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Shorthand Mobile SMS – The New Way to Use Social Networking on your Mobile Phone no Need Of GPRS !!!


Shorthand SMS Mobile App ..
Its a revolutionary concept in the world of mobiles ..
It Enables users to Use Facebook,Orkut,Twitter,Cricinfo,Cricbuzz,Google SMS and hell lots of apps on mobile Without the Need Of GPRS !! Yeps Without the need of GPRS .. it only Uses SMS Service on Your Mobile Phone To Access these and that too sms are sent to +919223170750 Which is A Tata Telecom Mumbai Circle Number 🙂 Thus Your SMS Costs to Premium Numbers are Saved Plus it works on SMS Packs too 😛

  • What is Shorthand?

Shorthand is a powerful, mobile app-platform that uses text messaging to provide a rich, branded, graphic, and interactive experience. Shorthand gives you access to a large base of content and services (we call these “TextApps”) comprising a diverse set of categories including information, entertainment, social networking, retail, food services, banking & payments, etc. from many of the brands you know and trust. There are no short codes to remember and no keywords or commands to enter.

  • What are TextApps?
  • TextApps are mini-applications within Shorthand that use text messaging to send and receive information. Unlike other apps, Shorthand ’s TextApps don’t use data so you don’t need a data plan to use them!
    However, downloading TextApps to your phone the first time will use the data channel. Standard rates will apply.

    Some Of The Shorthand SMS Apps are

    • Facebook
      Facebook Chat
      Facebook Mobile
      Ganesha Speaks
      Google SMS
      SMS Gupshup
      and still counting

    And All this Comes in an Extremely Attractive User Interface !! It looks so Pretty as if it were using GPRS instead of SMS.. but it uses SMS Service to our Benefits 🙂

    Here Are Some Snaps Of Shorthand Mobile Taken On My Phone – Nokia 5800 XpressMusic…


    All the Above Mentioned Apps Are Free To use on Shorthand SMS Service..

    Shorthand SMS Mobile App Can Be Downloaded From

    • Which phones does Shorthand Currently supports?

    Shorthand currently supports a multitude of phones across different mobile platforms including java (J2ME) and Windows Mobile. We are actively working to enable many new devices on various operators’ networks. Stay tuned or enroll here to be informed when our application is released on new devices. Below are the devices Shorthand currently supports:

    AlcatelOT S686
    AmoiLevis The Origin
    Excluded Phones
    Generic WildCard Fallthrough
    Huawei U120
    Karbonn K25
    LG B2050
    LG B2070
    LG B2150
    LG C2500
    LG CE110
    LG CU515
    LG GB165
    LG GB170
    LG GB190
    LG GB220
    LG GB230
    LG GD710
    LG GM200
    LG GU220
    LG GU285
    LG K800 Chocolate
    LG KE590i
    LG KE770
    LG KF240
    LG KF300
    LG KP110
    LG KP130
    LG KP135
    LG KP170
    LG KP175
    LG KU250
    LG KU580
    LG M4410
    LG U8360
    MAUI-based GenericMA
    MicroMax Q5
    Motorola A45 Murano
    Motorola EM30
    Motorola EM330
    Motorola KRZR K1
    Motorola KRZR K3
    Motorola QA1
    Motorola Razr V3r
    Motorola Razr V3re
    Motorola Razr v3x
    Motorola Razr V3xx
    Motorola Razr V3xxR
    Motorola Razr V3xxR_J
    Motorola Razr V6
    Motorola Razr2 V8
    Motorola Razr2 v9
    Motorola Razr2 v9x
    Motorola RIZR Z3
    Motorola ROKR E6
    Motorola ROKR E8
    Motorola ROKR Z6
    Motorola SLVR L9
    Motorola U9
    Motorola VA76R
    Motorola Z9
    Motorola ZN200
    Motorola ZN5
    no support
    Nokia 1680 Classic
    Nokia 2320 Classic
    Nokia 2323
    Nokia 2330
    Nokia 2600 Classic
    Nokia 2660
    Nokia 2680 Slide
    Nokia 2690
    Nokia 2700 Classic
    Nokia 2720
    Nokia 2730
    Nokia 2730 Classic
    Nokia 3109
    Nokia 3110 Classic
    Nokia 3120 Classic
    Nokia 3208 Classic
    Nokia 3250
    Nokia 3500 Classic
    Nokia 3600 Slide
    Nokia 3610 Fold
    Nokia 3720 Classic
    Nokia 5000d
    Nokia 5130 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5200
    Nokia 5220 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5230
    Nokia 5233
    Nokia 5300 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5310 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5610 Xpress Music
    Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
    Nokia 5700
    Nokia 5730XpressMusic
    Nokia 6060
    Nokia 6085
    Nokia 6110 Navigator
    Nokia 6111
    Nokia 6120
    Nokia 6120 Classic
    Nokia 6121 Classic
    Nokia 6124
    Nokia 6125
    Nokia 6126
    Nokia 6131
    Nokia 6136
    Nokia 6170
    Nokia 6208 Classic
    Nokia 6210 Navigator
    Nokia 6212 Classic
    Nokia 6216 Classic
    Nokia 6220 Classic
    Nokia 6233

