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3 Different Ways to Share Files from Android to Mac OS X


Mac OS X series have limited support for Android , and hence it becomes difficult to Share Files from Android to Mac OS X devices. Its due to the fact that all the OS X series – Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite & even El Capitano have no support for Android MTP drivers. Thus, the normal methods which work for Windows do not work for Mac OS X, but not anymore we bring you the 3 Different ways to Share or Transfer Files from Android to Mac OS X.

3 Different Methods to Share Files from Android to Mac OS X 

Note – Since Combining all these methods in a single post will make the article more confusing, we will describe each method in short and will provide a detailed tutorial link for each method.

Method . 1 – Transferring Files from Android MTP to Mac OS X via Android File Transfer : 

By Default Mac OS X doesn’t support Android MTP , but here’s how you can use Android MTP on your Mac OS X –

  1. Download & Install the Android File Transfer App from the below link –
    Click here to Download the Android File Transfer App for Mac OS X.
  2. After you have installed the app on your Mac device, Connect your Android device to your Mac device in USB MTP Mode via USB Cable
  3. Now, after you have connected your Android device , Launch the Android File Transfer App.
  4. Open a New Finder Window and navigate to the directory where you want to either copy files to Android device or paste files from Android Device.
  5. Now, for Sharing Files from Android to Mac OS X –  Select & Drag files from Android file transfer to the Finder App.
  6. If you want to share or copy files from Mac OS X to Android – Simply select the files you want to copy in Finder and drag & drop them to Android File Transfer app Window.
  7. Click here for the Detailed tutorial on How to Transfer files between Mac OS & Android via MTP USB along with Screenshots


Method . 2  – Transferring Files from Android to Mac OS X or vice versa by using USB Storage Mode – 

Select USB Storage on Android

Though the default USB connection type for Android phones is MTP, most phones also have the option to select default connection type as “USB Storage”.

The reason being MTP is not supported by Windows XP , but the same mode is very helpful even for Mac OS X users. As your phone can be easily browsed using Finder as below –

  • Change the default USB Connection type in your Android Phone Settings to “USB Storage”.
  • Now connect your Android Phone to Mac OS X using USB Cable.
  • You will instantly see one or two icons on your Desktop depending your phone’s storage options –
    If external SD Card supported – 2 icons.
    No external SD Card support – 1 icon.

as shown below –

Icons on Desktop Double click to Open

  • Double click on any icon, it will open in Finder!
  • Voila! now you can browse your Android Phone’s contents right inside Finder as shown in the image below –

    Android Phone Contents right inside Finder

  • Now, simply use the normal Copy-Paste methods to transfer & share files to & from your Android device to your Mac Device.


Method . 3 – Sharing Files from Android to Mac OS X over WiFi by Share It App.

This method is really very big to be summarized, we highly recommend it reading over it on the below link –

Click here for Detailed tutorial to Share files from Android to Mac OS X over WiFi

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