How to Turn On Blue Light Reduction on iPhone & iPad

Blue Light Reduction is one of the unique features of the latest iOS 9.3 Night Shift component. The Blue Light Reduction mode filters out blue light which makes it easier to use your iPod , iPhone & iPad at night or bed-time. Thus, making it soothing for your eyes to use your iOS device at night. Here’s a simple tutorial which will help you to turn on Blue Light Reduction mode on iPhone & iPad devices –

Note-  iOS 9.3 Update is only for 64-bit devices, and hence you will be able to activate & use Night Shift only on iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6S Plus series.

Display & Brightness iOS 9.3 iPhone
Display & Brightness iPhone

Method to turn on & activate Blue Light Reduction on iPod touch, iPhone & iPad

  • Make sure your device is updated and you are on the latest iOS 9.3 version.
  • Now navigate to “Settings”.
  • Inside “Settings” option, tap & navigate to the “Display & Brightness” option as shown in the alongside image.
  • Now under the brightness bar you will notice a “Blue Light Reduction” toggle it to turn it “on” as shown in the image below – .
  • Blue Light Reduction iPhone
    Blue Light Reduction iPhone

    Now, once you have toggled it on , you will notice that a bar appears with the ends “cooler” to “warmer”.

  • Cooler colors are recommended to be used during day-time, and during bedtime using “warm colors” are real eye-savers!. Slide on the bar towards “warmer” side during night time.
  • That’s it,  you have successfully activated Night Shift’s Blue Light Reduction mode on your device.
  • Besides, this you can even “Schedule” the Blue Light Reduction according to your convenient timings as well –
    Schedule Blue Light Mode on iPhone
    Schedule Blue Light Mode on iPhone

    Note –  If the  you cannot see the “From Sunset to Sunrise” option under schedule types, please enable automatic time zone under your privacy settings to get it working and enabled.

For Android phone users –  Click here for tutorial to Enable / Activate Blue Light Reduction Mode on Android


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