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Install/apply Custom themes on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 using UxStyle! – Safest method! to style your Windows!


Microsoft Windows is currently the most widely used Operating System in this world, but many of the Windows users are unaware of the OS’s features one of such feature is personalisation . Though many are familiar with personalizing the wallpaper, screensavers etc but you can even personalize the toolbar , task-bar, icons , sounds and even the ‘‘ minimize and the close ‘X‘ buttons!. all you need to do is have the proper ‘theme’ or themepack . But the downside is that Windows by default supports only the themes available on official Microsoft site . This limitations can be removed by using UxStyle which is perhaps the safest way to apply Custom themes to windows.

Why you should install custom/3rd party themes or themepacks on Windows ?

  • The best graphics and animations are available which are absent in Official Windows themes.
  • Refreshing new sounds which can be used to impress anyone who uses or sees your PC/Laptop.
  • Cool new icons.
  • Easy on eyes and lesser on memory requirements.
  • Can be easily bundled with other 3rd-party launchers.

Now, about UxStyle – its a tiny software which loads during the windows boot-up and enables the application of 3rd party or custom themes to any windows installation. Though there are many other tools such as “UXtheme Ultra patcher” but they modify the system files hence are risky. UxStyle simply starts and shuts off without changing the system files hence is the Best tool for applying themes!

Tutorial to install Custom/3rd Party themes using UxStyle –

  • First of all download and install the UxStyle for your Windows version –

    1.  UxStyle for Windows 7 SP1 and earlier versions – Download.
    2. UxStyle for Windows 8 and 8.1 – Download.
    3. UxStyle for Windows 10 / Threshold – Download.

  • Now, Download any of the Windows themes or 3rd Party themes you want to apply. Here are some sites from which you can download themes –
    Site 1 – Windows 8/8.1 Themes,
    Site 2 – Windows 7 Themes.

  • Now, once you download the themes from above site,you will get a zip file or folder , Now simply copy the contents of .zip or folder to the “C:\Windows\Resource\Themes” folder for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Once you have done copying , you can directly double click on the “.theme” file which you want to apply , or you can even apply it from the “personalize” option by pressing right-clicking on any blank space in the desktop(wallpaper) and selecting the “personalise option/”
  • That’s it simple,easy and safe too ! as we haven’t modified any system files . If you face any kind of issues/queries while applying themes do comment .

Update – Now take Desktop Customization to another level ala Jarvis (Ironman) or Batman – Click here to read on how to do it using Rainmeter!

Here’s how my Desktop looks after applying – Base : A black theme for Windows 8

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