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WhatsCall Review : Free Worldwide calls without Sim Card via App over WiFi Internet Connection to any phone


Recently I was in International roaming, and had to call the roaming country’s phone number but my sim didn’t had any outgoing over there in the foreign country. But still I was able to call over the Hotel Wifi only because of WhatsCall App, I had it verified and it was neatly able to call a local number over Wifi for me. So, here comes the WhatsCall review -an app which gives Free Worldwide calls over wifi to any phone or mobile number.

Salient Features of WhatsCall – 

  • WhatsCall review

    WhatsCall : Free Global worldwide calls

    WhatsCall lets you call any landline or mobile number over your WiFi or internet connection totally for free!.

  • It does so by charging you on WhatsCall credits which can be earned easily by using the WhatsCall app itself no money required!.
  • There are lots of easy ways to earn Free WhatsCall credits –
  • Thus, its really one app which will be really handy, as it will help you to call online to offline phone incase you run out of balance / talktime.

Review & Pre-requisites –

  • First of all download & install the WhatsCall app from the link below –
    Click here to Download WhatsCall app.
  • Now, since it requires mobile number verification, Please enter your mobile number and verify using the verification code sent on it.
  • WhatsCall is ready!

How to place a free call via WhatsCall ?

Since, I didn’t had the screenshots ready on my foreign trip, i tried to simulate and create the same scenario –  Local offline phone calls over internet using WiFi with Airplane mode on!

Now, since AirPlane mode ensured my phone won’t be receiving any signals, I connected to WhatsCall over Internet using Wifi and then started calling from the dialling screen as shown below –

WhatsCall over wifi to local phone

WhatsCall Dialing Screen

  • On the dial screen, as shown in the above image – Select the Country which you want to call.
  • Type in the mobile number whom you want to call.
  • Press the call button.
  • That’s it ! now wait for some time, until your call is magically connected over the internet connection to non-internet number , as shown in the below image –
    Live call to offline number over wifi internet

    Live call to offline number over wifi

    Call Quality of the app is awesome : Infact the normal mobile calls over Wifi sometimes show distortion on Docomo, Jio but WhatsCall did a good job!. The Clasrity depends on your internet connection though, it requires a decent internet connection.

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