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What Are the Coolest Gadgets Coming Out In 2020 and Where You Can Buy Them


There are numerous cool gadgets coming out in 2020, based on https://www.bestreviews.guide/ and several other authority sites. Here are some of them:

Flex Cam Oppy

This is one of the unique cameras in the market. It is designed with ease of use and mind and can be operated by nearly anyone. The camera is made up of a flexible and bendable body, an internal microphone and LED lights. It can store an SD card of up to 32 GB and rechargeable via a micro USB port. The device can capture images with its 30 Megapixel camera and can record videos with its 4K resolution. Digital image stabilization is a standard feature and the battery can last up to 70 minutes of full charge. WIFI connectivity is built in to easily transfer photos and videos to your computer or portable device. Bluetooth is also available and the camera is waterproof meaning it can be used to record videos from anywhere. You can also livestream with it by pairing it with your phone. These cameras are available in different colors and priced at $99 on Amazon or Indiegogo.com.


This device is a unique wireless headphone that sits upon your head like a hairband, however there are no speakers to be seen anywhere on the device. Instead, it conducts sounds through the bones in your skull giving you a clear and powerful listening experience without interfering with your natural hearing abilities. Cyclists, construction workers, teachers etc can use this best. It allows you to listen to audio without blocking exterior sounds; therefore, you can always be alert. The bat band is very light and can connect via Bluetooth. You can get one of these in online stores like Amazon for just $132.

Vue Smart Glasses

These glasses come with a variety of functionality like keeping track of your fitness goals without having to wear a watch or fitness tracker. Bone conduction speakers are built in so that you can always have your music wherever you go. You can also answer calls, Use GPS navigation and hear notifications all without needing headphones. There no ports, buttons or switches on the glasses so that they seem as natural as possible. To charge the glasses, simply place them in their case and wait a few hours and they can last up to a week on a single charge with a price of $279 in online stores and Amazon.

Touchjet Wave

This device is mounted to the top of your television and provides you with a simulated screen across the entire screen. This means that you can now have a tablet in your home that is up to 50 inches large. It is very useful in meeting rooms and classrooms so that presenters can demonstrate their presentations without having an expensive large-scale touch screen display. This can be bought on Amazon for around $370 depending on vendor.


This is a product designed for use in an office and helps keep you in shape while sitting at a desk for many hours of the day. The device simply sits below your desk and allows you to simulate a walking experience without having to leave your chair. This allows you to stay active while you sit for better mind and body. You can pre-order this from their site at kickstarter.com for $40.

August Smart Lock

August wants users to upgrade their dead-vault systems with all new WIFI smart lock. With this, you can lock and unlock your door remotely, check the status of your door, grant guests’ custom digital keys to enter your home and even see who is coming and going from your home. The lock is equipped with support from most digital assistance so that you can lock and unlock your house without even leaving your couch. It is easy to install and can be attached to the existing dead vault on the inside of your door. This is currently available for pre-order from online retailers.

Sitpack Zenx

This is a chair designed to be portable and is perfect for correcting your posture and keeping you in a comfortable position. The chairs height can be adjusted in several ways with a carry strap for easy travel. Anti-slip feet ensure that you are properly secured at all times and the chair can be folded out for use in as little as five seconds. These chairs can be purchased for around $69 in Amazon and kick-start among other online stores.


Is a device that helps you to sleep better, relieve stress after a long day of work and even boosts energy levels. The product is a gesture-controlled headband that can improve your quality of life in a variety of ways. Its functionality can be analyzed through brain wave, which change depending on what you are doing. It produces frequencies that cannot be seen or heard, yet provide benefit to your brain to help alleviate stress and help you to feel ease after a stressful day. They can be purchased online for $289.


This is a smart trash can seal and charge itself without user interference. It was designed to help individuals to not need to touch trash or trash bins and does not require that you change out bags between dumps. It seals itself and eliminates smells and odors so that you may never see or touch the smelly trash. A new bag is automatically reloaded in each session so that you may never worry about properly fitting a bag ever again. This product is priced at $120 online.

Zuta Pocket Printer

Is an all-new design that can fit in your pocket that is able to print full sized documents in a matter of seconds? It connects to your devices through WIFI and is compatible with most modern computers, phones, tablets or smart devices. To activate it, simply choose what you would like to print on your smart device, line Zuta up with the top left corner of your page and wait. The device will then roll along the edges of your paper from right to left and print your document as it follows down the page. You can purchase it in Kickstarter and Amazon for just $199 and is perfect for office use or printing while on the go.

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