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Influmos With Instagram Support Review | Social media marketing made simple


Digital presence is a powerful advantage for modern society because it improves visibility in the search engine. From professionals to multi-national companies are looking for people, who posses immense potential to carry out the job. You can get placed in major companies by having a large number of people following you. Content creators need instant push on social media sites, and video sharing sites, and it isn’t easy to get the engagement.

What is Influmos?

Influmos is a digital marketing agency, who is providing boosting services for professionals and individuals. If you are making videos on YouTube, and want to drive plenty of traffic on the videos, then you can purchase it. According to YouTube, you can drive traffic from external sources, and it will consider it as ranking factor. As long as your video is getting views & engagement from quality sources, your video will trend. By placing an order on Influmos, you can drive thousands to millions of views on YouTube. I haven’t even spoken about the true potential of the service, so make sure to read till the end.

1) Websites

Influmos offers ready-to-use services on multiple website including YouTube, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Linkedin, SnapChat, Vimeo, Periscope, Spotify, Google+ and others. By paying a sum of price, the service will provide instant views & other engagement on the given page or post. The company supports multiple website, and they follow the policies, so you can get view naturally.

2) Engagement

I spoke about engagement in the article, and what does it mean?

Engagement stands for Comments, Likes, Dislikes, Sharing, Follows, and Subscribers. Social media or popular website guided by algorithm, which will decide, whether they want to push the video or content on the first page/trending page or not. For instance, if you are streaming on Twitch, then the engagement will boost rankings. Ultimately, the algorithm of Twitch will put your stream on the first page, thus getting you more real watching. The same theory applies to social media sites, and other portals. Make sure to play around with the algorithm pattern because multi-billion company isn’t easy to fool.

3) Delivery Time

The digital marketing agency will begin the work once the payment reflects on their wallet. Assuming that you made the payment via PayPal, then the service consumes one minute to one hour to reflect the payment. The payment gateway does consume plenty of time to reflect the transaction, and the customer has to wait during this period. Typically, Influmos responds the order within 12-hours of period, and it will begin the initiative. The customer support is available via email, so contact them for further support.

4) Ranking Boosting is Guaranteed?

Content creators are desperate to get recognition in the web market. If you are assuming that you will get plenty of recognition in one-go, then you are living in a cave. Fooling multi-billion websites is not a simple task because they placed billion’s dollar worth algorithm. Study the website’s algorithm system and then come up with a clever strategy, which will bear profitable results. Nobody can trick a multi-billion company randomly and attract thousands of people at once. Content will always remain the king and the traffic will boost your rankings.

5) Buying Traffic & Engagement is Safe & Legal?

Influmos promises to deliver high-quality traffic on the page or post. Facebook or YouTube doesn’t penalize the content until or unless, the traffic is high-quality. Every website in the world including Google doesn’t block or penalize reference traffic because that’s how internet works. People on the Facebook or WhatsApp watch shared YouTube videos. The “SHARE” button exists, so viewers on cross-platform can watch it directly or using the reference link. I recommend testing the product with minimum views & engagement, so you can confirm in analytics tool, whether the traffic is high-quality or low-quality.

Bottom Line

By the way, you can purchase Likes, Comments, Views, Follows, Subscribers, and other separately. By spending €3.95, you can get 50 likes on Facebook post, which explains the affordable packages. The customer can pay up using PayPal, Amazon Pay, Visa, Master card, Sofort, and Sepa. Let us know what do you think about Influmos in the comment section below.


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