How to use Kronymous to access Tor Network on Chrome Browser & Google Chrome OS (Chromebooks)


There is no official Tor bundle released for Google Chrome Operating System or Chromebook, neither does the Tor bundle for Windows, or Mac OS X officially supports Google Chrome Web Browser. Many times we might need to access Tor network either to remain anonymous, or to bypass censorship & access .onion sites. Here’s a simple… [Read More]

How to Access & open YouTube website in Material Design view!


Google has confirmed that its testing the material design on YouTube. This re-designing of YouTube layout took almost 2 years to come and is currently in Beta. However, You can access this Beta version on your PC or Windows Computer and even Mac OS as well by a few tweaks. Here’s a small guide which… [Read More]

How to install & load unpacked Extension in Google Chrome Browser & OS / Chromebooks


Many times Google Chrome simply blocks some extension and we cannot use them any further or sometimes we need to install extensions which aren’t present on the Store. In such scenarios, we can test the Google Chrome Extension by loading unpacked Extension & Installing it in Google Chrome Developer mode . In our tutorial we’re… [Read More]

Tutorial – How to disable/Stop YouTube Autoplay of Videos and Playlists in Chrome/Firefox

One of the most annoying thing present in YouTube is its Autoplay – Its starts playing the video as soon as its get opened, or we click on it So, here’s the easiest method to Stop YouTube auto play Click here to download SmartVideo for YouTube –  Chrome.