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Adsense Ads now Visible on Opera Mini – It now displays Adsense Ads too


Opera Mini is one of the most widely used Mobile browser in the world! Infact one of the top mobile browser present;y . Opera mini had only one drawback – It didn’t use to display or it couldn’t display Adsense Ads/ Ad Units. this was resulting in loss of revenue/ or inability of websites/bloggers as the Ads themselves weren’t displayed on The Mobile/Opera Mini traffic. But, there’s a reason to rejoice – Adsense Ads are now displayed on Opera Mini. i.e Opera Mini now displays Adsense Ads too –

It brings a lot of many benefits to us bloggers –

  • Higher and increased revenue for Mobile/Tech browser through their blogs/sites. You can check the below screenshot of my site as 16% of my total traffic was from Opera Mini –
  • Opera Mini consists of 16% of total traffic

  • Though, Opera Mini now supports AdSense, I still don’t have much Idea about UC Browser and Adsense Ads Display.
  • You can also  check the below ScreenShot of my Website to check the AdSense units displayed and working in action –
  • AdSense in action with Link unitstoo

The Above blue highlighted box shows AdSense for Content Ads , while the bottom blue highlighted box shows the AdSense link units as shown in the image alongside.


Thus, its a good news for we bloggers and site owners as it will enable us to more revenue from our sites 🙂 . Do, comment your views and opinions about this latest update of Adsense + Opera Mini Side.

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