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3 Websites to directly Download Apk from Google Play Store on PC/Mobile with No requirement of Device ID


Android is the most widely used Operating System today on Mobile devices, and the default and safest source to get Android apps which are packaged as .apk files is the Google Play Store. But many a times the Google Play runs very very slow , or as it is in case of many devices – its simply absent, so this leaves very less options from where we can download apps which are not modified by 3rd party and are safe and secure. In such cases, we still can download apps from Google Play, by using these sites thus,safeguarding us from malicious/modified apps.You can also use these websites to get back-up of your apps/Download it on PC and preserving them so that you can install the apps from their apk later. Let’s check out the 3 best Websites to directly Download Apk from Google Play store.

Pre-requisites :

  • Google Play Store URL OR聽Package Name of the App . For e.g “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp” is the Google Play URL and the Package name will be “com.whatsapp”聽
  • As shown in below figure – The image shows Google Play store URL, and the Blue colored rectangle shows the package name in our case for e.g its “com.whatsapp”
  • Unlike other services which ask for “Device ID” to download Apk’s these sitew require no Device ID‘s at all! and method to download too is very simple 馃檪

Website #1. Evozi Apk Downloader

Request Update/Force Refetch of Apk file from Evozi Apk Downloader

Evozi Apk downloader is the first website which i came across which provided the service of directly Downloading Apk files from Google Play Store, And the method to use Evozi Apk Downloader website is very Simple too..

  • Visit the Evozi Apk Downloader Website by clicking here.
  • In the Box labelled “Package name or Google Play URL” Enter either the Google Play URL or Package name聽of the app which you want to download.
  • No Click on the Blue-colored “Generate Download Link” button, The App will be fetched and A Green button to Download the App/apk will appear below the Blue “Generate Download Link” button.
  • Check the Figure below for Download button example of Evozi Apk Downloader. You can also refer the Figure alongside for advanced option of Evozi to Update Apps and Force Refetch of Apk File indicated by the Red Arrow,and Green rectangle respectively . Besides this you can also request it to fetch Japanese Apps by ticking the option highlighted in Blue box from the image 馃檪

    Download button example of Evozi Apk Downloader


Website #2. ApkLeecher.com

ApkLeecher.com may be defined as a worthy alternative to Evozi Aok Downloader, it also works in the Same way as that of Evozi, you either have to enter the Package Name, Google Play URL or the App name of the App you want to Download and click on Blue-button “Generate Download Link”

  • After the App gets processed on the Server , you will see a download link for downloading the requested Apk file , as shown in the figure alongside (The Green Arrow indicates the link to Download the Apk)
  • After you click on this link (indicated by green arrow) , Please wait for 5-10 Seconds for the Download of Apk to Start 馃檪 .

Click here to go to ApkLeecher.com

Website #3. 聽Downloader-Apk.com

Downloader-Apk.com is yet another alternative to Evozi Apk Downloader/Apk Leecher and like the previous two the interface too is quite Similar, We simply have to enter the App Package Name or Google Play URL ,and click on the Blue “Generate Download Link” button.

  • After the Apk is available to Download Click on the Green Download Apk button (as indicated by Green Arrow in the Figure alongside).
  • Within 5-10 Seconds , your Requested App’s Apk file download will be Started :). Simple and Easy!

Click here to go to Downloader-Apk.com

Bonus Website # apk-dl.com (Suggested by HB)

apk-dl.com is just another site which enables to download apk from google play store by either its google play store URL, or by simply entering the package name and clicking on Go! button! This website is suggested by our reader HB so a special thanks to him.

Click here to visit apk-dl.com

So, these are the 3 Best sites which you can use to directly Download Apk files from Google Play Store thus providing you always the unmodified,Safe and Secured app which you can surely install on your device without any fear of any virus/backdoor trojans,protecting your privacy,activity and your phone 馃檪 . If you know of any other such site feel free to comment or if you have any doubts and queries ask us!



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