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Using Android Without Google


After the recent fall-out between Huawei and Google, concerns have been raised over whether indeed Android-powered devices will have any life without Google backing. There is no denying that almost everything, from travel apps, online games, and study platforms, among other essential apps have for the longest time relied solely on Google. Now, President Donald Trump has pulled the plug, and there must be a plan B for China’s biggest smartphone manufacturer. Communication has it that plans are already at an advanced stage to roll out a massive operating system that will see users enjoy even more.

The world has millions of Huawei users outside China, and the effect has already been felt, especially after Google suspended licensing on its Android OS to the brand. That is only a hiccup, though, gamers who love playing and users of apps by android have alternatives.

What next?

It does not seem like Google is backing down on its stand; therefore, Huawei will no longer be entitled to use the Google-owned Android platform. These devices will not have any access to popular Google services such as YouTube apps, Google Play Services, and Gmail, among other essential tools. It is a massive blow, but it is not about to last a lifetime. Huawei already promised their customers that it is in charge of events, and very soon they will continue enjoying using their smartphones. A public version of the android version has been mooted under the android open source project.

It comes as good news for Huawei users who had already purchased their devices before the ban, as it only affects new Huawei devices.

What the geeks say

For eons, Google has appeared to control every little thing we do online, to the point that people feel insecure. Unfortunately, there was very little or nothing to do about it, but tech gurus think otherwise. It is possible to remove Google from your device altogether.

Yes, you can get rid of Google and still use the other apps through the open-source options by replacing the device’s default firmware using a custom ROM. What a custom ROM does is that it gives you full control over the features and services of your phone. Luckily, even a novice can do it right from home.

One of the most effective custom ROMs available is the LineageOS, a trusted name for the privacy and security it offers the user. Those are crucial elements that will be crucial when disengaging from Google as LineageOS carefully removes all Google-associated apps and services and replaces them with a fully functional feature known as Trust. The only undoing with this feature is that it is not compatible with all devices, but manufacturers are considering embracing it in new tools.

A matter of time

Huawei may not have anticipated such a drastic move by Google, and they may be forgiven for the unpreparedness. They ought to be lauded for the swift actions they have since undertaken, however, and from the look of things, it will only be a matter of time before we can see a massive pull from the Google dependency. In the meantime, android users can still make the most out of their devices without Google, but truth be told; there are limitations.

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