How to create a Fake WhatsApp account with Spoof Number on Android / iOS [Using USA Number in any Country!]


Many times, we need to use WhatsApp for sending or receiving messages/media without showing or using our real mobile number or even trick our friends and message without revealing our Identity. Now, by using the following tutorial you will be able to create a fake WhatsApp account with a spoofed U.S.A number in any country,… [Read More]

Tip-How to clear App data/cache & delete junk files on iPhone / iPad and iOS devices


Most of the apps which we use, download & store some background data which they fail to delete even if its not useful anymore. This type of data gets accumulated and stored overtime which results in Insufficient memory in our iOS devices – the result iPhone & iPad internal memory full. Also, iOS unlike Android doesn’t… [Read More]

7 Ways to Free up Internal Phone Memory & Storage if full on Android, iPhone & Lumia


All the latest flagship devices be it iPhone, iPad or Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 etc, now come without external memory expansion (micro sd) slot, hence it becomes necessary to manage the internal phone memory. Also you may need to free-up phone memory if phone says Insufficient space available or for doing some work… [Read More]

Upload photos to Instagram without cropping on Android/iOS [iPhone+iPad]


Recently, while uploading a photo to Instagram it prompted to crop the image which was resulting in a person’s face being cropped and other background scenery also being missed out from the photograph, This problem is due to the fact that Instagram requires Square sized image and the photos clicked by our phone camera’s are… [Read More]

How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone(iOS) easily without PC using Phoneswappr


Switching phones isn’t something we do daily, but whenever we do switch them we face a lot of issues and problems especially while transferring contacts and data from our old phone to new phone. Considering the lack of Bluetooth transfer on iPhone it becomes even more tedious task. But not anymore, we present you a… [Read More]