How to Add/Post Animated GIFs on Facebook Website/App (Works on PC, Android mobiles & iPhone too)


Facebook has now started supporting & playing GIFs animations , but the GIFs don’t move if uploaded directly to the Facebook website. There’s a particular simple method which needs to be practiced to ensure that your GIFs always animate on Facebook – So here’s a small tutorial on how you can Add or Upload & Post animated GIFs… [Read More]

Use WhatsApp on web browser online – WhatsApp Web client launched officially! | Official WhatsApp web client


Using WhatsApp on Web browser / Internet browser is now a dream come true! . WhatsApp has now officially launched its Web version for using online on your browser. Now you can easily chat with your WhatsApp account/buddies online directly through your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Safari or any other Web Browser . (Sadly,… [Read More]

Tips and Tricks To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Photos :P

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One of the Most astonishing Features Of Facebook : World’s Largest Social Networking sites is that it allowes users to “Like” Other Fellow users Contents. Photo Subject : The Main reason Users use Social Networking sites isto get rid of their boredom, hence Genuine Funny/Comedy Photos are Sure to Get More Likes 😛

Facebook Pranks !! Error Message Prank :P

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You Must have Been Bombarded by your Friends through App Requests, Unwanted / Useless Photo Tagging , Excessive Commenting etc etc , hence you must have thought that if i could make a prank of him/her on facebook 🙂 all you have to do is make your victim to click any of the following facebook error message links Facebook is Temporary Unavailable Link |Facebook Service Currently Unavailable Link

Run / Open Facebook in Full PC / Desktop site View On Your Mobile !!!

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Recently with the discontinuation of BOLT Browser , Mmobile Device Users are struggling a bit to get Full PC / Desktop Views Of Some Sites Especially To Open Desktop Version of Facebook On Mobile.. So Here’s a Small trick to Open Desktop/PC View Of Facebook On your Mobile through Opera Mini Log in To Your Facebook Account , be it Mobile Version On Your Opera Mini.

Shorthand Mobile SMS – The New Way to Use Social Networking on your Mobile Phone no Need Of GPRS !!!

SHorthand SMS App Client App Page

Shorthand SMS Mobile App .. It Enables users to Use Facebook,Orkut,Twitter,Cricinfo,Cricbuzz,Google SMS and hell lots of apps on mobile Without the Need Of GPRS ! Yeps Without the need of GPRS . What is Shorthand? Some Of The SHorthand SMS Apps are Facebook Mobile Google SMS SMS Gupshup Shorthand SMS Mobile App Can Be Downloaded From