    Nokia 6234
    Nokia 6267
    Nokia 6270
    Nokia 6288
    Nokia 6290
    Nokia 6300
    Nokia 6301
    Nokia 6303 Classic
    Nokia 6350
    Nokia 6500 Slide
    Nokia 6555
    Nokia 6600 Slide
    Nokia 6600i Slide
    Nokia 6630
    Nokia 6650
    Nokia 6681
    Nokia 6700 Classic
    Nokia 6710 Navigator
    Nokia 6720
    Nokia 6730 Classic
    Nokia 6750
    Nokia 6760 Slide
    Nokia 6790 Slide
    Nokia 7020
    Nokia 7070 Prism
    Nokia 7100 Supernova
    Nokia 7210 Supernova
    Nokia 7230
    Nokia 7270
    Nokia 7310 Supernova
    Nokia 7370
    Nokia 7373
    Nokia 7390
    Nokia 7500 Prism
    Nokia 7510 Supernova
    Nokia 7900
    Nokia 8600 Luna
    Nokia 8800 Arte
    Nokia 9300
    Nokia E50
    Nokia E52
    Nokia E55
    Nokia E61
    Nokia E63
    Nokia E65
    Nokia E66
    Nokia E71x
    Nokia E72
    Nokia E75
    Nokia E90
    Nokia N70
    Nokia N72
    Nokia N73
    Nokia N75
    Nokia N76
    Nokia N78
    Nokia N79
    Nokia N81
    Nokia N86
    Nokia N91
    Nokia N92
    Nokia N93
    Nokia N95
    Nokia N96
    Nokia N97
    Nokia X3
    Nokia X6
    Samsung B2100
    Samsung C3010
    Samsung C3050
    Samsung C3053
    Samsung C5212
    Samsung E1210s
    Samsung E1410
    Samsung E2100
    Samsung GT-B3210 Corby Txt
    Samsung GT-B3310
    Samsung GT-B3313
    Samsung GT-B3410 Corby Plus
    Samsung GT-B5310 Corby Pro
    Samsung GT-B5722
    Samsung GT-B7330
    Samsung GT-C3110
    Samsung GT-C3212
    Samsung GT-C3510 Corby Pop
    Samsung GT-C5130
    Samsung GT-C5510
    Samsung GT-C6112
    Samsung GT-E2120
    Samsung GT-E2120i
    Samsung GT-E2130
    Samsung GT-I6220
    Samsung GT-M5650
    Samsung GT-M7500
    Samsung GT-M8800
    Samsung GT-S3310
    Samsung GT-S3600
    Samsung GT-S3600C
    Samsung GT-S3650 Corby
    Samsung GT-S3653 Corby
    Samsung GT-S5200
    Samsung GT-S5230
    Samsung GT-S5233A
    Samsung GT-S5233S
    Samsung GT-S5233W
    Samsung GT-S5350
    Samsung GT-S5560
    Samsung GT-S5603
    Samsung GT-S5620 Monte
    Samsung GT-S7330
    Samsung M2710
    Samsung M3510
    Samsung SGH-A237
    Samsung SGH-A637
    Samsung SGH-A657
    Samsung SGH-A707
    Samsung SGH-A727
    Samsung SGH-A737
    Samsung SGH-A747
    Samsung SGH-A767
    Samsung SGH-A777
    Samsung SGH-A827
    Samsung SGH-A837
    Samsung SGH-B220
    Samsung SGH-B310
    Samsung SGH-B520
    Samsung SGH-C160
    Samsung SGH-C520
    Samsung SGH-D500
    Samsung SGH-D520
    Samsung SGH-D600
    Samsung SGH-D780
    Samsung SGH-D807
    Samsung SGH-D820
    Samsung SGH-D830
    Samsung SGH-D840
    Samsung SGH-D880
    Samsung SGH-D900
    Samsung SGH-D980
    Samsung SGH-E200
    Samsung SGH-E210
    Samsung SGH-E250
    Samsung SGH-E251L
    Samsung SGH-E360
    Samsung SGH-E390
    Samsung SGH-E490
    Samsung SGH-E570
    Samsung SGH-E640
    Samsung SGH-E690
    Samsung SGH-E730
    Samsung SGH-E740
    Samsung SGH-E760
    Samsung SGH-E830
    Samsung SGH-E840
    Samsung SGH-E870
    Samsung SGH-E900
    Samsung SGH-F250
    Samsung SGH-F250L
    Samsung SGH-F270
