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Transfer Domain from .in domain for Net4 – Choose the Right Registrar for You


Transfer Domain from .In domain for Net4 Users – Choose the Right Registrar for You

Net4 India ruled India’s domain market with more than 90,000 websites, 3,75,000 domains and 1.5 lakhs of corporate emails under its garb. But the company stopped making profits long ago. Troubles touched the ceiling when Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company sued Net4 India as they failed to repay their loans. On hearing about the insolvency proceedings, ICANN restricted Net4 India from issuing any new domains in 2019, and by 2020 Net4 India went MIA. What followed next is a lesson for both registrants and registrars to remember for good.

As Net4, India’s largest domain registrar, slipped into the valleys of bankruptcy and stopped responding to its registrants over mails and calls, lot of domains went dormant, emails stopped working, and people had no access to their sites.

It was from Net4 that Indians could easily avail themselves of popular domains .IN and.COM. But then there came a time when people could not renew their domains. Eventually, they could not access their sites; the fear of their dot in domain rights being revoked took them as far as the branch offices of Net4, only to find them shut for months.

NIXI and ICANN have come to the rescue of the registrants through their global support centres.


Though NIXI has waved a green signal to .in registrants of Net4India, the process remains tricky and marked by several difficulties.

While most registrars display the authorization code right away on clicking the retrieve button, Net4 plays its own tunes. It sends a mail to the email id registered in the WHOIS record.

The mail again asks for confirmation if you really want the authorization code and upon agreeing, one receives the Auth Code.

However, if you do not have access to your registered mail or your WHOIS record has not been updated, it is almost impossible to obtain the Auth code.

And even if every step is followed, it is still possible that you might not receive any email post your auth code request.

We suggest you

Since National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) is a non-profit Company incorporated under Section 25 of the India Companies Act, 1956 was informed that Net 4 India, who is one of the registrars of NIXI for Country code domain “.IN” has some issues in maintaining domains. NIXI has taken following steps to ensure uninterrupted service to end users of .IN domain.

Net4 India had approx. 73,000 .IN domains of NIXI out of a total of more than 25 lakh domain being operated by more than 138 registrars worldwide.

NIXI has decided not to discontinue the .IN services for those .IN domain end users whose renewal is due. To update Name server, end users may send mails to following official email ids to avail direct services (without any help from Net4 India)

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

NIXI has stared permitting end users of .IN Domain to migrate to other registrars (other than Net 4 India).

For transfer request, you may submit following to [email protected] and [email protected].

  1. In case of Individual

• Domain name of registrant.

• Self attested ID & Address proof of registrant.

• Contact No. & Contact E-Mail ID of registrant in e-mail text body.

• Send e-mail from registered e-mail ID for transferring of Domain from one registrar to another.

2. In case of Company

• Request letter on letterhead signed by authorised signatory for transferring of Domain from one registrar to another registrar.

• ID proof of authorized signatory.

• Company’s legal entity proof.

• Contact No. & Contact E-Mail ID in e-mail text body.

The Road Ahead 

The responsibility, however, should not simply end with a domain purchase.

Registrants must keep their data updated, follow the company’s financials regularly, and do thorough research on the company they are transferring their Domain to.

  • Know your registry body:

For .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG type domains, the governing body is ICANN
For .IN, .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .EDU.IN etc. the Registry & Governing Body is NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India).

You Might Want to Consider:

With India going loud on “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” it is necessary to find hosting and domain solution providers who suit the needs of Indian businesses.

Though providers lure customers with low sign-up charges for Domain and hosting solutions, the hidden costs and high renewal prices leave no stone unturned in burning a hole in the pocket of small businesses.

Also, it is seen that businesses source their domains and hosting services from different companies to reap the maximum benefits from various sources. It can be cumbersome to keep a tab on so many companies, and it is easy to miss out on other better plans and offers.

This indicates yet another issue. There are a few companies only that meet the Domain and hosting needs of the Indian masses.

The unrealistic promises of “Vocal for Local” are laced with hidden charges and unreliable customer services.

