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Easily Create Setup / Installer for any Software using InstallSimple Setup creator


Hey Guys, we at TechApple, post alot of setups and installers for many softwares, ever wondered how to create setup/installer for any software.? in this post, i am going to cover the same Let’s Check out how to easily create a setup / installer for any software.[Windows] and that too without any scripting involved thus no programming language involved! 🙂


  • A simple tool / Portable Software – InstallSimple  , which we are going to use for Creating Packaged Software.
  • The Folder/Software of which you want to create Software.
  • This Tutorial 🙂 that’s it 🙂
  • You can download InstallSimple from here . Click here to download InstallSimple Setup Creator [Just 355kB].

Method to Create/Setup using InstallSimple

  • Open InstallSimple.exe from the Downloaded zip file, you will be greeted with an image as follows , Click on Next to Continue.
  • After Click on Next you will be shown a window asking you to Enter the Window Title and Project Name, Fill in The Window Title – The text you want to show on title bar and the Name of the Software in Project Name and click on Next.
  • Now a dialog box will appear with a Message Text Label and a textbox , in the textbox enter the Custom Text/Greeting text which you want to show when setup starts and click on next.
  • Now a dialog Box will appear with label License Agreement, enter the type of license agreement for your software and click on next.
  • Now in this window “Graphics” we can specify the splash screen we want to display before the execution of the setup as well as the header image of the setup window, Click the Folder icon as shown in below figure to specify the path., CLick on Next
  • Now a window “Files to Distribute” / asking you to select source folder of your setup and setup path for your setup will appear, in source folder option click on “Browse” and navigate to the software folder of which installation you want to create and click “ok” , its generally the folder which contains your .exe setup file,and .dll files etc.., select the root folder which contains your software for source folder, and for setup path, enter the folder and location where you want to install your software ex “Program Files”,”Local user drive” etc as shown in the figure –>
  • Now a Window Labelled “Shortcuts” will appear, here select the Files of which you want to create shortcuts and the locations where you can place the shortcut can be selected on the right side pane such as “Start Menu”,”Desktop” etc, after you click on the file of which you want to create shortcut , a yellow/green color mark will appear as shown in the next figure –> After selecting the files for shortcut click on Next., select the Windows Versions and .NET framework check if you want to add., click on next..
  • Now a tab “Windows Registry”  will appear , Enter here any regitry changes you want to make e.x adding PATH variable with setup etc and click on next,
  • Now a Window  labelled ‘Build Setup” will appear! , Simply Click on Build and your Setup will be Ready!! 
  • The Build WIndow looks like this — >
  •  Congratulations!! you have successfully created your Setup! The Setup.exe can be used on Any Machine..

The Setup itself creates the program registry,control panel and uninstaller inbuilt, so no headaches / extra efforts whatsoever!

I hope you liked this tutorial, Do share it with your friends, and if you have any doubts/queries feel free to comment! Thanks!


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