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Folx Download Manager Review 2020


Internet is a massive space, and bandwidth plays a crucial role in downloading the files online. The default browsers are no excellent when you want to download larger-sized files such as movies, software, TV shows, documents, operating systems, and more. We do recommend getting a dedicated download manager to replace the existing one. Download managers do have flaws, but they are an excellent source to save the larger files faster in the local storage.

What is Folx Download Manager?

Folx is a free-to-use download manager for a macOS machine that offers plenty of premium features. The algorithm in the program utilizes a 2-thread system to split the files and fetch the data faster. It is a software-based technology that has been proven to be active over the years. Folx has plenty of features that rivals paid solutions, which makes it worth taking a look at it. In this review, we are going to look at Folx capabilities, and give you an insight into it.

1. Browser Support

We consider browser extension support as the top priority as most of the downloads come from a browser. Fortunately, Folx developed a compatible extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. Overall, the add-on usually functions, and catches the downloadable links from the browser, and saves it in the local storage. The function works similar to IDM for Windows, which is a popular solution that created a new line current market.

2. Torrent Support (PRO)

Folx considered as best download manager for Mac because it has features outside-of-the-box. You can search for Torrents from the internet within the application and download it instantly. You do have exciting features like the Pause/Play button to control the download during the instability of connection. Of course, you might have to leave the program to see the list extensively, and it unlocks in the PRO version for $19.95 for 1 Mac.

3. YouTube Download (PRO)

Folx added extensive support for YouTube. Media consumers can download videos from YouTube to local storage in a few clicks. The program supports multiple features in this particular area, where you can download the file in 4k, 2k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, and 144p. In case, if you are eyeing for soundtrack only, then you can save the file in audio format. Overall, you can save YouTube media files in local storage with your desired file formats.

4. Proxy Support

Folx supports Torrent download, which is a grave threat to you as the law is regulated in many countries. Torrent consumers are subjected to facing the Court of Law for breaking and downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material online. The Proxy will protect the users from Government surveillance, Security, and Country Laws. Of course, we are not promoting the illegal copyrighted material here, but it is a necessity in modern times. We do recommend getting premium VPN services for more reliable security barriers, but it is an inbuilt feature available in PRO edition.

5. Multi-threading (PRO)

The download managers open multiple threads to download one file that takes advantage of the high-internet speed. Folx free version offers two threads of limitation and up to 10 multi-threads in PRO edition. Folx will split the savable file into ten multi-threads, and each file fetches maximum download speed. You assume that the data is consuming the maximum amount of MBs per second, but ten split threads are consuming MBs. Overall, it is an ingenious method that started the download manager exclusive market a decade ago.

6. Password Manager (PRO)

Folx has an inbuilt password manager that allows users to save the credentials of different websites. You don’t have to enter the Username & Password every time, and that’s a useful feature. If you want to download a file quickly from a website, then you can leave it to the program. But, this is a PRO version feature, so you have to purchase the license starting at $19.95 for one MacBook or iMac. We don’t recommend this program for saving Internet Banking credentials, and you have to look for a more reliable password manager.

Bottom Line

Folx 5 is a free-to-use download manager for macOS machines. In the free edition, you get high download speed, splitting downloads into two threads, and resuming downloads automatically. Overall, we consider it a good deal, but it would have been great if they have increased the threads to four in the free edition. Let us know what do you think Folx 5 in the comment section below.

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