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iMusic Easiest Way To Transfer Music From Mac To Android


Apple is a brand that manufacturers computers, laptops and smartphone’s for the world to go digital. The machines are crafted for entertainment as well, and no one can deny that Apple iTunes created to sell premium music videos, audio, and more. Android covers the majority of the mobile device market due to low-prices and availability of the machine.

What is iMusic for Mac?

Apple has a dedicated team of developers, who work on the software and hardware, and then we have the combination of the most powerful device. Mac OS X is an operating system developed by Apple for all computers and laptops. Every Mac and MacBook user has purchased music videos, movies, and music from the store. The users have paid for it, and no one can take it away from them, but you cannot transfer the media from Mac to Android very easily.

Android smartphone users do not have the liberty of compatibility with Mac OS X machine because the official company did not develop drivers for it. Android devices are slower in Apple machines when there are connected directly via USB cable.

iMusic is a software developed by a third-party company to assist the Android device users in transferring data. The software specifically designed for Android, so it will support almost every device that runs Google-developed OS. iMusic program users do not have to go through slow data transfer speed and incompatibility.

iMusic Features:

  1. Spend ten minutes playing around with the options and features, and you will master iMusic within no time.
  2. Users can back up the iTunes library and clean up the missing thumbnails and broken songs from the list.
  3. The software comes with inbuilt tools to recognize Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Lenovo, etc. phones.
  4. Adding a new playlist and songs from an Android phone to iTunes is possible with iMusic.
  5. You can depend on the iMusic to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod without any issues.
  6. The software comes with a downloader, which enables the users to download music from popular sites. You can find thousands of portals such as Spotify, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Pandora, last. Fm, Facebook, VEVO, etc.
  7. Several portals do not allow visitors to download for free, but you can listen to it. In such cases, you can utilize the in-built record button to record the entire song, and save it to local storage.
  8. iTunes protects the MP3 files and other video files by adding DRM protection. The company developed a unique feature to remove the DRM protection from the purchased music and transfer it to the local storage. The M4P format converted into MP3 format without quality loss, so do not worry about the audio file quality after conversion.
  9. An advanced feature that enables the users to burn CD or DVD media files into the local storage in a few clicks.
  10. You can browse the internet for free music and download it, but you can preview the files with inbuilt music player feature. There is no way users can download the wrong MP3 file because the inbuilt player can preview the media file.

Here are some of the popular features of the iMusic and you can download the software from the official site.

How To Transfer Music From Mac To Android?

How about a visual representation of the demonstration of the music transfer between Mac and Android?

Transfer Music From Mac To Android from the official site.

Step 1: Launch the iMusic from MacBook or Mac computer.

Step 2: You can add music to the library or let the program scan for existing music added to iTunes.

Step 3: The inbuilt downloader is located on the main menu, and you can access it anytime.

Step 4: You can access advanced features from the main menu and start fixing iTunes library quickly.

Step 5: Click on “DEVICE” from the main menu and then connect the device via USB cable.

Step 6: Select the number of songs or music that you want to transfer from a MacBook or Mac computer to Android.

Step 7: Click on the transfer button, and the music will be copied to the Android device.

The transfer speed depends on the device, Mac OS X speed, file size, and USB cable. Do not unplug the device or power off and anyone can transfer DRM Protected media files to Android without any issues.


iMusic is a Windows program and Mac OS X program that runs on the low-powered computer as well. Keep in mind that transfer speed depends on the computer hardware as well, so do not blame the software of nonresponsive tasks. Let us know what do you think about the iMusic Android manager in the comment section below.

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