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Install Android apps APK from Computer by ADB USB Method


Many times, we aren’t able to install an App or APK on our Android phones due to various issues, in such cases neither the Google Play Store, APK Downloading works. The App just simply cannot be installed from your Android. In such cases we can use ADB Android Device Bridge to push our Apps or install them via USB Cable connected to your Computer. The ADB method works on all Android devices and as ADB is available for Windows, Mac OS X and linux the ADB method works on all of them. In this tutorial we will show you How you can Install Android App APKs from Computer by ADB USB Cable Method –

How to Install Android Apps using ADB from Computer (Windows / Mac OS X / Linux) –

Pre-Requisites : 

Step.1 Copying the APK file to the ADB Directory 

  • This step is optional if you’re using Compact ADB , But if you are using other ADB Versions such as Minimal ADB  & to ben the safer side copy your downloaded app’s apk file to the directory where your “adb.exe” file is located.
  • Incase of Compact ADB its “C:\Compact ADB & Fastboot”.
  • Once you have copied the apk into that directory , Open ADB / Command Prompt  in “Run as Administrator” with administrative Priveledges .

Step.2 Pushing the APK to the Android Phone 

  • Now, Connect your Android Phone using USB Cable to your computer.
  • Type in the command “adb devices” and hit the Enter / Return Key.
  • You will see your Android device listed as shown below –

    Android Device listed is unauthorized


  • Now, we will push our Apk to Android Phone by typing the command “adb install <apk-filename.apk>” inside the console as shown below –

    Successfull Installation of Apk


  • That’s it! Its that simple If you get the “Success” message it means you have successfully installed the App APK on your Android Phone.Update 1 ” :  If you’re getting error of “waiting for device” Simply, checkmark the Signature on your Android Phone & Press the “OK” button as shown in the image below –

    Verifying Signature


  • Update 2 :  Do make Sure you have the App’s apk in the same directory as that of adb.exe to prevent Apk not found errors.


Geeky Note – Uninstalling Apps Via ADB USB Interface 

  • You can even use the ADB Bridge for uninstalling apps on your Android device which refuse to uninstall by typing the command – “adb uninstall <app-package-name>”  as shown in the image below –
  • Uninstalling App via ADB


  • Thus , this is one of the simplest way of installing Apk or Apps over USB ADB interface.

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