How to change Camera Shutter Speed in Android by Camera FV-5 Lite Free app


Android Smartphone camera’s have come a long-way to be able to compete with point & shoot camera’s. The Phone cameras however, lack a bit when it comes to competing with low/mid-range DSLRs due to absence of many customisation options present in DSLR’s such as lenses, panning, zoom, Exposure ratio , shutter time and many more…. [Read More]

How to Download from Mega on Android without Mega App ( Cloud)

72e06249c78043bfa330e0394d29e08e is a leading cloud storage provider which allows users to easily upload and share files into their secure cloud. Although Mega is a good service , it comes with a few limitations. One of them is that the files stored and shared via cannot be easily downloaded on mobile devices or Android phones… [Read More]

How to Capture long Scrolling screenshot of chats in Android & MIUI


Recently I wanted to capture my WhatsApp chats with a friend, but unfortunately there was no option to capture complete chat at once as it didn’t fit in a single screen. Now, to overcome I started looking for options and found one using “Stitch & Share” app. Read on below for the complete method on… [Read More]

How to Read/Write to NTFS disks on USB OTG in Android No Root [Enable NTFS Mount without rooting]


Android OS’s USB OTG drivers by default do not support NTFS  filesystem format to browse or read files from NTFS storage disks such as external Hard-drives (HDDs) & Thumb-drives. Hence, any external hard drive or USB pen-drive formatted by NTFS file system isn’t mounted on Android. Although, external file explorers such as ES File Explorer… [Read More]

Top 3 Free Internet Recharge apps which give Free Data Pack in India


Its been sometime we wrote about the free recharge apps which give free recharge for downloading apps and completing offers. We guess you might earned a good amount of talktime by using the apps mentioned in the linked article, but now we bring you sometime which is even more sweeter! – Free Internet Apps for… [Read More]

Tutorial to Download & use Prisma App Apk on Android Phones


Popular Image filter app – Prisma created a lot of buzz due to its unique filters which can enhance and make any beautiful piece of art. The downside about Prisma was that it was earlier available only for iOS (iPhone) users. But not anymore, We at TechApple present the latest official Prisma app apk which… [Read More]

How to Clone apps in Android to run multiple variants (Cloner) of same app

Screenshot at May 29 19-45-30

In our last article we covered installing multiple versions of any app to use multiple accounts using “Parallel Space”. Now, Parallel space is sort of an qemu which will host the apps inside its own space & ram which may hamper performance on low-end Android phones. But there’s a solution to this problem too – App… [Read More]

How to Run 2 variants of same app using Parallel Space on Android Phones [Tutorial]


Sometimes, We need to use two versions or variants of a particular app on Android. For example, we might want to use two different WhatsApp numbers, Hike, WeChat , Viber or Paytm accounts on a single Android device. But its not possible without installing un-official apps such as GBWhatsApp etc. Besides these unofficial apps being less… [Read More]