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What to Do on Android Right Now


The smartphone revolution is in full swing, and it seems like there’s a constant battle between the two biggest competitors – Android and iOS. While both platforms have a lot to offer, today we’re going to focus on the former of the two. In the early days of smartphones, Аndroid was seen as the weaker contender. Throughout the years, however, opinions have swayed. The fierce competition has caused the platform to grow immensely, leaving us with powerful machines. If you’re an Android user, here are some of the best things to do on android devices right now.

Play Casino Games

Luckily for iOS users, Casino games are available on both platforms. On Android, however, it seems that the casino gaming experience is somewhat ahead. Online casinos are well-optimized for both platforms. Players can find plenty of great casinos online and have a blast playing classic table games, slots, and many other fun games through a mobile browser or a dedicated app. With most online casinos, it seems that the focus of dedicated apps is on Android. While most offer them for both platforms, Android is a tad bit ahead in terms of gameplay and user interface.

Download From New Markets

Something that set Android apart from iOS, in the beginning, was the fact that Android allowed downloading software from third-party providers. While iOS users were mostly stuck to what they could find on the official iOS store, Android users were free to roam the internet and explore a much bigger market of games and apps. Of course, this is still true today. While iOS has come a long way with offering more options on app downloads, Android reigns supreme when it comes to finding a variety of apps from different sources that aren’t the official Google Play Store.

Catch up on Work

If you’re working in the digital field, Android has you covered. The platform is closer and closer to offering a fully functioning work network to replace the common use of a PC for work, among other things. With millions of apps for digital artists, writers, and even programmers, Android is steadily becoming the preferred workstation. Things get even better for freelancers. Thanks to platforms like Fiverr and Upwork coming up with very well-optimized mobile apps, many freelancers need only their android mobile device to get the job done promptly and efficiently.

Stream From Various Sources

This one isn’t at all exclusive to Android, but it’s something that’s seen a lot of improvement. Streaming videos on services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu has evolved massively. The dedicated apps these video streaming services offer on mobile make navigating the platforms even easier than it is on PC and offer a much more enjoyable viewing experience overall. The same can be said for live streaming. Dedicated apps for platforms like Twitch are incredibly well-made, so if you’re looking to catch some legendary moments in streaming, there’s never been a better time to do so than now.


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