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How to Easily Install Android ADB & Fastboot on Mac OS X


Android ADB and Fastboot Drivers are required for many purposes such as installing Custom ROMs, Factory Reset, Troubleshooting device as well as for installing and uninstalling Apps. However, Installing ADB & fastboot drivers on Mac OS X isn’t easy. So, we bring you the Easiest method to Install Android ADB & USB Fastboot drivers on your Mac OS X, so that you can control phone & flash ROM’s directly from your Mac os x device.

Method to Install Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Mac OS X –

Step.1 Downloading & Extracting the ADB Install Scripts –

  • First we need to download the necessary Adb Installation scripts for Mac, they are available in the link below –
    Click here to Download ADB & Fastboot Binaries & Installation Scripts. (<10 mB)
  • Now, Once the above .zip file has been downloaded, extract it to a Folder using Archive manager and open the extracted contents in finder as shown below –

    Extract the downloaded Zip file, we have extracted it to Android folder


Search & launch Terminal from Launchpad

Step.2 Opening Terminal & Installing the Script File –

  • Now launch “Terminal” on your Mac , by Opening “Launchpad” and selecting “Terminal”. Alternatively you can also launch terminal from the utilities folder by pressing the key combination (Shift + Command + U).
  • Once you have opened Terminal,  Switch to the Finder app.
  • There inside the extracted directory look for the file labelled “ADB-Install-Mac.sh” .
  • Now, simply drag & drop that file from Finder & app to the Terminal window as shown in the below image –

    Drag File ADB-Install-Mac.sh from Finder to terminal window

    Now the file name will appear inside the Terminal window.

  • Hit the “Enter or Return” key.
  • Once you hit the enter key it will ask you for your Account password as shown below –

    Enter your account Password & hit the enter key

    Type in your Mac OS X account password and hit the Enter key.

  • That’s it! Now it will execute the scripts & install the ADB & Fastboot binaries as well as the drivers. After the installation is finished it will wish you a “Nice day”, that’s it now you can run & use ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS X as shown below –

    ADB on Mac OS X

    That’s it you have now successfully configured your Mac OS X machine with Android drivers as well as ADB & Fastboot. This method has been tested on Mac OS X Yosemite , Mavericks, El Capitano versions. If you face any problems feel free to comment.

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