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Run Python Scripts – Python Programming on Chrome OS / Chromebooks | Python for Chrome Os


Chromebooks and Chrome Os is on the trend, due to the lightning fast speeds, ease of use and lower costs . Same is the case with Python by virtue of its vast possibilities of application in fewer lines of Coding & scripting . Hence, here’s a small tutorial by which you will be able to do Python Programming on Chrome Os itself , as well as run Python Shell in chrome Os itself !. I will be covering two python apps/extensions on Python for Chrome OS , you can use anyone which you like –

App / Extension # 1 – Python

Python Shell for Chrome

This is my favorite app/extension for running Python in Chrome as it provides a complete Python Shell for running and executing the apps . Giving a native Linux feel , the shell is based on the famous NaCl module and provides Python 2.7.7 , which gives platform for more productivity without voiding the warranty . After you install the app , simply Run the app through the Chrome App launcher.

Click here to download Python for Chrome Os / Chromebooks.


App / Extension # 2 – Skulpt Interpreter

Skulpt python interpreter

Skulpt Python interpreter for Chrome Os is yet another extension which enables Python scripting and programming on your Chromebooks. Though Skulpt Interpreter doesn’t provide you the native experience of python shell , but is powerfully built. and is quite handy too!

Click here to download Skulpt Interpreter for Chrome OS.

So, these were the Python tools or extensions for Google Chrome OS, if you know of any other such good app/extension for Python on Chrome feel free to comment .

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