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Lynk Hero Best Way To Boost Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SoundCloud Profiles


Ranking one single post or video on popular platform is not an easy task. The competition across the globe in content creation has increased drastically over the years. The desperation to prove has increased but the difficulty level kept leveling up. By using external sources, you can boost the rankings in a few seconds, and it will last for longer period depending on the strategy.

What is Lynk Hero?

Lynk Hero is a digital service provider offering boosting packages to customers across the globe. The company accepts orders globally, and the country barrier doesn’t matter in this case. I have explained about the services below, and you can understand the packages clearly. Lynk Hero boosts popular websites profiles & pages, so the customer can increase organic traffic on the page.

1) Increase Engagement

If your client or you have registered accounts on social media sites, video sharing websites, and music sharing portals, then you can increase the engagement. In simpler words, if you uploaded new photos on Facebook, then you can increase number of Likes, Comments and Shares on the post. The company accepts bulk orders, and start getting engagement continuously. By spending $7, gain 50 likes on FB post instantly and it increases rankings and ends up in the followers feed. I mentioned “LIKES” only, but you can increase followers, likes, comments, sharing, page likes, page follows, subscribers, and more.


Over the years, digital platforms grew immensely worldwide, and several companies released innovative applications. Currently, I’m available on multiple social media sites & video sharing sites. If I want to increase followers on multiple sites, then it would be a problem because similar services don’t support multiple popular platforms. Lynk Hero supports Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Periscope, Spotify, TikTok and Twitch. In one-click, drive thousands of views, and followers on multiple platforms.

3) Quality

Paid engagement always targeted by the spam algorithm system and it is important that we maintain high-quality traffic on the profile. Multi-billion sites such as FB recruited dedicated software engineer team, who develop strong barrier to eliminate low-quality engagement on the platform. Lynk Hero promises to deliver relevant traffic on requested pages or posts. The customer gets to select the traffic such as country, and it will maintain relevancy. The company also promised to redirect high-quality traffic & engagement, so the customers don’t have to suffer from the penalty.

4) Delivery Period

I order at online shopping store, and I cannot wait to receive the item. Of course, the delivery period matters in this case and I’m obliged to inform you that the management begins working on the order once the payment is received.

How fast the company finishes the task? It’s a valid question when you paying for the service. Fortunately, the management follows natural processes, where Likes, Comments, and Views pour in on day one. The customers can witness the increase in engagement on day one. In case, if you got questions, then the management always waiting to serve the customers.

Lynk Hero Boosting Service is Legal?

Buying boosting services online is 100% legal. Purchasing paid traffic is not an illegal action because Google Adwords, Facebook advertisements, and others don’t even function. However, popular websites do have strong policies for users, who purchase engagement. You can read YouTube or other site policies, and they are against paid engagement.

I recommend the customers add followers, likes, comments, and shares at minimum. Let us assume that I got FB page with 1000 likes, then I will order 100 likes for boosting purchase. FB algorithm doesn’t detect pages with minimum purchased engagement. You should not abuse boosting services at maximum level because it will directly affect the natural process. In terms of views, I recommend going for 40% of purchased views because you are planning to rank the video on YouTube or other websites.

Understand the algorithm targeted website, and plan accordingly because the strategy will bear fruitful profits. Burning cash & blaming the service isn’t going to shape your vision of success.

Bottom Line

Everything is possible from commenting on FB post to sharing the YouTube video. The pricing starts from $7 and wide-range of options are available on the platform. Multiple payment options are available like Amazon Pay, Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, etc. Let us know what do you think about Lynk Hero in the comment section below.


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