Recently I was in International roaming, and had to call the roaming country’s phone number but my sim didn’t had any outgoing over there in the foreign country. But still I was able to call over the Hotel Wifi only because of WhatsCall App, I had it verified and it was neatly able to call a local number over Wifi for me. So, here comes the WhatsCall review -an app which gives Free Worldwide calls over wifi to any phone or mobile number.

Salient Features of WhatsCall – 

  • WhatsCall review
    WhatsCall : Free Global worldwide calls

    WhatsCall lets you call any landline or mobile number over your WiFi or internet connection totally for free!.

  • It does so by charging you on WhatsCall credits which can be earned easily by using the WhatsCall app itself no money required!.
  • There are lots of easy ways to earn Free WhatsCall credits –
  • Thus, its really one app which will be really handy, as it will help you to call online to offline phone incase you run out of balance / talktime.

Review & Pre-requisites –

  • First of all download & install the WhatsCall app from the link below –
    Click here to Download WhatsCall app.
  • Now, since it requires mobile number verification, Please enter your mobile number and verify using the verification code sent on it.
  • WhatsCall is ready!

How to place a free call via WhatsCall ?

Since, I didn’t had the screenshots ready on my foreign trip, i tried to simulate and create the same scenario –  Local offline phone calls over internet using WiFi with Airplane mode on!

Now, since AirPlane mode ensured my phone won’t be receiving any signals, I connected to WhatsCall over Internet using Wifi and then started calling from the dialling screen as shown below –

WhatsCall over wifi to local phone
WhatsCall Dialing Screen
  • On the dial screen, as shown in the above image – Select the Country which you want to call.
  • Type in the mobile number whom you want to call.
  • Press the call button.
  • That’s it ! now wait for some time, until your call is magically connected over the internet connection to non-internet number , as shown in the below image –
    Live call to offline number over wifi internet
    Live call to offline number over wifi

    Call Quality of the app is awesome : Infact the normal mobile calls over Wifi sometimes show distortion on Docomo, Jio but WhatsCall did a good job!. The Clasrity depends on your internet connection though, it requires a decent internet connection.


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  2. I do not like this app. You have to share EVERY SINGLE piece of information on your phone and 1300 credits gets you only 10 mins so you have to keep watching videos, connecting with strangers, etc. It does not feel safe at all. It is rated 12+ (still too young) because it exposes the app user to strangers around the world. Not smart. Voice on phone to connect a call is Asian.

  3. The introduction of MOMENTS is improper. There are teenagers who use this app, the nude pictures on moments, is highly unacceptable. Please remove it, that aspect is not morally right for teenagers to view nude pictures like that.

  4. Hi friends, Now i got an voice message, one passenger he travel to india from kuwait air port and he paid Kuwait dinar 270 (~ Rs.60000). because he used WHATSCALL app.

  5. I had 12000 credits, I made a 20 second local call to somebody not subscribed to Whatscall in my area, which would be free using my local plan. Instead my credits reduced by more than 3000! It obviously takes control of ALL calls you make so if your credits are used up in local calls, no more calls anywhere! There is nothing to say how many credits it uses for different calls in different countries. There was a list but it has disappeared, so no instructions anywhere! Will eliminate this app!

    • Its not free, the person I was calling lost all his balance on his mobile… So may be free for the person who is calling but not for person who is called. That was rather too embarrassing for me…

  6. i forgot my password for free whatscall. i tried to recover my password,through my email address, but, message shows on my android cell phone screen like:failed to reset vie e-mail:1. i do not know & exactly remembered what email address i gave at the time of sign up free whats call app last year. probably, i gave the email address [email protected]. will you please help me for use of this my free whats call account again.

  7. Hello..Id been using whatscall a year vut a few months later i was disconnected.When itried to log.In again the network reply ” no response from the server” what should i do to get connected again in this app


  9. I gave my what’scall number to my boyfriend who is in jail and it connects and everything but when the operater tell me to dail 1 to accept the call the what’scall app doesn’t have a dailpad while in a call

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