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How Realme Smartphones Can be Beneficial for Your child’ study?


For several years, parents have been trying to limit their children’s screen time however the coronavirus pandemic presented a new problem to them. Learning moved from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom leaving parents and children with no choice but to adapt to this new form of learning.
Today, many kids turn to smartphones to attend their online classes. The useful applications and features on smartphones in fact help increase learning retention and depth. This has led to many smartphone companies catering to the unique needs of the student community.
If you are looking to purchase a mobile phone for your child, then you should definitely consider Realme. This Chinese upstart has rustled the mobile industry with a range of unique and feature-rich phones which led them to become the fastest-growing smartphone brand in India with the highest YOY growth (22%) in 2020.
And if you are wondering why these phones could be beneficial for your child’s study, read on to understand:

1. Versatile phones which stay affordable
Since 2018, Realme has branched out into multiple smartphone series which include the Realme number series, C series, X series, and the Narzo series. The Realme C series is meant for first-time customers and is very popular in the under 10000 segments. The Realme Narzo series is an upcoming, performance-driven mobile and offers a great price-to-performance ratio. The Realme X series phones are typically in the under 30000 price segment and offer flagship features. Thanks to its wide selection of budget-friendly mobiles, you won’t need to invest a lot in purchasing a new Realme phone for your child.

2. High-security devices
Kids who use smartphones can inadvertently download dangerous apps. That’s where it is important to have a secure device. The Safe Mode on the Realme X7 max priced under 30000 has a monitoring device for validating the effects of your last installed third-party applications on your system and will uninstall these apps if necessary. In addition, the Face Unlock and fingerprint sensor on this phone will ensure the child can access the phone under parental supervision only.

3. Best-in-class camera phones
Students may need to capture high-quality images and videos as part of their assignments and having a good camera mobile can be a boon to them. Realme phone cameras have always surpassed expectations and will ensure students can harness the power of a camera to deliver outstanding results. The Realme X3 Superzoom priced under 30000 is a phone which won’t disappoint them. With the 60X Superzoom feature, they will be able to capture distant objects with top-notch clarity and the Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) will ensure that blurring of images is mitigated.

4. Trend-setting phones
As a pioneering brand, Realme has been dedicated to bringing new features, design, fast charging solutions, up-to-date technology, and all that within an affordable price cap. It was the first brand to bring 5G phones to India, the first to introduce the 64MP camera on mobile phones and pioneered the Super dart fast charging technology in all its phones. The Realme 8 Pro is a game-changer of sorts that hits all the right spots with a 108 MP quad rear camera, 6.4-inch super-AMOLED display, Snapdragon 720G processor, 50W Dart charing (50% charging in 17 minutes), and a super-slim design weighing just 176g.

5. All-round performance
When you buy a phone for kids, you also want to ensure they are able to enjoy gaming post their online classes. That’s where phones like the Realme Narzo 30 at a starting price of Rs 14499 stand differentiated from the rest. A powerful Dimensity 800U 5G processor, 5000mah battery with 30W Dart charge, 120Hz responsive display, 48MP AI Triple camera, and Dolby Atmos speakers make them a complete package for students for online classes as well as gaming.

6. Higher RAM mobiles
As children use mobile phones for virtual learning, they will need good responsiveness and high performance which ensures the phone doesn’t lag especially during their online classes and evaluations. Phones like the Realme GT Master Edition priced under 30000 come with a massive 8GB RAM and capable processor thus ensuring students can proceed with learning without any interruptions. The massive 256 internal storage will suffice all their storage needs too.

7. Superior 5G phones
In addition to bringing the first 5G mobile to the country, Realme is focused on strengthening its 5G portfolio. In 2020 itself, Realme launched 14 sleek 5G devices, accounting for around 40% of all products, and has targeted to ensure 70% of all new phones will be 5G.
As India’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, you can definitely count on a Realme mobile while purchasing a new mobile for your child’s studies. With its youthful brand image and ‘Dare to Leap’ motto, your child will definitely thank you many years later for introducing them to Realme.

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