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How to Run 2 variants of same app using Parallel Space on Android Phones [Tutorial]


Sometimes, We need to use two versions or variants of a particular app on Android. For example, we might want to use two different WhatsApp numbers, Hike, WeChat , Viber or Paytm accounts on a single Android device. But its not possible without installing un-official apps such as GBWhatsApp etc. Besides these unofficial apps being less secure, they are bit buggy too.. So here’s an easy tutorial on How to use Parallel Space for Android to install two or more variants of single app on Android.

How to Run 2 Variants of same app using Parallel Space on Android

Pre-Requisites :

  • An Android Phone.
  • A working internet connection.

Tutorial to use two accounts of Paytm, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc on one Android –

  • First of all install the Parallel Space app for Android on your phone from the link below –
    Click here to Download & install Parallel Space for Android app from Google Play.
  • Now, after installing the Parallel space app, normally install the app which you want to make second instance in the Phone’s default Play Store app. (For example in our tutorial we will be using the Paytm app).
  • Now, after normally installing the first instance of app- login to your first account on the app.
  • Launch the Parallel Space app – It will be show a welcome screen which will look as shown below –
    Parallel Space app for Android

    Click on the + icon to add your app to Parallel Space

    Click on the “+” icon to add your app to Parallel Space .

  • Now , you can either “Tap on the shown icons” to install two instances of the previously installed apps. In our case “Paytm” wasn’t shown earlier hence we tapped on “More” option as shown in the image below –
    Parallel Space Android

    Tap on app icon to install app or click on More for More apps

    Now you will be shown the list of apps currently installed on your device as shown in the next image. Here simply tap on the app name to start installing its second instance or variant. (Note – No internet connection is required to download existing available app from the list)

    Install the Paytm app in Parallel Space

    Tap to install the Paytm app

  • That’s it now, the Parallel Space will start cloning the android app and installing it, later it will appear right inside the Parallel Space as shown below –
    Installed app in Parallel Space for Android

    S – 1 Parallel Space installing App S – 2 Installed APp

    Now simply tap on the icon mentioned in “Step =2 in the above image” to launch the second instance of the same app!!!

  • Now use the second instance of app normally in parallel space, thus you can now register, login to your second account without requiring to log-out from the first normal app. Enjoy multiple Paytm, hike, Facebook & Messenger accounts with Parallel Space!

Note – The second instance of app is shown as Parallel Space.

What is Parallel Space ?

Parallel Space is sort of an emulator app which emulates storage space on your Android phone so that you can install two or more version variants  of any app which do not interfere with each other. Thus enabling you to use two variants and accounts of any app be it WhatsApp, Hike , or even Google Play Store on same device. Thus , you can even use two messenger , wechat accounts in a single device easily!

If you face any issues or problems feel free to comment!

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