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Adsense Ads now Visible on Opera Mini – It now displays Adsense Ads too


Opera Mini is one of the most widely used Mobile browser in the world! Infact one of the top mobile browser present;y . Opera mini had only one drawback – It didn’t use to display or it couldn’t display Adsense Ads/ Ad Units. this was resulting in loss of revenue/ or inability of websites/bloggers as the Ads themselves weren’t displayed on The Mobile/Opera Mini traffic. But, there’s a reason to rejoice – Adsense Ads are now displayed on Opera Mini. i.e Opera Mini now displays Adsense Ads too –

It brings a lot of many benefits to us bloggers –

  • Higher and increased revenue for Mobile/Tech browser through their blogs/sites. You can check the below screenshot of my site as 16% of my total traffic was from Opera Mini –
  • Opera Mini consists of 16% of total traffic

  • Though, Opera Mini now supports AdSense, I still don’t have much Idea about UC Browser and Adsense Ads Display.
  • You can also  check the below ScreenShot of my Website to check the AdSense units displayed and working in action –
  • AdSense in action with Link unitstoo

The Above blue highlighted box shows AdSense for Content Ads , while the bottom blue highlighted box shows the AdSense link units as shown in the image alongside.


Thus, its a good news for we bloggers and site owners as it will enable us to more revenue from our sites :) . Do, comment your views and opinions about this latest update of Adsense + Opera Mini Side.


  1. Adam @ PergiDulu December 18, 2014

    This explains the sudden increase in pageviews I’m getting in Adsense reporting. Strangely, though, CTR has plummeted which would indicate that although more ads are being displayed, people aren’t clicking on them. No increase in revenue for me so far.

    1. Chaitanya December 19, 2014

      Yes, that perfectly explains the sudden rise in adsense pageviews . Its still early days though, and the rise of earnings will be steady depending upon the percentage of website traffic which comes from Opera Mini

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