mysimpleshow: Best Explainer Video Creator

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The video creation is always a big hassle. For creating something really out of the box, you need to be a master in this field. But with the advent of technology, it has become really easier for the people to create their own illustrative videos without any prior knowledge. A number of software tools are… [Read More]

Tutorial to get Discount on Uber for Existing & Old Users in India


Uber and Ola with their incentive based marketing have changed our habits of travel . Now, we mostly prefer calling Cabs at our places and then travel. The companies with their lucrative offers such as “First Ride Free”, “Refer a Friend and get free ride” have got us hooked to discounts. With the recent drying… [Read More]

How to Sniff URLs or Capture Network Packets on Android without Root


Capturing Packets or Sniffing URLs may sound a bit of hacking related stuff, but it isn’t. Capturing Network Packets may help you analyze why is your Data Pack running out, or which apps keep sending data in the background without your consent so that you can stop using them and enhance your Phone Security. Besides,… [Read More]

Top 5 Nintendo 64 N64 Emulators for PC – Windows 10/7/8.1 with Joystick Support


Nintendo 64 or N64 is the first gaming consoles with 3D Graphics Rendering and 64-bit architecture. Thus, it is considered as one of the best gaming consoles produced by Nintendo.  Nintendo 64 has many great games such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64 which are playable even today! and since the console is discontinued… [Read More]

Qoppa PDF Studio 12 Review – A Powerful PDF Software for Windows 10, Mac and Linux


A number of enterprises depend upon the PDFs in some or the other form – whether it is to create the forms, brochures, documents, or whatever purpose you need to use the PDF files. Many people assume that there are only few choices available when it comes to creating/editing the PDF documents. A tool that… [Read More]

Top 5 Free SNES Super Nintendo Emulators for PC [Windows 10/7/8.1] to Play SNES games with Controller Support


Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or Super Comboy as it is known is one of the most popular 16-bit gaming consoles from the 90s and is regarded as the best 16-bit console ever. With speculations that Nintendo is releasing a new SNES classic version in 2017 and considering its limited availability it makes good sense… [Read More]