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Watermark Photos For Free| Visual Watermark For Both Windows, Android

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 5

There is a saying “once it goes online and will remain Internet for the rest of the life.” Many creators have reported copyright infringement, but not every platform has strong copyright policies and teams to handle the request. Credits are what describe your work, and internet users don’t have the time to find the artist’s name. Smaller creators should take time to watermark the photos and videos to avoid copyright infringement.

What is Visual Watermark?

Visual Watermark for Windows 11

Visual Watermark is a website, Windows, Mac, and Android app that has watermarking tools in it. The online website allows the users to upload photos and videos to watermark them to protect the creator from infringement. I have tested the Android app and Windows program for real-life experience. I will show you how to add watermark on videos/images, and I will do it on Android and Windows.

How to Watermark Images?

You can watermark images on the official Visual Watermark website, but I will show you how to do it on Android device.

Download Visual Watermark on Play Store

Step 1: Open the app and tap on the “Add Images” option.

Visual Watermark on Android (1)

Step 2: Allow the app to access the gallery.

Visual Watermark on Android (2)

Step 3: Choose images that you want to watermark, and you can select multiple images at once.

Visual Watermark on Android (3)

Step 4: Tap “Next Step” located at the top right corner.

Visual Watermark on Android (4)

Step 5: Now, you got options such as “Add Text” or “Add Logo”.

Visual Watermark on Android (5)

Step 6: I added “sample” text, and you can customize the fonts, colors, size, location, and more.

Visual Watermark on Android (6)

Step 7: Customize the output options and then tap on “Watermark images”.

Visual Watermark on Android (7)

A. You can preview the output.

B. Select file output.

C. Resize images.

I left everything to default settings and didn’t mess around since the output quality is the source file.

Step 8: Give the app a minute to add the watermark and save it in the local storage.

Visual Watermark on Android (8)

Step 9: All images are saved in the internal storage.

Visual Watermark on Android (9)

Step 10: A separate folder is created in the gallery, and you can view the watermarked images in one place.

Visual Watermark on Android (10)

The original files were not modified, nor overwritten, which is a piece of good news to me. You can mess around with the Visual Watermark app and get the best output without paying a single penny.

How to Watermark Videos?

You can visit the official website to watermark the video online, and the developers added a dedicated Windows & Mac version. I have installed Visual Watermark on Windows 11 to measure the potential.

Step 1: Open the program and click on “Select Videos”.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 1

You can Drag & Drop the videos without issues.

Step 2: Select the video file to add a watermark to it.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 2

Step 3: Click on “Next Step” located at the top right corner.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 3

Step 4: You got three options and choose one wisely.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 4

A. Add Text

B. Add Logo

C. Add Group

I selected text to demonstrate the overall experience.

Step 5: You got several options on the right sidebar to make customization’s.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 5

A. Text

B. Add symbol

C. Font

D. Color

E. Size

F. Transparency

G. Rotation


Tap on “Next Step” located on the top side.

Step 6: Select the output location.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 6

Meanwhile, you can make changes to the output file.

Step 7: Click on “Watermark Video”.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 7

Step 8: Let the Visual Watermark program render the video.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 8

Step 9: The file is saved in the destination folder.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 9

Step 10: I played the output video on the VLC Media player.

Watermark Video in Windows 11 - 10

The video is watermarked successfully, and the video quality was on par with the original one. I’m happy to find out that VW worked on the quality output as well.

VW Dedicated Apps

VW is available for Windows, Mac, and Android, along with the web-based application. The official Visual Watermark website is enough for an occasional user to watermark the videos & photos.

Users, such as myself, require dedicated apps for multiple devices and the dev team added a stable version for all of them.

You can go to the the official Visual Watarmark website and download the setup file for free. The Pro version comes at a cost and unlocks the premium features to watermark images/videos on your machine.

Bottom Line

Visual Watermark is an advanced service, and I’m happy with the number of customizations in the package. The dedicated apps for a wide range of devices are cherry on top, and they work efficiently as an online website. You can watermark photos or images within one minute, and I have experienced it on my mid-range Android 11 smartphone. Let us know what do you think about Visual Watermark in the comment section below.

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