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Bigo App – Make free Calls to any mobile/landline on Earth!


Free worldwide calling without any ads simply sounds fictious, but actually it isn’t with apps like Bigo,Nanu etc. Let’s have a look on the first of the first one – Bigo! Bigo is a truly one of its kind app which lets its users make calls, I mean make free calls to practically any mobile/land-line phone on Earth! and the best thing about Bigo app is that it doesn’t even requires the called person (person you’re calling to) to have Bigo app installed. As a matter of fact S/he doesn’t even need an internet connection to talk with you provided you place the call. Thus making Bigo distinct from other calling apps such as Viber,Skype etc.

Some of the unique Features/Characteristics of Bigo App

  • Bigo provides free 400 Credits per month per user.
  • Bigo even provides Free 10 Credits per day for simply logging onto the app!
  • Thus, you can easily earn 800 Credits each month for free! without having to pay for a single Bigo call credit.
  • The Bigo Credits are used to make the calls, and the credits costs per call varies according to the location called. i.e The Credit rate per call varies according to the location of called mobile/landline.
  • for example, the charge for calls made to India cost 8-12 Bigo Credits per minute which tallies to around 100 Minutes of Free Call!
    while the charge for USA Calls is 3 Credits per minute which account to Over 250 Minutes of Free Calls per Month!
  • Another good thing about Bigo is that, it charges the calls on per second pulse rather than per minute pulse , thus saving the calling credits costs for calls lesser than complete minutes.
  • Besides this. Bigo also provides Unlimited Free Bigo to Bigo Calls like any other calling apps which don’t require/cost any Bigo credits.
  • You can check out the Credit charge/rate for Non-Bigo calls by clicking here.
  • Recently, Bigo has also launched free bigo credits on inviting/referring a friend – Each friend referred to Bigo earns you 300 Credits!.
  • The credits earned by inviting friends are automatically transferred to next month if unused .

Click here to Download Bigo!

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