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Rainmeter tutorial – customize desktop in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with Rainmeter! flaunt your geeky desktop even more!


Recently I wrote about the simplest and safest way to apply custom themes in Windows 7/8/8.1 , taking the desktop customisation to next level is Rainmeter . Rainmeter simply takes desktop customization to the jarvis level (Ironman reference :P ) , below is an easy tutorial to Customize desktop in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 using Rainmeter !

Before i go onto the tutorial I’ll like to flaunt what Rainmeter can actually do , Simply check out the image below –

Your desktop can look like this!

And even like this! ala Spaceship!

Isn’t it looking cool ? Click here to view the larger image (higher resolution) , all this is possible by Rainmeter – A simple desktop customisation software which can customise your desktop/laptop like never before!

Features of Rainmeter –

  • Simple, and light Desktop Customisation software with widgets support!. (Just 2 Mb size)
  • Very,very light on CPU and RAM .
  • Easily install customised Rainmeter skins (.rmskins)
  • CPU Usage, RAM, Media player, battery, Network status, Shortcuts and a wide number of widgets are inbuilt.
  • Real-time updation and display of widget data!

Tutorial to install and use Rainmeter and customise your Windows –

  • First of all download and install Rainmeter , Rainmeter unlike other customisation tools is common for all Windows versions .
    Click here to download Rainmeter v 3,1 Stable,
    Click here to download Rainmeter v 3,2 Beta.
  • While installing Rainmeter do keep an eye to install the normal one and not the Portable versionm there’s no need of configuring anything just keep on clicking “next”.
  • Once you’re done with installing, run Rainmeter, if not automatically opened by the system.
  • Now, you’ll see the default rainmeter skin “illustro” and some gadgets on your desktop , here simply right-click on the widget and check/uncheck the widgets you want to see as shown in the alongside figure –

Tutorial to install custom skins in Rainmeter – 

  • This was all about installing Rainmeter, but you’ll like your desktop to look much like the images shown earlier in this post  – here’s how you can do it –
  • Download any of the Rainmeter skins or .rmskin files from the following sites (I’m only mentioning a few there are many sites like these –
    1. Deviantart – Rainmeter monitored.
    2. Deviantart – All Rainmeter compatible. 
    3. Customize.org
  • Once you have downloaded the .rmskin file from the above site,all you have to do is double-click on the .rmskin file.
  • Rainmeter will then notify you of installing the skin & its associated plugins, simply click on install and yo!
  • If your desired skin doesn’t get applied you can still manually apply it by the check marking its widgets as shown in the figure below –
  • That’s it for this article , there will be an advanced customization article if the readers demand for it :) , By the way here’s how my Desktop looks like now – http://prntscr.com/5df2fd  (You too can flauntyour desktop in comments :) )


  1. SuryaKant December 6, 2014

    Awesome ! 🙂 Which skin are you using in your desktop Chaitanva ?

    1. Chaitanya December 6, 2014

      Thanks Suryakant :), I am using widgets of 2 skins – illustro + Dashboard , combined with my own wallpaper 😀

      1. SuryaKant December 7, 2014

        Awesome ! well your last words (“there will be an advanced customization article if the readers demand for it”) draw my attention 🙂 It will be my pleasure if you publish the advanced customization article. 😀

  2. kalai September 10, 2015

    Hi there , can i know if i can push this theme into my android phone ?


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