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Facebook Pranks !! Error Message Prank :P


You Must have Been Bombarded by your Friends through App Requests, Unwanted / Useless Photo Tagging , Excessive Commenting etc etc , hence you must have thought that if i could make a prank of him/her on facebook 🙂

Cheers !! Now you can Prank him that too on Facebook using Official Facebook Error Pages !! seems interesting na ..? all you have to do is make your victim to click any of the following facebook error message links . You Can Use Link Shortening sites like goo.gl for this Purpose to hide the original URL and can lure the victim for clicking like saying “Free Gift Giveaway at this link” , “Funniest thing ever” , “Justin bieber’s new Album – lol 😛 ” etc etc


1. Facebook is Temporary Unavailable Link |Facebook Service Currently Unavailable Link



Clicking on this Link will give him/her an error page as shown below –

You Victim will just be confused as what has happen .. ?

he will think that “Probably Facebook is down , i’ll come back later :'( ”


2.Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable Link


Making Your Victim Click On the Above Link Will Show him the Facebook Account Unavailable Page as Below

It will just show your Victim that “Your Facebook Account is Temporarily Unavailable due to site issue.. etc”

h\again he will be pranked and will come out after a few hours to check if its account is restored.. but infact nothin had happened to the account . You Just Pranked The Victim and Enjoyed The Moment 😛 🙂


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