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How to Use Your Internet Web Browser as A File Explorer & Manager


Web Browser :

A Software which is generally used to navigate and browse Websites present on the Internet. But Hey, it can be used to view and open files on your Computer too. In this article we will cover : How you can use it Browse and Open files on your computer or system.

It is especially useful in situations like you have a file on a Pendrive or on yout hard-disk’s partition but infected with an autorun virus and you want to show a document/photo in quick time to someone and there is no time for scanning/removing the virus…

So what can you do in such situations .. ??

The Solution is really very simple

Open A Web Browser Such As Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/K-Meleon/Maxthon any of which u use

Remove the http:// command present in the url/address bar and type “file:///c:/” [Type “file:///c:/” Without Quotes type only file:///c:/] or replace c:/ with your pendrive initial like d,e,f ,g or cd-rom initial.. Check the Screenhot of this method tested in Maxthon 3.0 besides 

Now Browse And Open Any file like you do in a normal file explorer. only drawback of this method is that it cannot be used to copy/cut/paste/delete the files


isn’t it quite simple. 🙂 do try yourselves and let us know


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