The following section enumerates a few budding companies in the Domain and hosting sector that can possibly bridge the existing gap in the Indian market: –

Registrar GoDaddy VEBONIX Hostinger Big Rock NameCheap
Product Prices Complex pricing Lowest Price Guaranteed Medium Medium High
Renewal Charges High Low High High Same
Privacy Protection / WHOIS Protection Paid Free Paid Paid Free
Flexibility to choose Indian server location No Yes No Yes No
Free with Domain Purchase No Such offer with Domain Purchase Rs 5,000 Worth products Free with every Domain Purchase
(Like Email account, DNS Management, Domain Forwarding, Theft Protection, Bulk Tools etc.)
No Such offer with Domain Purchase DNS Management

Domain Theft Protection

2 Free Email Accounts

Easy to use control panel

Free Privacy Protection

2 months Email Trial


Customer Support 🗷 On-call

✔ Chat




✔Email / Ticket

🗷 On-call

✔ Chat

✔ Toll-free

✔ Chat


🗷 On-call

✔ Chat



VEBONIX is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar and web hosting company based in Maharashtra. It offers domains, hosting, email, website hosting services with reliable security.

It guarantees to provide great products at the lowest prices and takes it one step ahead by promising to slash prices further if one finds the same product at lower rates elsewhere.

There are four hundred+ TLDs to choose from and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. They have no hidden charges, and the domain renewal charges are mostly the same as sign-up charges.

VEBONIX provides Domain and hosting solutions to small businesses with shared hosting services from Linux and WordPress and helps large businesses with dedicated web hosting solutions.

Its promising features are worth a try.

P.S: It is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar company; Net4 India registrants will find it much more convenient to transfer their domains to VEBONIX as they provide great support service of chat as well as on call. Get over Rs.5000 worth of Free Services with every Domain you Register with them.


It is a Europe based web hosting company. They started in 2007 as a free web hosting service with no advertising. Then, in 2011, the Hostinger web hosting brand was born. We must admit some of their sign-up charges for domains are affordable but again high renewable charges become the source of headache.

Customers have reviewed that hostinger automatically adds privacy protection that is chargeable at the time of renewal and the support service chat window begins to run cold as soon as customers file these claims.

Hostinger offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting but does not offer dedicated hosting. Hostinger uses its own C-panel unlike the traditional c-panel that is known to advanced users. Though beginners might appreciate this, advancers users go through inconvenience.


Bluntly speaking, yes, they are famous and hold a good reputation in the market. But popularity alone is not enough to win this race.

We must, in all honesty, look at the factors that make GoDaddy a smash or a pass.

They have a very intuitive user interface and offer decent speed, but their basic plans lack features like the backup option, SSL certificates. If you wish to add them to your existing basic plan, you have to pay extra. And they are not the cheapest options out there.

They are generous in terms of traffic and storage but if you ever want to migrate your website, do not expect any generosity from them.


They are decent Domain and hosting service providers with a strong presence in India. It provides a whole range of domain and web hosting services and is a prodigy of Endurance International Group.

They provide cheap services, but certain other service providers are better in speed, security, and support.

Even though not exorbitant, they do have hidden charges and try to upsell you as you proceed towards checkout.

They do not offer an uptime guarantee upfront but claim their globally distributed” data centre is quite unlikely to fail.

The support service is inexperienced, and most tickets are re-directed to the hosting team, causing a delay in response and an unpleasant experience for users.


A domain and web hosting company that has been around for brand that has been around for 20 years.

Its design and interface are very user-friendly.

However, it does not offer phone support and offers free domains on TLDs only. Some of its regular plans are affordable.

However, if you anticipate a lot of traffic and want higher quality service, Namecheap won’t be bad but might not warrant its price esp. if you’re into e-commerce; NameCheap might not be your best option.

Sure, it’s cheap, but at this point, you’d be willing to invest in higher quality. Also, since its servers are not located in India, users can face problems with the uptime and speed of their website.




Namecheap review | TechRadar











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