How to Access & Open Flipkart Lite Version on your Mobile Phones! (Android / Windows Phones)


Flipkart has recently launched its “Flipkart Lite” version which is basically a Web App which let’s you access , open & shop on Flipkart without installing its App! . Thus, Now you will be able to access Flipkart directly by using the Flipkart Lite URL. Not only this, Flipkart’s lite version also works when we… [Read More]

3 Best Android Cashback Apps to get Cashbacks for Indian online shopping portals – Flipkart , , Jabong , Myntra etc


Cashbacks are the next big thing in the online shopping arena! Cashback is some percentage of money returned after the shopping is done. As Cashbacks are offered after the order is placed, they can be combined in with coupons too! resulting in even more Discounts and further reducing the actual costs of the product. Recently… [Read More]

Use WhatsApp on web browser online – WhatsApp Web client launched officially! | Official WhatsApp web client


Using WhatsApp on Web browser / Internet browser is now a dream come true! . WhatsApp has now officially launched its Web version for using online on your browser. Now you can easily chat with your WhatsApp account/buddies online directly through your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Safari or any other Web Browser . (Sadly,… [Read More]

Adsense Ads now Visible on Opera Mini – It now displays Adsense Ads too


Opera Mini is one of the most widely used Mobile browser in the world Opera mini had only one drawback – It didn’t use to display or it couldn’t display Adsense Ads/ Ad Units Though, Opera Mini now supports AdSense, I still don’t have much Idea about UC Browser and Adsense Ads Display.

Tutorial – How to [show older]/fake “last seen on” in Whatsapp [Hide your online status]


same is the case with “last seen on” in whatsapp  , what if we can simultaneously fake last seen whatsapp/show an older last seen on coupled with an option to see blue ticks of others while at the same time hiding ours , sounds interesting isn’t it WhatsApp+’s HIDING Last Seen WhatsApp’s Turning Off Last Seen Others Can’t see anything in your last seen You Can’t see other’s last seen

5 Best Autofill apps for Android to login/fill forms automatically! Works on Default browser/Chrome too


App # 1 – Google Chrome Browser / Default Browser Nothing beats the convenience and usage of android’s Default browser – Google Chrome, and yeah we can even use Chrome for autofilling forms and passwords while browsing, saving the effort Go to Browser’s settings 5

3 Websites to directly Download Apk from Google Play Store on PC/Mobile with No requirement of Device ID


Let’s check out the 3 best Websites to directly Download Apk from Google Play store. Google Play Store URL OR Package Name of the App Unlike other services which ask for “Device ID” to download Apk’s these sitew require no Device ID’s at all Evozi Apk Downloader