgrade the current one?

  36. Robert April 6, 2017

    I’m running Ubuntu 16.10 x64 and when I try and start a device from Genymotion, a problem occurs (it varies by device, as I tried Google Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy S6), what happens is that the little loading box with the bar appears and just freezes after a little bit. . Can’t even close it. I tried starting the devices from virtual box and it just ends at

    [email protected]:/ $ IP Management :

    and nothing else. just stops, that’s for the Samsung Galaxy S6

    For the Nexus 6P, it continuously lists the line

    [ ] init: couldn’t write to /sys/fs/cgroup/stune/foreground/tasks: No such file or directory

    Can anyone help me?

    1. Alan September 8, 2017

      The error message “init: couldn’t write 8982 to /sys/fs/cgroup/stune/foreground/tasks” comes out is because the SchedTune filesystem mount point was moved from /sys/fs/cgroup/stune to /dev/stune, as shown in the following link:



  37. jaimis May 20, 2017

    wont play after dwnlding emulator…tried s7 and s2

  38. Alex Bold May 29, 2017

    Thanks a lot! It worked like a charm. There was no issue in downloading as well as installing. However, since I am new in android development, I did not know that I have to buy a license to use it. Anyway, thanks!

  39. jaydeepbhatt9 June 4, 2017

    worked like ice cream 😛

  40. gio September 26, 2017

    Really nice article! I wrote a simple program that allow you to install Genymotion on a linux machine.
    You can download it from the link below, maybe for someone will be useful.

    Regards 😀

  41. eutychus November 28, 2017

    /root/Pictures/Screenshot from 2017-11-28 15:33:03.png mine is saying that


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