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How to Download Files Anonymously Best Simple Way


High-speed internet is a myth back in 2006 when internet service providers could not provide more than 512 kbps per second for home users. Streaming music, videos and clips online is a buffering journey and I could not imagine the present would come after one decade. Downloading content online is no longer a safe zone for the device administrators because there are too many threats coming with it. Lack of awareness in the modern internet community is leading to phishing, throttling connection, Government surveillance, and more.

How to download files anonymously?

I don’t have a unique pattern or method to download any file anonymously because it isn’t about how to down and it is more about how you should be downloading. First, you have to follow security protocols and start focusing on securing your identity.

First Step:

In order to remain anonymous, we have to cut the mainline, which exposes out location and identity to the world. The technology that traces our location starts with IP address, which allotted by internet service providers. Entire World Wide Web works on IP address and even websites have IP addresses. From local networks to servers, everything on World Wide Web (WWW) has an IP address.

Step 1: Select the VPN for anonymously downloading the files from the internet.

Step 2: Go to Windows settings by clicking on “Windows key + X.” In the settings, choose “Time & Date” because you want to make some changes there.

Step 3: Click to disable “Time” & “Time Zone” and then change the location to meet VPN’s location. Some installed programs and web-applications have gotten smarter over the years, and they are tracking using your PC & device location. I recommend changing the Android & iOS device location/region because websites web-application can detect it.

Step 4: Select the location in the VPN and the viola.

Let the connection take over the internet and change the IP address. The registered digital address focuses on revealing your identity and I will talk about it later on.

Second Step:

We are going to choose the right browser and the choice comes from my personal experience. I do not imply that the rival browsers are good for privacy or similar to it.

Step 1: Choose Mozilla Firefox because it is an open-source project trying to keep the internet secure.

Step 2: Turn on incognito mode to get rid of web trackers & web crawlers.

Step 3: Start visiting the websites without worrying about privacy and maintain a low profile.

I believe that Google browser may not follow privacy policy rules because they build the browser to collect data from the users. They collect the data of what you are typing and send it directly to the servers. During leaked NSA documents obtained by “The Washington Post” and “The Guardian” mentioned Google was collaborating with CIA and NSA. I don’t recommend using Google products when you are trying to maintain anonymity.

Legal Consequences of Downloading from Torrents & Illegal Websites

You can find millions of websites online, who provide copyright content & information that may be banned in your country. Law is different in every country and you might end up breaking a law by downloading something illegal in your country.

For instance, in the Kingdom of Saudi, accessing illegal content from foreign websites can land you in trouble. Many foreign people work in Saudi under contracts and they want to access websites for country-based content consumption.

Government & media agencies collaborated and they are working directly with ISP provide, and they track you down. The Government agencies might end up suing you or monitor browsing activities because they don’t want the citizens to download copyrighted content or illegal content.

Of course, we don’t support copyright content downloading illegally. A few regimes don’t want the truth to get out of the world, so they control it. Internet is a vast space and control is a necessity for Governments and King-ruled countries. Our mission is to explain why the internet should be open to everyone. ISP works directly with the agencies and they throttle the internet browsing speed.

Bottom Line

I don’t want to be monitored and nobody wants be surveillance by Government. Start using VPN services to bypass the identification problems and avoid legal actions taken by the regime. Don’t download copyright content because they are available for free on Spotify, YouTube, and other legal websites.

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