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Top 3 iOS iPhone+iPad Emulators to test iOS on PC/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Online


Unlike Android, testing Apple iOS apps is a kinda tedious tasks as there are NO emulators available for iOS compared to many  Android emulators available for either Windows / Linux or Mac OS X  . Hence when it comes to testing iOS apps or be it taking a feel of Apple iOS for iPhone or iPad , there are a very few alternatives. But not anymore, we present you Top 3 iOS emulators which you can use not only to take a feel of iOS , but also test your ipa’s – iPhone or iPad apps online. Being cloud based solutions these emulators work on any operating system – Windows 7/8/8.1 , Linux , Mac OS and even Chrome os too!

No # 1 – App.io

App.io Process

The most simplest and easy to use amongst them is App.io (Check the alongside screenshot)). All you need to do is upload your iOS .app bundle on App.io , and then it can be streamed from the App.io cloud to any of your devices be it your PC / Mac / Android Phone / Tablet etc. Thus, App.io is a great way to experience iOS apps on Android phones as the apps are streamed from the cloud, hence no extra configuration hardware is required.

App.io offers a free 7-day trial which is enough to get a look and feel of Apple iOS, the keyboard, menus etc. Below is a demo screenshot of eBay app for iOS deployed on the app.io cloud, it works flawlessly with all features! you can yourself check it out on App.io’s homepage.

Click here to visit App.io and view the eBay iOS app demo


No # 2 – Appetize.io

Appetize.io provides a complete emulated iOS device

Appetize.io is another alternative to app.io which provides iOS & android app deployment on the cloud. And in addition to app deployment Appetize also provides a free live iOS demo which can be used by everyone to have a complete peek into iPhone 4/5s/6 as well as Nexus 5. However, you cannot install any app in the demo emulated device. If you want to test a particular iOS app or .ipa you can upload it using the upload option on the Appetize site, and yo! your emulated iOS app link will be emailed to you 🙂

Click here to use the demo iOS emulator of Appetize.io

Personal take – I really like the appetizer iPhone 6 demo, though it was sluggish at first but later it gave a complete hand-on on iOS , highly recommended for users who want to have a feel of Apple iOS for iPhone. Appetizer now has a demo device of iPad available too!

No 3 – Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin – TestFlight

We weren’t able to test this solution personally like we were able to as in case of app.io and appetize.io . However, being tied-up with Apple, Xamarin Testflight also gives a platform to deploy your apps and test them.

Click here for a complete guide about Xamarin Testflight


So, to be frank there is really no offline software or solution available which can be termed as a complete apple iOS emulator, however we found Appetizer.io to be the closest one can get just to handle and get the feel Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad and run their own apps. App.io also gives a similar solution but has a 7 day free trial and needs to be payed for later..



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