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How to install & load unpacked Extension in Google Chrome Browser & OS / Chromebooks


Many times Google Chrome simply blocks some extension and we cannot use them any further or sometimes we need to install extensions which aren’t present on the Store. In such scenarios, we can test the Google Chrome Extension by loading unpacked Extension & Installing it in Google Chrome Developer mode . In our tutorial we’re going to use JSTorrent Extension which is a JavaScript based Torrent Client for Google Chrome & then install it externally –

Tutorial to Install & Load Unpacked Extensions in Google Chrome Browser / OS

  • First of all download the .zip or .crx file of the Extension you need to install manually on Google Chrome and extract it to a folder –
    As we are using JSTorrent in our example : You can download the JSTorrent Zip for Free from Github using the below URL –
    Click here to Download JSTorrent .zip from GitHub.com
  • Once you have downloaded the Zip file, extract it to a folder (In case of .crx files, rename the files first to .zip and then extract) .
  • Now Return again to Google Chrome, Navigate to Settings – > Extensions .
  • Here Look for the Option “Developer Mode” and enable it as shown in the image below –.
  • Once you’ve enabled the Developer Mode option it will modify the extensions tab from clear one in the previous image to one which looks similar to the image below “It will reveal Load Unpacked Extension” option –
    Google Chrome Load Unpacked Extension

    Google Chrome Load Unpacked Extension

    Now Simply Click on The “Load Unpacked Extension Option” it will ask you for the Directory from where the extension is to be loaded as shown below –

    Extension Directory

    Here Specify the directory to which we extracted the .crx file of extension or .zip file in the First Step and Click on OK.

  • That’s it your Extension will now be added to Google Chrome , Now Scroll down in the “Extensions” tab present inside Chrome Settings, you’ll see Your Extension in the list (In our example JS Torrent ) Now Simply Click on the “Launch” option highlighted to launch your extension ! –


    Voila! You’ve installed as well as launched an Unpacked Extension on Google Chrome . We used JSTorrent in our example because it charges users on Google Chrome Store, although its source code is available for Free on Github. If you face any problem’s while loading extensions feel free to comment.

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