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UkeySoft Apple Music Converter Review: Convert Apple Music to MP3 in 3 Easy Steps


Apple music sounds a completely different genre when it is advertised by Apple Incorporated. Imagine that you paid for the music that exists in the library but you cannot access it on another non-Apple device. Unfortunately, the Apple DRM (Digital Rights Management) system doesn’t allow the non-Apple device owners to enjoy purchased content from iTunes and that’s not acceptable for millions of music lovers.

What is UkeySoft Apple Music Converter?

UkeySoft is a software company that created Apple Music Converter for the masses, who want to playback the media content on a wide range of machines. The program offers advanced features that allow the music lovers to remove the DRM protection layer, and convert the music file into an MP3 universal audio format. Of course, I will provide much more information on the features, while I show you how you can use the program.

Convert Apple Music to MP3 Audio Format using UkeySoft?

You need to download UkeySoft Apple Music Converter from the official website. I want to inform the readers that this is a premium product, and you have to purchase the license to start converting the DRM files to the highest quality audio format. There is a free trial program available for the newbie’s and you can use the trial period to put the feature to test.

Note: Keep iTunes installed with the phone connected and create a backup of the purchases from the store.

Step 1: Fire up the program and the Apple music converter will automatically fetch data from the iTunes library. There is a dedicated panel available on the left side, where all media files are separated, and you can access them individually.

Step 2: Use the selection tool to select all media files for conversion. The batch conversion allows the music lovers to select one song or entire playlist for the process.

Step 3: The time has come to select the correct output settings for high-quality audio. Users can select the audio format, bitrate, codec, sample rate, and channels.

Step 4: Click on options, and then adjust the conversion speed. PC administrators can change the conversion speed according to the system hardware from 1X to 16X.

Step 5: Click on the “Convert” button that is located at the top left side corner and then let the program begin the process. I request the users to remain patient because the process consumes plenty of time depending on the system hardware and the number of files.

Step 6: The default folder pop-up on the screen and find all converted music in one place.

No need to worry about the original media files getting tampered because Apple music MP3 converter doesn’t override the original audio files. Users can repeat the process multiple times, and leave the original audio files untouched.

What’s next after Apple Music Converted into MP3?

Honestly, MP3 is a universal audio format that reached billions of people around the world including myself. Apple Incorporated introduced the M4P format to add DRM protection and provide high-quality output. I wouldn’t call third-party solutions an alternative until or unless they produce high-quality results.

a) Select FLAC format for lossless quality.

b) MP3 audio format is playable on all known devices such as Android, iOS, TV, Portable music players, and more. Fortunately, the converter won’t tamper with the audio quality, so you should be getting the high-quality sound output.

c) I implore the readers to create a backup of the converted audio files because Apple removes offline downloaded music from the system once the subscription ends.

The DRM protection is removed from the media files, so you can burn the music to CD/DVD. Audio editors could not access the audio files because the DRM protection kept the file restricted in many ways. Now, you can add Apple music in the audio editor and start working on the project immediately.

Bottom Line

The masses welcomed 2020 many days ago, but the UkeySoft didn’t end the celebrations yet and grab a 20% discount on all products. Of course, the discount period won’t last long on the premium solution, so I implore the readers to check it out immediately. The license key costs $85 on normal days, but you can grab the deal at $68 in total. Let us know what do you think about Apple music to MP3 converter in the comment section below.

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