    Samsung SGH-F300
    Samsung SGH-F330
    Samsung SGH-F338
    Samsung SGH-F400
    Samsung SGH-F480 Tocco
    Samsung SGH-F500
    Samsung SGH-G400
    Samsung SGH-G600
    Samsung SGH-G800
    Samsung SGH-I200
    Samsung SGH-J150
    Samsung SGH-J210
    Samsung SGH-J600
    Samsung SGH-J610
    Samsung SGH-J800
    Samsung SGH-L700
    Samsung SGH-L760
    Samsung SGH-M120
    Samsung SGH-M150
    Samsung SGH-M200
    Samsung SGH-M300
    Samsung SGH-M600
    Samsung SGH-M610
    Samsung SGH-M620
    Samsung SGH-P250
    Samsung SGH-T329
    Samsung SGH-U600
    Samsung SGH-U700
    Samsung SGH-U800
    Samsung SGH-U900
    Samsung SGH-X160
    Samsung SGH-X200
    Samsung SGH-X210
    Samsung SGH-X430
    Samsung SGH-X478
    Samsung SGH-X500
    Samsung SGH-X510
    Samsung SGH-X520
    Samsung SGH-X540
    Samsung SGH-X620
    Samsung SGH-X630
    Samsung SGH-X640
    Samsung SGH-X640c
    Samsung SGH-X660
    Samsung SGH-X680
    Samsung SGH-X700
    Samsung SGH-Z230
    Samsung SGH-Z300
    Samsung SGH-Z400
    Samsung SGH-Z500
    Samsung SGH-Z540
    Samsung SGH-Z560
    Samsung SGH-Z720
    Sony Ericson C905
    Sony Ericsson C510
    Sony Ericsson C702
    Sony Ericsson C902
    Sony Ericsson C903
    Sony Ericsson C905a
    Sony Ericsson F100
    Sony Ericsson F305
    Sony Ericsson G502
    Sony Ericsson K310i
    Sony Ericsson K320i
    Sony Ericsson K510i
    Sony Ericsson K530i
    Sony Ericsson K550i
    Sony Ericsson K600
    Sony Ericsson K608
    Sony Ericsson K610i
    Sony Ericsson K660
    Sony Ericsson K660i
    Sony Ericsson K700c
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K770i
    Sony Ericsson K790c
    Sony Ericsson K800
    Sony Ericsson K800i
    Sony Ericsson K810i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson S302
    Sony Ericsson S500i
    Sony Ericsson T650i
    Sony Ericsson T700
    Sony Ericsson T707
    Sony Ericsson W200
    Sony Ericsson W205i
    Sony Ericsson W300i
    Sony Ericsson W302
    Sony Ericsson W350
    Sony Ericsson W350a
    Sony Ericsson W350c
    Sony Ericsson W380
    Sony Ericsson W380a
    Sony Ericsson W380c
    Sony Ericsson W380i
    Sony Ericsson W395
    Sony Ericsson W518a
    Sony Ericsson W550
    Sony Ericsson W580i
    Sony Ericsson W595
    Sony Ericsson W610i
    Sony Ericsson W700i
    Sony Ericsson W705
    Sony Ericsson W760a
    Sony Ericsson W760i
    Sony Ericsson W800i
    Sony Ericsson w810i
    Sony Ericsson W850i
    Sony Ericsson W880i
    Sony Ericsson w890i
    Sony Ericsson w910i
    Sony Ericsson W980i
    Sony Ericsson W995
    Sony Ericsson Z530i
    Sony Ericsson Z550
    Sony Ericsson Z555i
    Sony Ericsson Z750
    Sony Ericsson Z750a
    SonyEricsson J105i
    SonyEricsson K790i
    SonyEricsson S312
    SonyEricsson T303
    SonyEricsson T715
    SonyEricsson W350i
    SonyEricsson W660i
    Spice M5252
    Spice M940
    Spice S580
    Spice S707
    Surrogate Phones
    TianyuKTouch V908
    Uriver Majestic1
    Zen Z77


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