Installation/Setup of Firefox OS Simulator on PC/Mac | Run/Install Firefox OS apps on PC...

hence, I started looking for Firefox OS Emulator for PC , and found that configuring the Firefox OS simulator for testing and checking Firefox OS is really quite Simple Installing Mozilla Firefox 33 on your Default OS

Procedure to create Wifi Hotspot on Linux |Creating Wireless Access point on Linux [Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Fedora/OpenSUSE]

Lets have a look on how to create wifi hotspot on linux Hotspotd is a small daemon to create a wifi hotspot on linux, it works by creating a virtual NAT (Network address transation) table between your connected device and the internet using linux iptables. Requirements/Pre-requisites for using hotspotd to create access point Installation of hotspotd - Using the Hotspot

Tutorial – Installing/Setup VirtualBox on Linux [Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Fedora/OpenSUSE/ArchLinux etc]

VirtualBox is the most widely used Virtual Machine emulator today, be it Windows or MAC OS or Linux Installing VirtualBox on Linux "sudo apt-get install virtualbox"  to install VirtualBox. :) and get VirtualBox installed .

Tutorial – Install/Setup Genymotion Android Emulator on Linux [Ubuntu/LinuxMint/Fedora/ArchLinux]

Many asked us for installation instructions for installing Genymotion on Linux, so we have come up with this tutorial to install Genymotion - the present-best Android emulator for Linux Tutorial for Installation/Setup of Genymotion on Linux -

3 Best Apps to Record Screen in Linux|Capture Screen Videos / Screencast in Linux...

Recently, i had to redord some tutorials on my linux machine, but i found out that there are only a few rare options to record screencasts [screen videos ]in Linux / Ubuntu [LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu] , hence i came up with these three Best and Awesome apps to record screen in linux

5 Best Android Emulators for Linux | Run Android Apps on Linux Ubuntu,LinuxMint,Fedora,ArchLinux,OpenSUSE,Mageia,CentOS etc

Hey Guys, as you know the Smartphone market is dominated by Android OS - which itself is an operating system designed / based on the linux kernel , but unfortunately the Android Emulators for Linux itself are quite less as compared to windows counterparts :( so let's have a look on the 5 best  Android Emulators for Linux to run android apps and play android games on Linux -Ubuntu,LinuxMint,Fedora,ArchLinux etc Andy Android Emulator by Andyroid.net 5