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iTube Best And Easy To Use Video Downloader For Google Chrome


Video sharing is the next phenomenon at a global level, and millions of sites have come forward offering the services. The companies managing the video sharing sites do not add a download button. The business committee of the site expects the users to come back again to watch the videos. The global Internet committee revealed that 40% of people around the globe have access to the internet. The research does not end with it because only 17% of people have high-speed internet, among 40%.

In short, not everyone is fortunate to stream a high-definition video in the library. Downloading is the only option remains in the bucket and video sharing sites do not seem to relate to the problem. The problem solved by iTube and they are offering a service to enable the people to download content on popular sites.

What is iTube?

iTube is a video downloader for Windows PC, Mac PC, and Chrome browser so that you can download video content from the sites to local storage. The Chrome YouTube downloader offers a wide range of features and services that fulfills the task. Keep in mind that there are a free version and a paid version for the customer’s needs.


  1. Installs the Chrome extension in the browser and you can download the video while watching it. The downloading process simplified by the developers so that you can save time.
  2. There is no limit in the program, so download the videos till you drop.
  3. The developers worked around the download manager, and it can handle multiple batches without any issues.
  4. The video sharing sites support various formats, but our device supports specific video format, right? The inbuilt converter can spin around the video into MPG, MPEG, 3GP, MP4, 3G2, AVI, MOV, etc.
  5. I always download audio from YouTube, and this software or extension can deliver “Audio Only” format as well.
  6. The inbuilt HD Media Player is very useful to preview the saved content to confirm the mission.

3 Ways to Download YouTube Video

The YouTube downloader for Chrome browser enables the users to save the content in a few clicks. The developers designed the entire program to save the manual approach and complete the task automatically. The fastest approach offered in three ways, and you can utilize it to save the videos locally.

  1. Play the video in the browser, and the download button shows up. Click on the button to view resolution and click on it to download it.
  2. Launch the iTube program and drag & drop the URL into the program.
  3. The video downloader Chrome offers copy & paste URL in the iTube.

The downloader does not mess around with the audio quality and video resolution. The iTubers will get what they have selected and the YouTube lists in the video options.

How to download videos from iTube?

We are going to take a quick tour to demonstrate the entire action visually, so you can make the final decision to download, test, enjoy, and purchase the premium version.

Step 1: Download the Video Downloader Chrome from the (free) official site. The installation procedure is not complicated, and the traditional method is utilized to eliminate the hiccups.

Step 2: Click on the “Install” button to add a Chrome extension.

Step 3: Go to any video on YouTube or any other source, and then copy the link.

Step 4: Go back to the dashboard of iTube and click on paste. Now, paste the URL in the box, and then click on “Download” to start saving the content locally.

Step 5: The program begins analyzing the content thoroughly for options.

Step 6: You have several options to select from it, and then click on Download to start saving the content.

Step 7: It takes a few moments for the program to finalize the scanning, and start saving the video locally.

Be patient, and the videos saved to the HDD or SSD drives. Users can find the videos and audio in the default folder.


iTube is offering a free version and a premium version with no limitations, so try the program today on Windows PC, Mac OS X PC, and Chrome browser. Let us know what do you think about iTube in the comment section below.

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