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Best Social Media Marketing With Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Support


Millions of people’s life changed, when social media & video sharing websites started to grow. Content creators to individual people are trying to gain popularity online. Content creator is unable to get recognition for the work due to high competition, and it isn’t easy to solve. Multi-billion dollar website unable to create algorithm that can give genuine content a push.

What is Galaxy Marketing?

Galaxy Marketing Global is a digital marketing agency driven to offer services to companies, agencies, individuals, and everyone. Galaxy Marketing aiming to provide high-quality external traffic on videos, and profiles at an affordable pricing. Gain hundreds of comments & likes on social media post in an instant. Drive thousands of views on YouTube video in an instant and increase followers at the same time. Gain incredible amount of response in a short time, no matter, which popular website you registered an account with.

1) Buy Engagement

Imagine you uploaded a new photo on Instagram and it isn’t getting enough response from the followers, then it does not feel good. By purchasing Likes and Comments, you are directly increasing the engagement on the post. The service is open for individuals and agencies, which are willing to pay to drive desired amount of traffic. Coming the quality part, the Galaxy Marketing promises to provide high-quality traffic whatsoever. The traffic is going to be direct or external site.

2) Websites

Millions of people have multiple accounts across World Wide Web. It would be sad, if you could increase followers on Instagram and not on Twitter. I would be sad, if I had to depend on one platform, and not on multiple platforms. Fortunately, Galaxy Marketing Online supports YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Spotify, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Vimeo, and Google+ platform. I’ve listed number of website the company supports, and you can order engagement and boost the accounts instantly.

3) Delivery Period

A new customer would hesitate to make payment on random website, and worry about the work. First of all, you can pay for the order via PayPal, Visa, Master card, Amazon pay, and others. The management will begin initiating the order once the paid amount reflects on the Galaxy Marketing account. The company will start working on the engagement and the delivery speed will depend on the website algorithm.

Multi-billion websites build advanced algorithm to fight spam, digital marketing agencies have to comply with the policies. Be patient, while the management is working on the order, and the results should reflect on the page or profile in a few minutes.

4) Pricing

I mentioned ”affordable” in the beginning and I will explain it properly.

For 1000 views, the customer has to pay $6.65. For 50 Facebook post likes, the customer has to pay $6.65. The price doesn’t remain the same on all packages because it will change depending on the service. The company guarantees the results by the end of the day.

Buying Engagement is Safe?

Majority of the websites do not stop the users to pay up external services to driver traffic. For instance, you paid up Facebook to boost the post, and you have placed website link. Assume that the link redirects to YouTube video, and then YouTube will not penalize it because it’s coming from high-quality website. However, YouTube does not forgive purchased subscribers because it is against the policies.

Galaxy Marketing says “Don’t use Social Media to IMPRESS people, use it to IMPACT people.”

Study the YouTube policy, and algorithm behaviour. For example, if you got 1000 subscribers in 90 days, then I would order 100 subscribers in 30 days. Google team will not punish me because they will register it as natural following. Study the website properly and use it to increase rankings. Do not purchase engagement for impression only because it will fade away with time.

My strategy always includes high-quality content and then I will purchase the traffic to rank the videos or streams higher. The service is not a magical tool that makes everyone popular. If I have 1000 genuine followers, then I will add 10% paid followers to my account.

Bottom Line

Purchasing engagement for boosting the video or post is not a bad idea, and make sure to devise a good plan. The clever strategy will bear fruitful results, and it will prove to be higher ROI. Let us know what do you think about Galaxy Marketing Online in the comment section below.

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